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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

18 of the Most Useful Alexa Accessories

Your favorite virtual assistant can now do everything from adjusting your thermostat to changing the channel on your TV. Find out which top-rated Alexa accessories will make your life so much easier.

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Echo Dot, Echo Glow, and Echo Framesvia (3)

The smartest things you can buy

Since its launch in late 2014, Amazon’s Alexa has been revolutionizing the world of voice assistants and smart speakers, particularly for those who have learned the most useful Alexa skills. With a slew of Alexa accessories from both Amazon and other brands, Alexa has been responsible for the introduction of a whole new smart home lifestyle. In fact, the smart home hub can now be used to do everything from adjusting your thermostat to changing the channel on your television. It doesn’t matter where you stand on the Google Home vs. Amazon Echo debate—no one can deny Alexa has been a game-changer in the smart-home game. Which leaves just one question (and no, it’s not “What are the funniest things to ask Alexa?): What are the Alexa accessories your smart home shouldn’t be without?

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Amazon Basics Microwavevia

Amazon Basics Microwave

Thought that only a human assistant could get you a hot cup of coffee? You’re about to be pleasantly surprised. This Alexa-enabled microwave makes things easier when you’re working from home, dealing with kids after school, or making a meal. “Because it’s voice-activated, you can defrost your food, microwave some popcorn, and reheat your coffee without having to raise a finger,” explains cybersecurity researcher Miklos Zoltan, CEO of Privacy Affairs. “The microwave itself is small, has a built-in kitchen timer and kid lock, and has 10 power levels that are easy to regulate.” He adds that it’s far more advanced than most ordinary models. And even better? It has nearly 19,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know you’re getting a reliable product.

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Echo Dot with Clockvia

Echo Dot with Clock

“The Echo Dot with Clock is the greatest Alexa accessory around if you want a multipurpose gadget that can produce good audio quality, allow you control over your smart home, and still be reasonable enough to place a few throughout your home,” says cybersecurity expert Veronica Miller from VPN Overview. She adds that it has all the features of the standard Echo Dot, plus the ability to display the time, thanks to LEDs embedded in the speaker fabric. What does that mean for you? “After using this speaker to lock the doors, check your calendar before bed, and set an alarm,” she says, “you can look at the clock without having your Echo screaming at you.”

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Ring Video Doorbell Wiredvia

Ring Video Doorbell Wired

According to Charles McMillan, the founder of Stand with Main Street, this video doorbell from Ring is the best Alexa security camera available. “Adding an intelligent intercom to your smart home ideas will help to boost house security,” he says, adding that the Ring video doorbell is itself revolutionary. “It uses clever technology to replace one-dimensional peepholes, making your property safer. It also features HD live streaming, activity alerts, and the ability to view recorded video clips at a later time.” And because this Alexa accessory is compatible with Alexa devices, you can use your Echo to pick up a live feed and even talk to anyone knocking on your door, even from miles away.

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Amazon Echo Studiovia

Amazon Echo Studio

If you’re looking for the best Alexa accessory for music, the Echo Studio is the way to go, says Cheap SSL Security security expert Michael Robinson. “The Echo Studio delivers a quality surround sound experience, thanks to five speakers packed into an aesthetically beautiful spherical form and Dolby Atmos technology,” he explains. “Amazon’s first step into the luxury home speaker market produces crisp, clear music that adapts to the room’s acoustics.”

Because this is an Alexa-compatible device, you can use your voice to control the music. “Thankfully, this isn’t restricted to Amazon Music,” Robinson says. “It also works with Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.” Still, with an Amazon Music HD subscription, you can gain access to more than 50 million songs.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4Kvia

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Whether you simply don’t like the smart TV software that came with your TV or your old streaming device has stopped working as it should, the Fire TV Stick can upgrade your television viewing experience. “The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K costs less than $40 and supports all of the latest technology, including 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR content, and Dolby Atmos sound,” says Eric McGee, a senior network engineer at TRG Data Centers. “Plus, it works with almost any streaming app you can think of, including newer ones like HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock, and Paramount Plus.”

But that’s not the only reason you should consider a Fire Stick. “It’s the fact that the interface is not only simple to use but also engineered to surface the content you want to view without requiring you to navigate through a maze of menus that makes this a must-have tool,” raves McGee.

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Amazon Smart Plugvia

Amazon Smart Plug

“Adding one of these Amazon smart plugs to your home will make life a little easier and may even save you money on that one device that consumes electricity even when it is turned off,” says Thilo Huellmann, Chief Technology Officer at Levity, a software automation company. “Changing every plug, on the other hand, will offer you complete Alexa control over all of your gadgets connected to your Wi-Fi network.” With the Alexa app, you can control these plugs from anywhere using your smartphone. That means you can set options for daily routines as you supply or remove power to the gadgets in your home, ensuring that you’re not using energy unnecessarily and that you never have to return home to a dark house.

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Echo Show Smart Hubvia

Echo Show Smart Hub

If you already own a Dot and want to take Alexa to the next level, the Echo Show is a great way to get started with smart displays. “This Alexa-enabled smart hub is designed to show you the weather at a glance, offer you a visual representation of your schedule, and even link you with friends and family via video chat,” says Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer at Spreadsheet Planet, adding that you can operate the Show with your voice, just as with other Alexa-enabled devices. Another reason to get it? “The Show is especially excellent for presenting your security camera footage and a real-time image of what your smart doorbell is viewing,” he notes. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive security upgrade, here’s how to find the best home security system for you.

