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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

13 Things Your Nanny Won’t Tell You

What it's really like to care for your rugrats (and work for you!).

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Being a nanny is a profession

Please treat me as you would other professionals. And when it comes to less consistent childcare, these are 20 things your babysitter secretly wishes you knew.

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Don’t tell me that I am part of your family and then ask me to work overtime

Just because I work in your home doesn’t make me part of the family. I deserve basic rights, such as sick time, holidays, and at least a day off a week.

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Live-in nannies need a room of their own

Some couples actually expect me to share a room with their baby—or worse, to share a bedroom with their child.

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I’m a nanny, not a housekeeper

Sometimes I clean parts of your home because I simply cannot stand the filth. Find out the 38 secrets your housecleaner wants you to know.

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If your child bites me, don’t reward her

One parent actually said “Oh honey, are you hungry?” to her child while ignoring my bleeding face. Here’s how to deal with the brattiest kid behaviors.

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I have my own family

Many of us have kids of our own. We’d like to see them, but we need vacation time.

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It’s appalling how much junk you feed your kids

Seriously—give them veggies once in awhile! If you don’t keep junk food in your house, your kids can’t eat it. You can give them choices without destroying their health. Find out the toxic things you didn’t know you were feeding your children.

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Don’t come home drunk in the middle of the night…

… Wake up your children to play with them, and then wake me up to put them back to bed. And this should go without saying, but don’t do drugs if you’re going to be around kids, period. And don’t wake me up in the middle of the night just because you’ve partied too hard to care for your own children.

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Nannies from other cultures need orientation

Tell me which foods are fancy gourmet foods to be used sparingly and which are everyday foods. I kept eating up the best caviar and spitting it out in the trash, thinking it had gone bad.

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I’m not paid well enough to be a substitute parent for your child all the time

If you do not have the time or patience to raise a child, don’t have one. But you might want to focus on these 17 secrets of the happiest families.

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Pay us well

Value your child a little more and cut corners elsewhere. When it comes to nannying actual little princes and princesses, check out these 17 secrets of the royal family’s nannies.

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Don’t misrepresent yourself to an agency

If you don’t have an extra room for the nanny, say so. Don’t claim to have a bedroom and bathroom for her, and then ask her to sleep with your child.

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Treat your nanny with respect and as an equal, and you will have a loyal friend for life

Most of us become lifelong friends of the babies we helped raise, as well as their parents. Next, find out 40 secrets your child’s teacher won’t tell you.