A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

12 Hilarious Photos of Pets Acting Like People

Pets are people, too…and these pictures prove it.

yoga dog
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Pets are humans, too

There’s a reason we tend to anthropomorphize (assign human attributes to animals) our beloved pets. And that reason is that we tend to anthropomorphize the things we love. The thing is, these pets seem to really, actually think they are real people. Here are 60 adorable animal photos that we know will make you smile.

dog on couch
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Answer: “Honey, we need to talk”

Question: What are the four worst words a dude can hear when he finally sits down to watch the big Georgetown game? Don’t miss these 28 vintage photos of dogs being our best friends.

cat driving
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“You call that signaling?!”

“Enough with the road rage, honey. You know what the doctor says about your blood pressure,” says this cat’s wife. These 32 hilarious cat and dog photos are pretty much guaranteed to make you smile.

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Writer’s block

Writing a novel is tough. It’s even tougher when you don’t have opposable thumbs. So can you imagine what this handsome guy’s going through trying to do it on this manual typewriter? These 40 dog photos came from our own readers and every one of them is cuter than the next.

cat reading
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If looks could kill…

“Did you or did you not see the “Do Not Disturb” sign?” Fluffy is managing to ask without saying a word. You’ll want to see these 21 hilarious cat memes you’ll laugh at every time.

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Why Dax-the-Dachsund has a new look

Who cares if my tummy is so big and low it’s almost hitting the ground? Actually, I do and I’m hoping this big gold chain and bandana will distract from it. Find out the warning signs your pet may be overweight.

cat playing piano
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It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday

And the piano, it sounds like a carnival. And the microphone smells like a beer. And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say, Man, what are you doin’ here? La la la, di da da … ” Check out these 17 heartwarming photos depicting friendships between animals.

dog and boy playing cards
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Poker face

Buster the Beagle has truly mastered his poker face. But it’s not going to help him much since we happen to know his buddy, Sam, is holding a royal flush in his hands. Don’t miss the 50 cutest dog breeds as puppies.

cat reading book
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These glasses help me read

Sweet Potato never had a problem with his eyes before. Unfortunately, ever since he turned six, it’s like the print is getting blurrier. Either that or his arms are getting shorter. Good thing he found these sweet reading glasses for $15 at Target. Don’t miss the cutest cat breeds as kittens.

cool cat
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These glasses help me look super cool

When Snowball wants to look cool, he wears these sunnies. These 16 pictures of sleeping felines are sure to make you smile.

dog drinking beer
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What’ll it be?

But do you really have to ask Fritz the Boston Terrier? Naturally, when he walks into a bar, he expects a beer on tap. Seriously though, never give your pooch booze or any of these 12 foods that could be toxic for dogs.

cat in car
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Are we there yet?”

Mr. Fluffypants. Sit back right now, or Mommy’s going to have to pull over.” This cat is just as annoying as any kid on a long car ride. These 21 cat adoption photos will simply melt your heart.

dog on laptop
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Working like a dog

Mama told me I was born a “working dog,” but I thought that meant I was going to be herding flocks of sheep, not spending my days languishing in an office.

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