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10 Like-Father, Like-Son Photos of Prince Charles and Prince William

It's always been said Prince William looks just like his mum, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. But in these photos, the resemblance to his father, Prince Charles, is uncanny.

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01_Like-father-like-sonshutterstock (2)

Like father like son

Does it get any more like-father-like-son than this photo from 2013’s Trooping the Colour Ceremony (left)? In 2013, just as in 2019 (right), Prince Charles and Prince William are dressed virtually identical in their military regalia. Here’s an explanation of what the celebration is all about.

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02_Two-men,-one-look-of-sheer-boredomshutterstock (2)

Two men, one look of sheer boredom

Back in 1995, Prince William looked bored to tears during the VE Day Parade in Hyde Park, which he attended with his family. Let’s hope Prince Charles didn’t scold William for this face-palm moment because nearly 20 years later at the Braemar Highland Gathering of 2017 in Scotland, Charles is guilty of the same PDB (public display of boredom).

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03_No-poker-face-whatsoevershutterstock (2)

No poker face whatsoever

Apparently, Prince William (pictured at the 2006 Football World Cup) inherited his facial expressions from his father, Prince Charles, who shows a similar look in Amsterdam on a visit with Dutch Queen Beatrix in February 2002. Here’s why Prince William is not going to be king before Prince Charles, despite ongoing rumors.

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Diamond Jubilee - Buckingham Palace - 05 Jun 2012Alan Davidson/Shutterstock

Two men, one smirk

Flanking Her Majesty the Queen at her Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012, Queen Elizabeth II’s son, Charles, and grandson, William, are both smirking, as if the two are sharing a private joke. Check out these 10 myths about the royal family that are all totally false.

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05_Even-as-boys,-they-had-the-same-smileshutterstock (2)

Even as boys, they had the same smile

In February 1951, on a drive home from King’s Cross, a young Prince Charles had his photo snapped while laughing excitedly, presumably with his sister, Princess Anne. In 1986, when Charles’s firstborn son, William, was just about three years old, he displays the same mirth at the wedding of his uncle, Prince Andrew.

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Two proud dads

What we see here are virtually identical poses and expressions from both father and son…Prince Charles in 1982 after the birth of Prince William, and Prince William in 2013 after the birth of Prince George.

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London British Royals, London, United Kingdom EnglandPeter Kemp/Wpa/AP/Shutterstock

The classic Windsor stance

Here, we see Prince Harry and Prince William lining up with their dad, Prince Charles, in what’s been called “the classic Windsor stance” (hands behind backs) at Kensington Palace. Here are 15 things you probably didn’t know about Prince Harry.

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08_Minding-their-manners-shutterstock (2)

Minding their manners?

Prince Charles sticks his fingers in his mouth in 1953 at the crowning of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Nearly a quarter-century later, in 1989, a young Prince William sticks his fingers in his ear after a school swimming event.

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10_Hey,-will-ya-please-knock-off-that-racket-shuttetstock (2)

Hey, will ya please knock off that racket?

In June 2002, at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebration, Prince Wiliam is seen sticking his fingers in his ears to quiet the din of well-wishers. In 2018, Prince Charles sticks his fingers in his ears at the sound of the cannon gun being fired during the celebration of Fowey Festival on Fowey Quay. Now you’re ready to check out these 13 funniest photos of the royal family.

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10_Star-crossedshutterstock (2)


Both Charles and William have spent a lifetime rubbing elbows with celebrities, and they both do it charmingly and quite animatedly. On the left, Prince Charles chats with the late Farrah Fawcett in London in 1978 after a Royal Gala charity performance at the London Palladium. On the right, Prince William chats with Nicole Kidman during the 2011 BAFTA Brits to Watch event in Los Angeles. It’s all part of the job, just like these totally bizarre royal jobs that actually exist.

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