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These 12 National Geographic Photos of the World’s Greatest Landscapes Will Fill You with Wonder

Talented photographers from 'National Geographic' traveled the world to capture photos of nature's raw beauty. What they found will stun you.

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ScotlandKerstin Enderlein courtesy National Geographic

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Verdant grasses swathe the land around the tower of rock known as Castle Ewen. Photo by Kerstin Enderlein.

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CaliforniaAlex MacLean courtesy National Geographic

Carlsbad, California

Multicolored flowers form a kaleidoscopic field pattern. Photo by Alex Maclean.

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JapanTeruo Araya courtesy National Geographic

Shimotsuma, Japan

Morning fog settles over a field of wildflowers. Photo by Teruo Araya.

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Inyo National Forest CaliforniaKen Lee courtesy National Geographic

Inyo National Forest, California

Weathered twisting branches of an ancient bristlecone pine seem to dance. Photo by Ken Lee. (Here are more spectacular photos of America’s national parks.)

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Svalbard, NorwayRalph Lee Hopkins courtesy National Geographic

Svalbard, Norway

A polar bear steps along Arctic pack ice. Photo by Ralph Lee Hopkins.

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Okayama Prefecture, JapanTrevor Williams courtesy National Geographic

Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Fireflies form blinking rivers of light in a still woodland. Photo by Trevor Williams.

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San Francisco, CaliforniaDave Gordon courtesy National Geographic

San Francisco, California

A span of the Golden Gate Bridge peeks above low-hanging morning fog. Photo by Dave Gordon.

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Namib-Naukluft Park, NambiaBeth McCarley courtesy National Geographic

Namib-Naukluft Park, Nambia

In Deadvlei, a camel thorn tree stands tall underneath a star-studded sky. Photo by Beth McCarley.

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Cortes Bank, Pacific OceanBrian Skerry courtesy National Geographic

Cortes Banks, Pacific Ocean

A sheepshead fish (foreground) and señorita fish swim through a kelp forest. Photo by Brian Skerry.

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Sterlingshire, ScotlandRobery Fulton courtesy National Geographic

Starlingshire, Scotland

Trees in a winter field hold a soft dusting of snow. Photo by Robert Fulton.

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PItztal Glacier, AustriaChristoph Jorda courtesy National Geographic

Pitzal Glacier, Austria

A skier takes flight above an ice cave nearly 10,000 feet high in the Alps. Photo by Christoph Jorda.

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IcelandThierry Bornier courtesy National Geographic


Cold Icelandic waters catch the aurora borealis’s iridescence. Photo by Thierry Bornier. For more of National Geographic’s Landscape Photography, check out Greatest Landscapes: Stunning Photographs That Inspire and Astonish.

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