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12 People with Cool Jobs Answer Questions About Their Work

People flock to Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" board to quiz everyday people on their cool jobs, like what it's like to be a Disney cast member, a sports bettor, or a metalcore vocalist.

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Cool Job: Sports Bettor

Stay in school, kids: “I majored in economics in college, and I absolutely dominated this stock market game we did one semester, then realized really quickly, trading stocks is just like watching sports lines move,” writes MikeDuck1, who makes a living betting on sports games. “Buy low, sell high.”

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Cool Job: Walt Disney World Cast Member

Fun fact: There’s a secret system of tunnels hidden beneath one of the world’s most famous theme parks. “They’re called the utilidors, and they’re really neat,” writes Redditor pseud0nymph. “They’re so big you can drive a vehicle through them. The park (Magic Kingdom) is actually above regular ground level, making it the ‘second floor’ built on top of the tunnels.” Don’t miss these 23 other secrets Disney employees won’t tell you.

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Cool Job: Butcher

Pink slime aside, your ground beef is probably fine. “Mystery meat received its namesake years ago when animal byproduct was used either in compressed solids or grinds to turn a high profit margin off of unwanted scrap or leftover portions of organ meat or carcass,” says Redditor Flagroamor. “No worries now, guys. That stuff goes into dog food.”

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Cool Job: Tour Guide in North Korea

Asked if she ever feels threatened leading tours in the famously oppressive country, Andrea Lee, American CEO of Uri Tours, answers: “Never. People are warm and very curious about foreigners. They will stare at first, and if you wave, they wave back. Soldiers as well, they’re generally friendly, at least the ones at the [demilitarized zone].” But these are the 18 most dangerous jobs in the world.

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Cool Job: 911 Dispatcher

“Always stay on the line and let us know [if your call] was a mistake,” says Redditor TenaMae. “It happens all the time. If I get a hangup, I send an officer to check that address.” Fair enough. But what if the caller is actually a hostage-taker who’s merely claiming that a victim’s call was a mistake? “We have ways of knowing. I cannot reveal them.” Here are 16 more secrets 911 dispatchers won’t tell you.

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Cool Job: Metalcore Vocalist

Reddit user CircaSurv1ve yells—loudly—for a metalcore band called Abolish Oasis. His fun fact: “You don’t get sore throats! At least not usually. Little to none of the vocals I use require throat. [It’s] all from the diaphragm and chest.”

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Cool Job: Kidz Bop Marketing Coordinator

At least he’s honest: “You can’t help but find it catchy, but no, I did not like the music,” writes Redditor Polloco. Hey, what’s not to like about a horde of ballistic five-year-olds squealing “Moves Like Jagger”? (Answer: Everything.) Check out these weird jobs you never knew existed.

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Cool Job: Concert Pianist

Reddit user Soheil Nasseri dropped out of high school but “made it to the biggest halls in the world.” That doesn’t mean he’d do it all again. “I do regret dropping out of school,” says Nasseri. ” My life in the first 20 is filled with regrets. I don’t want to depress you folks, so I’ll just stop there. But let’s say I do subscribe to the belief that ‘today is the first day of the rest of your life!'”

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Cool Job: Hotelier

“Housekeepers pay a lot of attention in [the bathrooms], more so than, say, your kitchen, bar, living area, etc,” says Redditor and confirmed hotel worker Rocker 606. “Except the glasses on the sink in the bathroom. If the room doesn’t have a built in dishwasher like my rooms right now do, then they probably don’t get cleaned every stay.” Bottoms up! Check out these insider travel tips straight from hotel employees.

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Cool Job: Experience Tax Accountant

“I’ve had a client spend $500/week at,” writes verified Reddit user CircularJerkular. “If you run a business, almost anything can be deducted.”

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Cool Job: Security Guard at a Grain Mill

“I watch employees come and go and get surrounded by geese, but that’s about it,” says XxvikingbloodxX. “They’re very mean birds.” Here are 10 more secrets security guards won’t tell you.

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Cool Job: Truck Stop Custodian

“I’ve seen a guy come in with a parrot on his shoulder,” writes xXFLAVORSXx. “As with every establishment that serves food, pets aren’t allowed inside unless they are service animals, but I wasn’t gonna tell him to get out. He was a cool guy.” Don’t miss these 10 fascinating jobs you never knew existed.

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