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15 Pickle-Flavored Foods (for People Who Love Pickles)

You can find pickle flavor in all sorts of places, from potato chips to candy. Here's a look at the most dill-icious pickle-flavored foods!

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Pickle vodka

For the perfect Bloody Mary, mix in this pickle vodka ($20). It’s the perfect accent to your afternoon dill and chill session. If you’re a big fan of pickles, you probably would enjoy making your own pickles at home. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid while doing that.

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pickle cotton candyvia

Pickle cotton candy

For around $10, you can score yourself a bucket of cotton candy that tastes just as tangy as a pickle straight from the jar. If that sounds bizarre, wait until you check out these other weird food combinations.

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Kernel Season's Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoningvia

Dill pickle popcorn seasoning

Take your popcorn from dull to delicious with this dill pickle popcorn seasoning ($17 for 6). You could also use this seasoning to add pickle flavor to potatoes, salad, or pasta.

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Best Maid Dill Juicevia

Dill juice

If you love the juice but don’t want the actual pickles, check out this gallon of goodness. This dill juice ($13.50) is perfect for drinking!

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Dee's Nuts Dill Pickle Flavored Gourmet Peanuts (10 oz)via

Dill pickle flavored peanuts

Salt, vinegar, and a touch of dill give these gourmet Virginia peanuts ($10) just the right amount of pickle flavor. See how these wacky ice cream flavors you can actually try compare with these pickle-flavored goodies.

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Van Holtens - Pickle Ice Freeze Pops - 8 Packvia

Van Holten’s pickle ice freeze pops

A hot day calls for a cool treat, and these pickle ice freeze pops ($14 for 2) will hit the spot.

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BIGS Vlasic Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds, 5.35-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)via

Dill pickle sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a protein-packed snack and these dill pickle sunflower seeds ($19 for 12) pack a zesty punch. Here are some weird food combinations chefs love.

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Ralph's Pickle Dilly Snow Cone Syrup - 32oz Ready To Usevia

Pickle dilly snow cone syrup

You may have tried the pickle juice slush at Sonic. But have you ever had a pickle-flavored snow cone? Now’s your chance to make one with this dill pickle snow cone syrup ($15).

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Archie McPhee Pickle Candy in Tinvia

Pickle candy

This tin of hard candy ($7) tastes like “sliced hamburger pickles.” What’s not to love? Make sure you check out these other gross food items popular all around the world.

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Pickle Juice Original Recipe Sport, 8 oz, 6 Packvia

Pickle juice

This pickle juice sport drink ($12.50 for 6) is a great way to replenish lost minerals and nutrients after a hard workout. It actually contains ten times the amount of electrolytes found in most sports drinks. But these pickle products don’t even compare to the weirdest things you can get on Amazon.

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Fancy Pickle flavored Candy Canes, 3.8 OZvia

Pickle candy canes

Why celebrate the holidays with peppermint candy canes when you can get pickle candy canes ($4.50)?

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Kettle Brand Thick and Bold Potato Chips, Dill Pickle, 2 Ounce Bagsvia

Dill pickle potato chips

Salty potato chips like this ($2.50) go hand-in-hand with the zesty flavor of dill pickles. Did you know that pickle bread also exists?

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FRESH 12oz Pickle Juice sodavia

Pickle juice soda

Briny and full of pickle flavor, this pickle juice soda ($3) is unlike any drink we’ve had! If you think these pickle foods seem unappetizing, just wait until you see these horrifying state fair foods.

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Farmhouse Culture Dill Pickle Kraut Krispsvia

Dill pickle kraut krisps

What goes better with the tangy taste of a dill pickle than the flavor of sauerkraut? If you love the flavor of all things pickled, you’ll love these dill pickle kraut krisps ($3).

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Twang Pickle Salt - 1.15 oz Shakervia

Pickle salt

This pickle salt ($5) is the perfect seasoning to add a bit of pickle flavor to anything on your plate, from corn to meats and marinades, or any recipe that calls for seasoning salt. Next, check out these weird food festivals that you can visit.

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