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46 Breathtaking Photos That’ll Make You Appreciate the Beauty of Life

From the majesty of a mountaintop to the intimacy of a baby’s bath, these photos open our eyes to the gifts all around us.

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*** Stand Up N Get Counted ***Shutter Chemistry/Getty Images

The beauty of life

Beautiful animals, people, and landscapes surround us in everyday life, but we don’t always take the time to appreciate it. Stop for a minute and take in these breathtaking photos that show just how beautiful life can be. Then, go out and capture the beauty in your life. Also, take time to appreciate these arrestingly beautiful photos that stand the test of time.

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Chameleon on treeZocha_K/Getty Images

Colorful chameleon

The vivid colors of this chameleon allow him to easily camouflage into any setting. Take a look at these jaw-dropping photos of Scotland.

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Synchronized swim team treading water togetherThomas Barwick/Getty Images

Synchronized swimming

A synchronized swimming team uniformly treads water. Every perfectionist will appreciate these photos.

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2 swimmers startingHenrik Sorensen/Getty Images

The start

Two male swimmers dive into the water ready to start a race.

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Female athlete wakesurfing during early morning session on lakeThomas Barwick/Getty Images

The perfect wave

A surfer finds balance on a wave. These are the funniest news photos from the past year.

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Close up of ladybug on leafMichael Xiao / 500px/Getty Images


A close-up shot of a ladybug resting on a leaf. These are photos of the rarest animals on earth.

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Woman doing yoga with daughter on her backCarlina Teteris/Getty Images

Downward dog

A mother attempts a yoga pose with her daughter on her back.

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School children in uniforms walking in row on multi coloured backgroundKlaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Colorful row

A group on children in their school uniforms walk in a row down a brightly colored track. These stunning photos capture the beauty of living on a farm.

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The joy of dance

A man and women get lost in the fun of dancing and smiling.

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huge bridge with beautiful sunset Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau BridgeLIU KAIYOU/Getty Images

Into the distance

This bridge in Hong Kong seems to stretch on forever. These rainbow photos are sure to brighten your day.

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Lion staringPeter Finch/Getty Images

The stare

A breathtaking lion stares down the camera.

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Chile, Salar del Carmen, two boys bathing in hot springWestend61/Getty Images

Enjoying a splash

Two young boys play in a hot spring in Chile. For a laugh, take a look at these family photos that are hilariously awkward.

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Sunken ship

An aerial shot of a kayaker above a shipwreck in Barbados.

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Aerial View of Surfer surfing wavesMichael Duva/Getty Images

Churning waves

This surfer looks so small among the dark waves. Check out these stunning photos of landmarks covered in snow.

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Exploring icebergs, Scoresbysund, GreenlandArctic-Images/Getty Images

Cold as ice

The sun shines through an iceberg in Greenland.

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Colorful ferris wheel in the Tibidabo amusement park mountain with the Barcelona city view and the pink sunset sky.Artur Debat/Getty Images

Colors in the sky

The sunsets behind a colorful Ferris wheel at an amusement park.

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Aerial view of a rowing boat surrounded by classic blue waterFelix Cesare/Getty Images

Breaking the water

Rowers paddle through still, blue waters. A body language expert weighs in on these 11 iconic photos.

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A Baby and Father.YDL/Getty Images

A bond like no other

A father holds his sleeping baby in his hands.

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aloe plant Melinda Podor/Getty Images

Opening up

An aloe plant spirals outward creating somewhat of an optical illusion. These spectacular photos celebrate the start of spring.

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Close-Up Of Multi Colored Flower Against Black BackgroundGarry Solomon / EyeEm/Getty Images

Striking color

A multicolored flower is photographed on a black background.

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Elderly Woman SmilingDavid Trood/Getty Images

Moment of happiness

An elderly woman smiles, capturing a moment of joy in her mind.

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water drop on leafMark Mawson/Getty Images


A water droplet on a leaf magnifies its intricate pattern. Check out these rare, vintage photos of America’s national parks.

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Aerial shot of Cape Peron at sunset, Shark Bay, AustraliaAbstract Aerial Art/Getty Images

Stripes of color

This shot of Shark Bay at sunset in Australia has so many colors it almost looks fake.

