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21 Fun Photos That Prove Fall Is Every Child’s Favorite Season

Whether it's raking leaves, picking pumpkins, or dressing up on everyone's favorite spooky holiday, these photos are sure to get your inner kid ready for fall.

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Courtesy Kathy Zivicki

Pumpkins for sale

“I don’t remember how many pumpkins we sold or how much money we made, but we sure had a lot of fun. The local newspaper…sent a photographer to take our picture. Some of our neighborhood friends came over to see what was going on, and they happily joined the photo. We were really excited to see ourselves in the paper.”—Kathy Zivicki, Oak Creek, WI, Reminisce October/November 2016

These cool pumpkin decoration ideas don’t require carving.

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Courtesy Diane Gould

Autumn antics

“My three boys and their cousins had a great time playing after my sister raked the leaves into a big pile.”—Diane Gould, Livermore, ME, Country Extra November 2014

Here are some pro tips on how to stay healthy in the fall.

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Courtesy Phyllis Y. Guth

Party time

“Friends (from left) Sandy, Phyllis, Betty and Molly, enthusiastic trick-or-treaters, get set for their school party in the 1940s.”—Phyllis Y. Guth, Whitehall, PA, Reminisce October/November 2016

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Courtesy Arthur Cordeiro

Apple of my eye

Arthur Cordeiro of Cypress Inn, Tennessee, loves going apple picking with his granddaughter Quinn.—Arthur Cordeiro, Cypress Inn, TN, Country Extra September 2014

We bet you didn’t know all these great ways you could use apples besides eating them.

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Courtesy ShellyBell

Bouncing through the bales

“On a visit to a Kansas farm, my grandkids and their friends found a fun new way to play in the hay. From left are granddaughter Gracie, friend Lauryn, grandson Cooper and friend Madisyn.”—Shelly Bell, Sapulpa, OK, Country August/September 2015

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Courtesy Juda Woods Hamlin

Feathered friends

“The autumn aroma of wood smoke still brings me thoughts of pumpkins ripening in the fields and the approach of Halloween and Thanksgiving. The memories evoked by a smell, a sound, a taste, a sight or a touch can gladden the heart….The memory of running barefoot down a path to feed the chickens on a sunny day and hearing the cheep-cheep of baby chicks [summons] a gentler time.” —Juda Woods-Hamlin, Vincennes, IN, Country October/November 2014 

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Courtesy Ali Blumenthal

Thankful for family

Gary Richards (holding the ball) and his two brothers always looked forward to seeing their six cousins on Thanksgiving. “Every year,” he says, “the Richards clan traveled from several states to be together at Grandma’s on that special day.”—Gary Richards, Reminisce Extra November 2015

Your family will love these awesome Thanksgiving traditions.

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Courtesy Geri Pollick

Pumpkin peek-a-boo

“My grandchildren thought it would be funny to hide behind the pumpkins they picked.”—Geri Pollick, New Kensington, PA, Country October/November 2014

This Halloween, check out these fun, and free, pumpkin carving ideas.

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Courtesy James Eleanor Bowers

Tiny trick-or-treater

“My grandson Matthew smiles big as he poses on the porch in his handsome Halloween duds just before he was taken trick-or-treating. He looks so happy, it’s hard to say who had the bigger grin, Matthew or the jack-o’-lantern next to him!”—Eleanor Bowers, Broadus, MT, Country October/November 2015

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Courtesy Bob Dodson

Even the chores are fun!

“Even city kids, like my friends’ son Fisher, enjoy a bit of fall fun in the country.” —Robert Dodson, Colorado Springs, CO, Country Extra November 2014

Check out these gorgeous pictures of fall all across America.

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Courtesy Katrina Grover

I’ll never “leaf” your side

“Two-year-old Corbin and I had a wonderful time chasing each other around the yard on a beautiful fall day.”—Katrina Grover, Perham, MN, Country Extra November 2015

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Courtesy Adam Boddicker

The harvest crew

“All the cousins gathered after a successful visit to the pumpkin patch.”—Adam Boddicker, Lebanon, IN, Country October/November 2016

Here are some ultra-healthy pumpkin recipes.

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Courtesy Kevin Marsh


“My daughters, Madelyn (left) and Autumn, hide inside the 1,674-pound pumpkin that I grew.”—Kevin Marsh, Parker, SD, Country October/November 2015 

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Courtesy Lucinda Moriarty


Who knows? Maybe a little magic will turn this little Cinderella trick-or-treater’s pumpkin into an elegant coach. “We host a Halloween party for our grandkids. Annin loved the pumpkin hunt.”—Lucinda Moriarty, East Hampton, CT, Country October/November 2015 

Looking for costume ideas for your kid this Halloween? Try out one of these fun (and affordable) DIY costumes.

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Courtesy Landun Helms

Now you see me…

“My nephew Landun found a leaf pile so big that we could only see his joyful face.”—Lana Gilbert, Waco, TX, Country Extra November 2015

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Courtesy Heidi Brunk

You’ve really grown on me

“My boys, Ethan (left) and Bryce, couldn’t stop giggling about these twin pumpkins they found in our garden—the separate pumpkins shared a stem.”—Heidi Brunk, Radford, VA, Country October/November 2015

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Courtesy Patsy Gauthier

Snack and a hammock!

This apple tree did double duty for Patsy Gauthier’s granddaughter Willow.—Patsy Gauthier, Suring, WI, Country Extra September 2015

Here are 7 ways to eat apples to get maximum health benefits.

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Courtesy Jim Crawford

Costume contest champions

“The teachers at Newburgh Elementary School encouraged all of us students to dress up for the school Halloween party in 1951. First- through sixth-graders would show off their costumes to the seventh- and eighth-graders, who would vote for the grade with the best costumes…The winning class got a big treat—a penny sucker. Back then, Halloween was about kids having fun.”—Jim Crawford, Newburgh, IN, Reminisce October/November 2014 

Here are some adorable ideas for homemade Halloween decorations.

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Courtesy Heather Sugart

Pick of the patch

“My niece, Kelsey, wanted to take all of the pumpkins home, but her favorite was the gourd she could carry.”—Heather Swigart, East Pittsburgh, PA, Country October/November 2014

Here are some new ways to decorate with pumpkins of all sizes.

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Courtesy Cynthia Hodges

Eager volunteer

“When [my granddaughter] Sidney-Lynn offered to help me in the yard, I suggested that we could rake up some leaves. Of course, it wasn’t all work—we had to make time for play!”—Cynthia Hodges, Havana, Kansas, Country Extra November 2015

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Courtesy Wende Barker

Perfect fall day

“After their bus dropped them off, these boys raced home, laughing as the trees led the way.”—Wende Barker, Spokane, WA, Country October/November 2014

Here are the best road trips to see gorgeous fall foliage.

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