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6 Best No-Spill Dog Water Bowls for Dog Drinking Problems

If your dog drinks too fast, plays in his water, or makes a mess, our pet expert explains how no-spill water bowls address drinking problems.

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You love your dog, but not dealing with their occasional messes. It goes beyond cleaning up waste with poop bags, wiping muddy paws, and removing stains on furniture. You’re probably also wiping up the puddles that come with canines lapping at the water bowl.

Don’t blame Fido for his sloppy drinking habits. His long tongue bends backwards into a ladle shape, to scoop water one dipper at a time. The splashy process means water gets drawn up into the mouth as the tongue retracts. Your dog closes his mouth to grab the splash, but lots of wet escapes. Thankfully, there’s a solution that I recommend as a pet expert: a no-spill dog water bowl.

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What to look for when buying a no-spill dog water bowl

While all dogs use the same drinking technique, some have breed differences or quirky behaviors that influence which no-spill dog water bowl works best. None will eliminate all the mess, but they do help control the spillage.

You’ll find three basic categories: no-spill bowls, no-splash bowls, and no-tip bowls, all with the goal of controlling liquid chaos. Some bowls also control drinking speed for dogs that gulp too fast and then vomit. Depending on your dog, you may also need to focus on non-chewable bowls, because some dogs turn bowls into chew toys.

  • Look for a wide base to reduce the chance of the dog tipping over the bowl.
  • Bowls should have a non-skid surface on the bottom so the dog can’t “chase” it across the floor. Elevated dog bowls can help with this.
  • Dog bowls require frequent cleaning, or they could make dogs sick. Look for dishwasher-safe bowls for convenience.
  • Choose quality materials. Cheaper plastic costs less but may not hold up to regular washing. As it ages, plastic can crack or hold odors and bacteria. Dogs can also chew and destroy plastic, even injuring themselves if pieces get swallowed. Silicone and stainless steel (the veterinarian’s choice) hold up well.

Some chew-aholic dogs, like my first German Shepherd, even chew up a stainless steel bowl. Every dog is different, so match your no-spill dog water bowl to your pet’s needs. Dogs with flat muzzles like Bulldogs need wide, shallow bowls. Pointy-nosed dogs like Collies do well with narrower openings. Also, dogs with long furry ears or canine beards need smaller bowls that keep ears from dragging in the water.

Evaluation criteria

  • Design and function
  • Quality of materials
  • Easily cleaned
  • Non-skid bottom and/or wide non-tip base
  • Cost
  • Reader reviews and satisfaction

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Best overall no-spill dog water bowl

Prestige Pets Road Refresher

The Road Refresher No-Spill Slobber Stopper from Prestige Pets offers style with function in mind. Made from durable lightweight propylene in a pewter color, the bowl addresses slobber potential, over-drinking (some dogs over-indulge), and stability with the three-stack design. The outer bowl reservoir has a Velcro non-skid base that prevents scooting and tipping over. Inside, a floating disk allows a measured amount of water to flow up through its openings. A black tapered lip over the top helps reduce slobber and splash.

The design prevents dogs from face-dunking, as well as keeps floppy ears out of the bowl. With two sizes to choose from, every size dog can get a drink without fur getting wet. The special non-skid base makes the Road Refresher a great choice for travel with your dog in the car.


What we liked about Road Refresher:

  • Prevents spills and tipping, reduces slobbery drips, and prevents over-drinking
  • Quality materials
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Wide base prevents tipping, while Velcro stops scooting
  • Velcro bottom offers bowl security on multiple surfaces, including cars
  • Moderate cost


What to consider about Road Refresher:

  • Dogs that play in their water may still make a mess putting feet in the bowl
  • Reviewers noted that puppies enjoyed the challenge of taking the bowl apart, so probably best for adults
  • Must be dismantled for cleaning, and top ring takes strength to remove

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Best value no-spill dog water bowl

Petmate No Spill Bowl

The Petmate No Spill Bowl offers a basic but effective design and a price everyone can afford. A gray cover slips over the top of the heavier blue base, creating a deep reservoir for the water but a small area for the dog’s muzzle to fit through and drink. That helps keep ears out of the water bowl and reduces the dripping that comes with full face dunking. Made of heavy-duty plastic, the bowl portion should last for years with proper care. For taking care of shed fur, the ChomChom roller helps a bunch.


