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20 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Shopping Malls

It's strangely peaceful to look at these artifacts of a different time.

Shopping malls used to be full of bustling crowds every hour of the day. These days, it’s more like abandoned artifacts of a past life. With social distancing measures, people stopped visiting public places unless necessary. The once-popular shopping malls all ended up empty and quiet for once—just like these 20 eerie shopping malls that are completely abandoned. Make sure you also check out the oddly peaceful pictures of empty cities.

This open mall is completely devoid of customers

This once-bustling hub is completely empty and quiet. These creepy pictures will also give you the chills.

This shopping mall parking lot in Wisconsin is completely empty

Cars would normally be lining up this mall parking lot.

This New York City mall looks completely abandoned

Brookfield Place used to be a popular spot for shoppers. Here are some photos of the most colorful towns in the world.

This food court is completely empty of shoppers

Food courts are usually associated with crowds and noise, not emptiness and silence.

This Hong Kong shopping mall only has a few people

Harbor City Shopping Mall used to be one of Hong Kong’s popular shopping destinations. These days it’s mostly empty.

This Beijing mall is completely closed to the crowds

It’s almost impossible to imagine how popular this mall used to be before social distancing.

This mall corridor is so empty you can almost hear the silence

This mall corridor would normally be lined with customers. These abandoned churches are also eerily beautiful.

This United Kingdom mall looks like it never had customers before

It’s probably one of the few times this mall has been this empty.

This shopping mall looks like a scene out of Twilight Zone

Normally this mall would be full of tourists and shoppers. These photos of abandoned homes look just eerie as this one.

This mall only has a handful of customers

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to visit this mall right now.

These empty mall stores used to be filled with customers

This World Trade Center mall used to be full of people shopping or trying to get to work or home. It’s also one of the abandoned NYC locations you can safely visit.

This West Palm Beach mall is completely empty

It looks just like an artifact from an ancient time. These 8 empty photos of airports look just as empty.

This shopping mall is completely blocked to the public

Friars Walk shopping mall would normally bring in huge crowds eager to spend money.

This multi-story shopping centre looks like it’s in a slumber

Looking at this photo makes you strangely sleepy. Check out these historic places that are also abandoned.

This shopping mall shows no trace of how busy it was a couple of months ago

These escalators and lifts would normally be filled with people.

This Thailand mall used to be so busy

It looks like the people that once frequented the mall completely forgot about it.

This dark Palm Beach mall is completely deserted

Has a mall ever been this quiet?

This Virginia mall looks strangely peaceful

It’s hard to imagine how hectic it would have been to visit this mall a couple of months ago.

This empty mall with closed store-fronts

Maybe one day this mall will be filled with shoppers again.

This luxury mall looks eerily quiet

It’s almost as if time stood still for this picture.