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18 Must-Have Products Coming to Target in 2019

We're giving you a first look at the loads of wallet-worthy, new must-have products are coming to Target in 2019.

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BELLA 5.3qt Digital Air Convection Fryer Stainless Steel
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The boldest air fryer we’ve seen yet

The Bella 5.3 Quart Digital Air Convection Fryer is one of the biggest we’ve seen hit the market yet, which means it’s roomy enough to air fry a family’s worth of chicken wings and veggies in a jiffy. It’s one of the must-have products coming to Target in 2019 for those focused on healthy eating, and the digital display makes it fun for those who love tech gifts, too.

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Campbell's Well Yes! Sweet Corn & Roasted Poblano Sipping Soup - 11.2oz
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Bistro-level soups to go

If you’re constantly looking for new things to pack for lunch, Campbell’s Well Yes! Sweet Corn & Roasted Poblano Sipping Soup is the under-$2 savory lunch treat you’ve been searching for, and it’s new to Target for 2019. The non-GMO recipe is packed with veggies and rich flavor, and after two quick minutes in the microwave, you won’t even need a spoon or a bowl.

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via glowrecipe.com

Korean beauty essentials

Just about everyone is hopping on the trendy K-beauty bandwagon, and Target is no exception. Sweet Chef is a new line of Korean skincare centered around powerful ingredients. The line will launch at the end of January 2019 and includes beet and vitamin A formulas, ginger and vitamin C for brightening, and even a kale and vitamin B combo for soothing overworked skin.

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Dove Foam Dry Shampoo - 6.8oz
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New hair helpers will hit store shelves, too

If you’re already a fan of dry shampoo but have a hard time working with powdery formulas, you’ll be excited to know that the new Dove Foam Dry Shampoo is the easier-to-work-with kid sister of your favorite in-between washes standby.

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Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 with Wi-Fi - RV851WV
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Your home will sparkle with this new product

Robotic vacuums aren’t necessarily new, but this Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 comes with WiFi and answers everyone’s personal cleaning woes—how to reach all those other messy spots. You can easily let the robotic portion of the vacuum pick up all your floor-bound messes while using the included hand vacuum to get in between sofa cushions, cabinet corners, and other hard-to-reach areas.

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Hatchimals Surprise Peacat Hatching Egg w/Surprise Twin by Spin Master - Purple
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Hatchimals you’ve never even heard of

If you already scooped up Hatchimals from our Target Black Friday deals list, good for you—they were one of 2018’s hottest toys. Did you know that an entirely new line of Hatchimals is set to debut at Target soon, though? It’s true. Hatchimals Mermals, the mermaid-style hatching animals, will be coming your way in 2019. Find out five things to always buy at Costco and five things to skip.

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Moby Wrap Classic Mist Baby Carrier - Blue
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New parents will love this

A new crop of Moby Baby Carriers will hit Target in 2019, and all are designed to fit parents and babies of any gender or style. They’re the kind you’d expect to pay a lot more for, except they’re mostly priced under $50 thanks to the magic of Tar-jay.

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Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Latte Breakfast Cereal - 20.4oz - Kellogg's
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New cereals galore

Your mornings are about to get exponentially more delicious because Target always has a fresh crop of breakfast cereal options coming in. We’re excited to report that the recent launch of Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Latte Breakfast Cereal is currently available on Target.com, giving you the opportunity to combine a fiber-filled breakfast meal with your favorite sweet latte flavor.

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Love Beauty & Planet Turmeric and Tonka Essence Prevent and Preserve Sulphate Free Shampoo - 13.5 fl oz
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Cleaner hair care

Did you know you can get in on the sulfate-free, paraben-free, and dye-free beauty movement at Target, too? The recently launched Love Beauty & Planet line includes new launches like a Turmeric and Tonka Essence Shampoo that will treat your tresses as well as any high-end salon formula. These Target Black Friday deals are too good to miss!

