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13 Photos That Show the “New Normal” of Restaurants

New regulations have led to restaurant dining looking much different from what we're used to.

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As cities have started reopening, many restaurants have begun allowing patrons to dine-in once again. However, this doesn’t mean going out to eat at your favorite spot looks like it used to. In fact, eating out comes with a lot of new rules and regulations these days. Here are 13 photos that show the “new normal” of restaurants. Make sure you’re also aware of the things you shouldn’t do at the newly reopened restaurants.

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A restaurant worker in a face mask and gloves serving salad

New health and safety guidelines have been implemented in restaurants all over the world to prevent the spread of the virus. Check out these photos of nature rebounding during coronavirus.

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People lining up in front of a newly reopened restaurant

Most restaurants are operating at limited or reduced capacity.

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Kitchen staff making food in their masks

If you disregard the masks, it’s business as usual. Here are 13 coronavirus photos that could end up in history books.

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Customers ordering drinks to-go at an outdoor bar

Restaurants have been getting creative with their outdoor space to adjust to the pandemic.

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A waiter in a newly reopened restaurant serving guests

Both the guests and the employee are wearing face coverings. Here are the photos that will define the era of social distancing.

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A woman is buying take-out from a restaurant

Even if they haven’t fully reopened, some restaurants have been offering take-out options.

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Three women are having dinner at a reopened restaurant

If you can ignore the masks, it almost looks like old times.

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People waiting in line to order

Take-out options have been more popular than ever in the last few months.

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In a restaurant in Bali, an employee is disinfecting the tables

Restaurants are taking every precaution to keep everything extra clean.

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A restaurant worker hanging a reopening sign on the door

The sign encourages customers to practice social distancing.

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A barista waiting for customers behind the counter

There are not that many people going to coffee shops these days. Check out these eerie photos of abandoned shopping malls.

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A carry-out only restaurant

Some restaurants chose not to open for dine-in options.

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A bartender pouring a drink behind a bar

Just like restaurants, bars have also started reopening. Next, check out the 20 oddly peaceful photos of empty cities during coronavirus.

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