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Echo Glowvia

Echo Glow

“If you have children, the Amazon Echo Glow is a terrific night-light or a fun way to introduce different routines into your home using light-based cues,” says Darshan Somashekar, the founder and CEO of Solitaired. And while this Alexa accessory isn’t necessarily aimed at adults, it could be a cost-effective way to add some changeable LED mood lighting to your house as well, Somashekar adds. With more than 20,000 five-star reviews and a price tag under $30, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

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Philips Hue Systemvia

Philips Hue System

The wireless Philips Hue System can help you achieve that same mood lighting as the Echo Glow…but with a little more subtlety. “Not only can you ask Alexa to adjust the brightness or change the color, but you can also turn lights on and off when you’re out,” says retail expert Nick Drewe, CEO of WeThrift. Plus, Alexa will remind you to turn off the lights if the voice assistant has reason to believe you aren’t at home and might have forgotten to do so. “Also, it’s LED lighting, so it’s efficient in that regard, too,” Drewe adds. “You can have your entire home set up on this system—and I highly recommend it.”

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Proscenic M7 Robot Vacuum Cleanervia

Proscenic M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you hate vacuuming, you need a robot vacuum—specifically, this robot vacuum, according to Lucas Travis, founder of Inboard Skate. “The mopping feature holds a 500 ml tank, making it very convenient and less tricky to manage,” he explains. Plus, because it is Alexa-powered, it has a selective cleaning feature that allows you to choose which areas of your house the vacuum should cover. Amazon reviewers love that it always gets the job done efficiently and reliably, with one happy customer raving, “The vacuum works perfectly—and I’m amazed at how much dirt it keeps finding.”

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August Wi-Fi Smart Lockvia

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

This Alexa-compatible device locks and unlocks your front door at your command, according to tech enthusiast Pranav Dhore, founder of Technical Roar. “If you forget to close the door when you leave the house, this device will lock it automatically for you,” Dhore explains. This smart lock also means you’ll never have to go searching for your keys again, and you can easily let workers, friends, or family into your house—even if you are nowhere near your front door.

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MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Openervia

MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

If you’re always worried that you forgot to close your garage door, then the MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener might be for you! “This device connects your phone to the garage door opener and allows you to open and close it at your command,” Dhore says. “Plus, you can receive secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages when you are not home.”

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Echo Framesvia

Echo Frames

“If you’ve ever heard of Bose Frames, which are sunglasses that can play music and even connect to a smart assistant, and found them hip, you’ll definitely love the Echo Frames,” says Alex Thompson, director of Festoon House. “Instead of sunglasses, Amazon made a version specifically for prescription glasses. These glasses are a must-have for every spy fan—talk to Alexa, your partner in crime, as you drive undercover through the streets and find the best routes to avoid traffic jams.” The best part, aside from negating the need for handheld devices and earbuds? They look like regular glasses, so no one will know your little secret. These definitely rank among the coolest gifts for men and women alike.

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Echo Autovia

Echo Auto

If you’re looking to be hands-free with Alexa in your car, you need the Echo Auto in your life. Boasting eight microphones, it can hear you over traffic noise and whatever you’re listening to. Plus, the Alexa app lets you stream from Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and more. More than 64,000 Amazon reviewers gave a perfect rating of five stars to this handy Alexa accessory, saying it’s “like a helpful passenger ready to assist.” Here are more car gadgets that make driving safer.

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Nest Learning Thermostatvia

Nest Learning Thermostat

There are a lot of smart thermostats that can interact with Alexa, but the Nest Learning Thermostat is the one to beat—and not just because this smart home device can save the average household up to $145 per year. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature without getting out of bed—or even being in the house! And, as its name suggests, it learns, meaning that it can figure out your heating and cooling preferences and adjust to your schedule accordingly. It has more than 24,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it boasts a sleek design in a variety of colors, including stainless steel, mirror black, and copper.

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Ring Mailbox Sensorvia

Ring Mailbox Sensor

Like the Ring Doorbell, the Ring Mailbox Sensor gives you a bird’s-eye view from your mailbox, helping to protect your mail from mailbox thieves and also just giving you a head’s-up when your mail has been delivered. “Anyone can mount this simple battery-operated motion sensor to a mailbox door,” says Phil Crippen, CEO of John Adams IT. “The sensor will detect motion and alert an Alexa speaker whenever someone opens the mailbox. The sensor has a range of about 200 feet.”

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Amazon Echo Wall Clockvia

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

Sometimes you just want an aesthetically pleasing wall clock…with a little smart home flair! “Here’s a 10-inch wall clock that ensures you won’t have to repeatedly ask Alexa how much time is left when scheduling a timer,” Crippen says. “Instead, this clock will sync to any Echo speaker and display the remaining time with LED lights.” And when it’s not operating as your favorite time-oriented Alexa accessory, it functions as a regular clock.

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Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Makervia

Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Looking for an amazing gift for a coffee lover? Look no further (and make sure to buy one for yourself, too). “This has to be the best Alexa accessory, as you really don’t have to brew coffee by yourself or switch on the brewer,” says tech enthusiast Neil John, a software engineer at One Computer Guy. “Just tell Alexa to start brewing the coffee in the smart coffee maker, and your coffee will be ready even before you get out of your bed.” Like all good Alexa accessories, the Atomi is there to make your life easier—and in this case, to get your morning off to a better start!

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