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via zollipops.com

Guilt-free candies

A new line of teeth-cleaning lollipops, Zollipops, is about to hit Target in 2019. They’re all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO, and certified sugar-free. They’re a kid’s dream, but also ideal for the adult trying to cut back on sugar cravings.

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Jetson Midnight Adult Kick Scooter - Black
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For the athletic types

The Jetson Midnight Adult Kick Scooter is an updated version of a scooter classic, big enough for adult scooting, and zippy enough to make one of the best gifts for boys. It features an easy-to-fold frame and large wheels for easy, comfortable traveling.

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Brazi Bites Garlic Asiago Frozen Brazilian Bread - 11.5oz
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Brazilian-style snacking is coming to Target

Lovers of all things Brazilian will love the cheesy bread puffs Target just began carrying. Brazi Bites come in a variety of flavors, but the Brazi Bites Garlic Asiago Frozen Brazilian Bread snacks taste like the real-deal warm street food of Rio that will get you hooked.

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Perfect Kids Chocolate Chip Bar - 1.06oz/5ct
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Protein kids will actually get excited about

No, it’s not chicken nuggets—it’s even more clever than that. A new line of non-GMO protein bars for kids just arrived at Target.com, and each one offers a healthy seven grams of protein per serving. That’s as much as a typical glass of milk, but way more palatable in a fun chocolate chip flavor for finicky little ones. The Perfect Kids Chocolate Chip Bar is made with wholesome enough ingredients that it needs to be refrigerated, so it’s ideal for health-conscious adults with afternoon sweet tooth desires as well.

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Ancient Nutrition KetoPROTEIN Protein Powder - Vanilla - 18.7oz
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Keto dieters will love this

The Ketogenic diet is more popular than ever, and Target is meeting consumer demand by offering the new line of Ancient Nutrition KetoProtein Powders in a variety of flavors including vanilla, maple, and chocolate. You can pop them in a smoothie or drink them mixed with ice-cold water for a very low carb treat or meal replacement that won’t mess with your ultimate goal: ketosis.

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Aveeno Cracked Skin Relief CICA Ointment for Dry Skin - 1.7oz
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For the driest skin

The new Aveeno Cracked Skin Relief CICA Ointment for Dry Skin comes in a squeeze tube-like package that’s easy to use, compact enough to pop into a purse or leave in a desk drawer, and is the perfect unisex formula for all those extremely rough, dry patches of skin that winter 2019 may leave you with.

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White Cheddar Organic Popcorn - 4.5oz - Simply Balanced™
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Snack on this delish news

If you’re not already snacking on Target’s Simply Balanced line, you should be—it’s an entire line of health-minded snack options with simple ingredients, and new items are constantly being rolled out. We’re fans of the White Cheddar Organic Popcorn, but you can see the entire line’s offerings here. Here’s the secret code behind Target’s price—revealed.

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jergens wet skin natural glow moisturizer
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The easiest in-shower self-tanning product

If the idea of self-tanner is daunting for you, don’t worry, you’re not alone, and that’s exactly why the geniuses at Jergens developed their new Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. If you’re savvy enough to put lotion on after a shower, you can apply this subtle, buildable self-tanner with ease. It works gradually over the course of several days and weeks so you can never make a streaky mess of your precious skin, and is hydrating enough that you’ll be sad to skip this grooming step.

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Lorissa's Kitchen Korean Barbeque Beef Jerky - 2.25oz
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This is a meaty development for 2019

Hey there, jerky fans! Target is rolling out a whole line of high-end, boutique-style packaged meat jerky offerings for 2019. With all the Paleo and Keto diet fans out there, we’re sure the Lorissa’s Kitchen line is going to be a hit. If you’re wondering which to try first, the Lorissa’s Kitchen Korean Barbeque Beef Jerky is an on-trend protein punch we think you’ll enjoy. Next, read on for the 11 sneaky money-saving secrets Target employees won’t tell you.

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