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20 Oddly Peaceful Pictures of Empty Cities During Quarantine

These pictures of empty cities look strangely calm and peaceful.

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Needless to say, cities all over the world are looking very different than they did a couple of months ago. Due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders, the once-bustling places all around the world are now empty. While the circumstances surrounding this absence of people could not be further away from peaceful, the pictures of these empty streets have a strangely calm quality to them. These pictures also induce a sense of calm just by looking at them.

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Photo Journalism of San Diego,ca. COVID-19Brandon Colbert Photography/Getty Images

An empty street in San Diego, California

This street looks completely deserted with not a person in sight. It seems as if it’s waiting for things to go back to normal, just like us. These stunning rainbow pictures will also brighten your day.

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Freeway overpass/ COVID19Brandon Colbert Photography/Getty Images

Vacant freeways in Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels is known to suffer from notorious traffic jams—but not these days. For once, the freeways get to have some peace and quiet.

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Empty Street Towards Boise Downtown due to Coronavirus PandemicDarwin Fan/Getty Images

A car-less road heading to Boise, Idaho

There has been a statewide stay-home order in Idaho since March 25, and it’s clear that people have been taking it seriously from the looks of this picture. These pictures of the world’s most beautiful countries are also worth a look.

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curb low angle viewCarlos Bezz/Getty Images

A clear street in downtown Toronto, Canada

Downtown Toronto is normally a hot-spot of bars, restaurants, and big crowds. Now, it looks like time is standing still.

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Deserted ChicagoLaura Hedien/Getty Images

A deserted street in Chicago, Illinois

Not a single person, car, or even bird in sight. This empty street is definitely unusual for Chicago but it’s also eerily calm. Make sure you also check out these pictures from the ’80s that will take you back.

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Pershing Squarecmart7327/Getty Images

An abandoned Pershing Square in New York City

It’s normally impossible to not see big crowds trying to get to Grand Central Terminal. Without the commuters though, Pershing Square looks strangely calm.

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Colourful house walls in Burano, Venice, ItalyStefan Cristian Cioata/Getty Images

An unoccupied street in Venice, Italy

Colorful homes, afternoon sun, pigeons, but not a person in sight—this picture sure has a postcard quality to it. These towns are just as colorful as this one.

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The Bund Shanghai During Lockdown in a Sunny Day Because of COVID-19shen wei/Getty Images

An empty waterfront in Shanghai, China

Sunny days mean big crowds for any waterfront—but not these days. Looking at this picture does still get your mind of the anxiety around you though.

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The coronavirus outbreak in ItalyTravel Photography/Getty Images

Time stands still in Porta San Paolo, Italy

Tourists flock to Porta San Paolo to get a slice of history, especially on nice days. This day though, it looks like the time has decided to stand still. Here are some more beautiful photos that stand the test of time.

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Empty streets, Rome, Palm Sunday, COVID-19Maxim Burlyay/Getty Images

Deserted streets of Rome, Italy

Rome’s inhabitants are all staying in their homes to prevent the spread of the pandemic. It looks like the city’s streets are silently waiting for their return.

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Edinburgh - Misty Princes StreetKenny McCartney/Getty Images

Misty Princess Street in Edinburgh, Scotland

The fog, streetlights, and the lack of people gives Misty Princess Street a mysterious appearance. Make sure you also check out these jaw-dropping photos of Scotland.

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Empty Rome, Italy, COVID-19

A silent night in Rome, Italy

Looking at this beautiful picture of empty Rome in nightlights does give you a glimmer of hope.

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City with no traffic on the streets but an ambulanceLuis Cagiao Photography/Getty Images

The sleepy streets of A Coruña, Spain

Looking at this picture, you could think that the city’s inhabitants decided to take a collective afternoon nap.

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Time Square at DaybreakYukinori Hasumi/Getty Images

A crowd-less Times Square in New York City

With the inhabitants of New York City practicing social distancing, it seems like Times Square is getting a break from all the crowds for once.

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The empty parks of Lausanne during COVID-19 quarantineMargarita Almpanezou/Getty Images

A peaceful park in Lausanne, Sweden

This beautiful park in Lausanne is almost empty, aside from a handful of people. It looks eerily peaceful and quiet.

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Empty city streets during COVID-19 pandemicMargarita Almpanezou/Getty Images

Colorful houses on a still street

It’s just as if these colorful houses decided to pose for a picture. These stunning photos are also worth a look.

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View Of City Street And BuildingsUpvan Bhatia / EyeEm / Getty Images

 An unoccupied street in Seattle, Washington

This hauntingly bare Seattle street makes it seem like time is frozen in place.

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Edinburgh - Empty Shandwick PlaceKenny McCartney/Getty Images

A free and clear street at sunset

The sunset makes this empty street look beautiful, despite the circumstances. These are the most spectacular sunsets from every state.

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View Of Trees And Building Against Blue SkyVictoria Semenjak / EyeEm / Getty Images

A house-lined street in San Francisco

Looking at these beautiful houses on this empty street is enough to make you forget about everything else, even for a second.

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Empty street in Bologna,ItalyStefan Cristian Cioata/Getty Images

An unoccupied street in Bologna, Italy

This beautiful street in Bologna looks like it’s unaffected by everything that’s going on. Next, check out these jaw-dropping photos of Iceland.