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17 Genius Hacks for Organizing Your College Dorm Room

Keep your keep your space neat with these super-simple dorm decorating tips.

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Loft your bed

One of the best ways to take advantage of a tiny dorm room is to find out if your school’s residential offices will loft your bed. A lofted bed frees up floor space for additional storage and will make your room feel larger.

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Use tea tins as magnets

If you’ve got a magnetic mini fridge in your room, take old tea tins and stick them to the fridge’s front as a convenient place to throw extra pencils, makeup, or other odds and ends. They won’t take up valuable surface space but will still be close at hand. These are other smart storage hacks to ban clutter.

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Hang jewelry

Storing jewelry in drawers can be frustrating, as it can become easily jumbled. It will also take up a ton of valuable drawer space. Instead, hang jewelry from easily removable command hooks, or invest in a cute corkboard and use funky pushpins to keep your favorite pieces organized while they contribute to the room’s décor. Here are household items you can use to clean and care for jewelry.

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Post documents

Use adhesive strips to attach some rustic metal clips above your desk or work area. Clip important documents into place to easily keep track of them and prevent your workspace from becoming a jumble of papers, or use them to hang posters and other art.

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Revamp folding chairs

Before you head off to school, dig some grungy old folding chairs out of your garage and use this cool tutorial to transform them into a fun seating option for your room. Once you’re done entertaining, fold them back up and stick them in the corner of your closet.

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Stick soda tabs on hangers

Invest in tiered hangers so that you can hang multiple clothing garments on one hanger without taking up a ton of space in your closet, or save money by sliding a soda can tab on a single hanger, then hang another hanger on the second hole in the tab to create your own space-saving tiers.

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Organize cords with binder clips

Keep your different chargers and cords organized and within easy reach by securing binder clips to the edge of your desk, then threading the cord through the clips so you’re not constantly searching for them under your desk. Here are 22 tips guaranteed to keep your desk neat.

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Use a file divider in the kitchen

If your room has a kitchenette area, keep the cabinets organized by separating plates and dishes with a file divider.

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Install tension rods

Utilize small spaces and odd nooks in your room by throwing up tension rods that can be used to organize jewelry, shoes, scarves, and other accessories.

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Buy a mattress caddy

No room for a night table? Purchase a space-saving mattress caddy so that everything you need is easily in reach after you’ve climbed into bed at the end of a long day.

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Hang your laundry bag

Swap a standing hamper out for a hanging laundry bag you can stick on the back of your closet door with either a Command hook or an over-the-door hook. This will free up floor space and you can easily conceal the unsightly bag by shutting your closet door. Follow this helpful guide to make sure you know how to do laundry the right way.

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Use ice cube trays

Keep track of small jewelry items by throwing them in an ice cube tray that can be easily stuck in a drawer.

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Stick pods on walls

These command caddys adhere to walls and cabinets and will allow you to compartmentalize toiletries, makeup, and other everyday items in your bathroom.

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Install hanging closet shelves

These shelves will allow you to store a large amount of clothing in a very small space, making them an invaluable addition to any room.

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Get a storage footstool

Invest in one of these footstool ottomans that can be wedged in a corner or stuck at the end of your bed, and have removable tops that provide more storage space. Throw shoes, textbooks, or snacks inside and offer it as a seating option for guests.

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Hang shoes

Free up valuable floor space and keep your kicks organized with an easy-to-use shoe hanger.

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Purchase a wall organizer

Throw school supplies and other oft-used items in this cute and vibrant wall organizer that will add a dash of color to your space.

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