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The Wave with Sandstone Prism 5 (variant) Phenomenon Coyote Buttes Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Arizona USAJon Root/Getty Images

The Wave

The Wave at Coyote Buttes area Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Rainwater and the quartz in the sandstone bend the light to create a gorgeous rainbow landscape. These amazing wildlife photos from Yellowstone National Park capture the true essence of nature.

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Farmer at sunrise.Grant Faint/Getty Images

At sunrise

A farmer watches a plane pass overhead at sunrise.

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Sea Ice EdgeDavid Merron Photography/Getty Images

The edge of the ice

A ship passes through the southernmost point of the polar ice pack in Norway. Also, take a look at these photos of the real-life North Pole.

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Silhouettes of mountains between covered valleys of fogs and hazes to the dawn of a day of golden light. Spain.Jose A. Bernat Bacete/Getty Images

Rolling mountains

A golden light flows over mountains covered in fog.

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Conceptual shot of riders, dogs and birds on beachEzra Bailey/Getty Images

The animal life

The birds move to the dogs to the horses in this conceptual beach shot. These are the photos that will define the era of social distancing.

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Seceda Mountain peak with green fieldFrancesco Riccardo Iacomino/Getty Images

The Alps

A field on the Seceda Mountains peak in the Alps of Italy.

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Humpback whale portraitMike Korostelev Images

Bigger than life

A portrait of a humpback whale in the vast waters of the ocean. Take a look at some of the most incredible underwater photos ever taken.

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Vibrant Coloured Leaves of Canna PlantNancybelle Gonzaga Villarroya/Getty Images

Layered leaves

The vibrant colored leaves of the canna plant reflect the light.

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Solo Man Climbs Rock WallJustin Lewis/Getty Images

Climbing the impossible

A rock climber looks back at the mountain scenery as he continues moving up the rock face.

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blue eyes Gandee Vasan/Getty Images

Baby blues

A young boy, with stunning blue eyes, looks at the world above him. These funny photos will crack you up.

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Woman swimming in Koh Mook's Emerald Cave, ThailandMarco Bottigelli/Getty Images

Through the cave

A setting sun shines into Koh Mook’s Emerald Cave in Thailand.

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New born baby having tub bath joyfullyImages By Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

First bath

A newborn baby discovers the joy of a bath. Take a look at these gorgeous travel photos from around the world.

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A view from directly above of two toddler children and a newborn baby brother or sister at home.Halfpoint Images/Getty Images

A new member

Two toddlers admire their new sibling.

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Part of butterfly with eyeJonathan Knowles/Getty Images

Butterfly wing

The wing of this butterfly looks like the eye of another animal.

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Long exposure of the stars in the Wadi Rum desert of Jordan with natural arch.Artur Debat/Getty Images

Starry night

A long exposure shot shows that stars circling above the Wadi Rum desert of Jordan. These photos prove that Alaska in a winter wonderland.

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Mother with daughter on shoulders looking at sharkStanislaw Pytel/Getty Images

New species

A mother introduces her daughter to new animals.

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Group of children wearing virtual reality headsetsFlashpop/Getty Images

The technology of the future

A group of children is mesmerized by virtual reality. If you dare, check out these creepy photos that will give you chills.

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Toddler girl with star wand playing with bubblesThomas Barwick/Getty Images

Star wand

A young girl uses her wand to play with bubbles that float around her.

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*** Stand Up N Get Counted ***Shutter Chemistry/Getty Images


This man looks so small compared to the large waterfall that’s in front of him.

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Young boy looking at fish in aquariumGuido Mieth/Getty Images

Pure amazement

A young boy is amazed by the fish he sees at the aquarium. These photos of national parks covered in snow are absolutely breathtaking.

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Tornado Intercept Vehicle with a severe thunderstorm, Colorado. USAjohn finney photography/Getty Images

Dark clouds

A severe storm rolls in over a field in Colorado.

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Man exploring an amazing glacial cave in IcelandAnton Petrus/Getty Images

Ice cave

An ice cave in Iceland makes for great exploring. Take a look at these other jaw-dropping photos of Iceland.

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Dandelionihsanyildizli/Getty Images


A close-up shot of a dandelion shows just how intricate its seeds really are.

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Senior Woman Having A Glass Of Whiskeymiodrag ignjatovic/Getty Images

After a long day

A woman enjoys a glass of whiskey after a long day. Now, learn about some of the most important photos takes in every state.