What we liked about Petmate No Spill Bowl:

  • Costs about $10
  • Design works well to discourage water play and keep ears dry
  • The weighted bottom helps reduce tipping over
  • Easy to clean by removing the top


What to consider about Petmate No Spill Bowl:

  • The plastic top becomes brittle with age and may crack
  • Only one size, which may not fit the muzzle of very large dogs

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Best splurge no-spill dog water bowl

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

I love stainless steel products, and the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl gets rave reviews from dog owners of giant breeds and bearded pooches. The stainless steel base holds a full gallon of water, and the top lid design keeps ears clean. A gasket fits the pieces together to allow water to flow into the drinking reservoir. Yes, this bowl costs more than others, but it will last longer and, according to reviews, works better than other products. It comes in five sizes to accommodate virtually any size dog. Check sizing to best fit smaller dogs, or the water mess won’t be reduced. P.S. The new Yeti dog bowl is another excellent stainless steel pick.


What we liked about Slopper Stopper:

  • Made from industrial-strength stainless steel and food-quality materials
  • Patented design claims to reduce mess by 85 percent or more
  • Wide base to prevent tipping
  • Giant breed dog owners especially rave about the product


What to consider about Slopper Stopper:

  • Some reviews express concern that the stainless steel rusts
  • The rubber gasket that controls water level is difficult to correctly set up

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Best travel no-spill dog water bowl

Kurgo Splash Free Wander Water Bowl

Made from food-grade silicone, the Kurgo Splash Free Wander Water Bowl has a tilted shape that keeps the water level, even when perched on a car seat. The bowl comes in two bright colors: red or blue. The curved tapered lip at the top helps contain the splash to keep 24 ounces of water in the bowl rather than outside. These bowls double to hold food, so you can feed your pup on the road, then rinse out the bowl for a water break. It’s dishwasher safe, flexible, and collapsable for easy packing for your road trip with Fido. It also rides well in the Pet Rover Pet Stroller. If you need something that stores water to bring on the road, try this highly-rated portable dog water bottle.


What we liked about Kurgo Splash Free Wander Water Bowl:

  • The travel-friendly design means water stays level when the bowl sits on a car seat
  • Made with food-grade silicone that lasts
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Economical, at under $15


What to consider about Kurgo Splash Free Wander Water Bowl:

  • Best for medium to small dogs
  • Highly chewable, so pups may destroy this bowl as a toy

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Best slow water feeder no-spill dog water bowl

Upsky Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl

Some dogs gulp too much water at one time and end up getting sick. Hot weather increases this likelihood in all dogs, and drinking too much can lead to water intoxication, as it dilutes the sodium in the blood, which prompts water to flow into the cells—even brain cells. This can lead to death. Slowing down water gulpers helps control the danger. Many dogs also deposit dust or leftover food in the water as they drink. The Upsky Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl slows down gulpers and keeps debris out of the water.

A large square reservoir made of thermoplastic holds 35 ounces of water, about a daily intake amount for most dogs. Inside, a floating cover (in gray, blue, or pink) controls access to the water, with a fixed rim holding the three pieces together. The floating cover keeps dogs from gulping, and slows down the drinking process. It also prevents bearded dogs from getting their face sopping wet.


What we liked about Upsky Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl:

  • One of the best for slowing water consumption
  • Designed to keep water debris free
  • Costs just $15.99


What to consider about Upsky Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl:

  • Pups may chew up the plastic bowl
  • Bowl requires regular cleaning to avoid mold

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Best elevated no-spill dog water bowl

Neater Feeder Deluxe for Dogs

Here’s a very different option featuring standard-looking stainless steel bowls in a contained elevated feeder station. The Neater Feeder Deluxe for Dogs comes in seven colors, three sizes, and two bowl styles. The elevated plastic surround catches and contains dropped food, and spilled water drains through openings into a reservoir in the base. You can choose plain bowls or slow feeder bowls with raised bottoms to address gulping. The plastic frame has an option for extended legs to raise the level of the bowls. All parts of the Neater Feeder are dishwasher safe. Worried your dog might not like change? Drop a few organic dog treats into the food bowls to persuade him to change allegiance.


What we liked about Neater Feeder Deluxe for Dogs:

  • Low-tech design with simple, effective function
  • Works for containing spilled food and water mess
  • Variety of colors
  • Different sizes for individual needs
  • Dishwasher safe


What to consider about Neater Feeder Deluxe for Dogs:

  • Higher cost than some
  • Reviewers note the stainless steel bowls aren’t the best quality and may rust

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