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44 Sweet and Funny Mother’s Day Cards That Will Give Mom All the Feels

These Mother's Day cards hit the sweet spot between "awww" and "ahaha!"

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44 Sweet And Funny Mothers Day Cards Ft Via, via merchant (4)

Mother’s Day card ideas

Your mom is so much more than just the person who gave you life. (For starters, she carried you in her body for nine months, followed by years of poop and barf, only for you to pick the bus driver as your “ultimate hero” in kindergarten.) Make up for that childhood faux pas and tell her how much she means to you with sweet or funny Mother’s Day cards inscribed with thoughtful Mother’s Day wishes, Mother’s Day poems, or mom quotes.

Not sure when Mother’s Day is? We’ve got you covered with not just the date but also the best gift ideas, printable Mother’s Day cards, Mother’s Day gifts, and Mother’s Day ideas.

Funny Mothers Day Card Vintage Photo Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

To the woman who cleaned my face with her spit

Spit is soap when it comes from Mom. Honor your mom’s commitment to parenting and hygiene with this hilarious card. Add it to one of these perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gifts.

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Happy First Mothers Day Card From Human Bean Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

From your little human bean

This is the perfect sweet and cute card for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or friend who is celebrating her first Mother’s Day. Keep the happy feelings going with these sweet mom stories.

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Killer Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Have a killer Mother’s Day

Moms with a dark sense of humor will get a kick out of this card—Jason Voorhees probably had a mom… right? After she reads it, check out some of the Mom movies to watch on Mother’s Day. (Nope, Friday the 13th isn’t included.)

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Mom Momma Mmmom Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Mom? Mom! Moooooooom!

Every mother has a first name, though she never hears it quite as often as “mom,” the nickname she earned the day you were born. Show your love for her with these DIY Mother’s Day gifts and, of course, this cute card.

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Grandmas House Card Ecomm Via Papersourcevia merchant

There’s no place like Grandma’s house

Home may be where the heart is, but Grandma’s house is where all the best sweets are. Be sure to honor the woman who raised the woman who raised you with this beautifully illustrated card. Gift it along with these Mother’s Day gifts for grandma.

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Firehouse Steps Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Thanks for not leaving me on the firehouse steps

When you think of all the times your mom could have given up on you, it makes you really appreciate everything she went through for you—and this card reminds her in the funniest of ways. Make it the perfect present by adding one of these Amazon Mother’s Day gifts.

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Mothers Day Moon Child Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Happy Mother’s Day, Moon Child

Astrological mamas will love this sweet reminder that even in this big universe, you have each other. Show her how much that means to you by picking the perfect Mother’s Day celebration, based on your mom’s zodiac sign.

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Mama Oooh Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Papersourcevia merchant

This song goes out to the woman who raised me

For the Queen-loving mom, nothing beats a card with a colorful illustration of Mr. Freddie Mercury himself. Play her “Bohemian Rhapsody” during brunch, or create a playlist with timeless mom songs to listen to on Mother’s Day.

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Im So Glad You Chose Me Card Ecomm Via Papersource.comvia merchant

I’m so glad you chose me

Let your adoptive mother know just how much she means to you this Mother’s Day. This sweet card tells it like it is: She chose you, specifically, to be her child. Write one of these mother-son quotes for even more meaning.

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Block Print Wood Card Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Happy Mother’s Day block print

The Mother’s Day cards you’ll find at the drugstore are fine, but if you really want to wow her, order this card made from sustainable wood. Select the option to add a special message engraved in your handwriting, and the card becomes an instant gift.

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Im Glad You Are My Mom Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

I’m so glad you are my mom

Mamas are mamas, regardless of race, creed, or even species. This tender moment with a mama giraffe will remind your mother just how much you look up to her. The card is even sweeter when tied to Mother’s Day gift baskets.

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Sorry About Your Children Me Card Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

At least you have me

Mom may not ever say it out loud, but you know you’re her favorite. Let her know you’re in on the secret with this funny card. After all, a little sibling rivalry never hurt anyone.

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Hood Motherhood Card Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Ain’t no hood like motherhood

Being a mom is kind of like being in a gang: You have matching clothes, danger (tiny fingers, meet electrical socket), and a tight-knit crew. If she laughed at this card‘s take on motherhood, she’ll really love these relatable mom memes.

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Mum Mothers Day Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

For all the roles you play

She’s your first friend, your role model, and your rock. Moms wear a lot of hats, and this touching card helps highlight all of them.

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Star Wars Mandalorian Grogu Card Ecomm Via Lovepopvia merchant

May the force be with her

Baby Yoda has a message for Mom, and she’s going to love it! This pop-up Mother’s Day card hits just the right note: part geeky, part loving, and totally adorable. She’ll also love these Mom jokes.

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Moms Are Magical Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Moms are magical

What do your mom and a unicorn have in common? They’re both beautiful, magical beings, and as this glittery card points out, they’re both one of a kind.

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Hallmark Paper Wonder Pop Up Card Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

A day just for you

Mother’s Day cards are sweet and all, but Mother’s Day pop-up cards earn you favorite child status. And this one, featuring a greenhouse filled with succulents, is so beautiful that your mom will want to display it long after the holiday is over.

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Love You Loads Mom Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

I love you loads

Before you knew a spin cycle from a perm press, your mom was washing loads of your dirty laundry. With this card, you can make her laugh and finally give her the proper thanks.

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Mom Made Me Who I Am Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Mom, you made me who I am

You inherit your mother’s best qualities—and a few of her not-so-great traits. Acknowledge it with a Mother’s Day card that will make her chuckle. Read these sweet mother-daughter quotes for more inspiration.

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In Laws Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

You know what they say about mothers-in-law…

In-laws get a bad reputation, and it’s usually unearned. Your mother-in-law raised the human you love most in the world, so don’t forget to honor her this Mother’s Day with a sweet card.

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Giifu 3d Bouquet Pop Up Card Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

3D Pop-up bouquet

Sure, you can gift Mom the traditional bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers, but for something that will last longer than the real deal, we suggest this adorable card. It has a pop-up flower bouquet that is sure to make Mom smile.

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You Are My Person Card Ecomm Via Etsycvia merchant

You are my person

There are a lot of important people in your life, but none will love you like your mother. Make sure you let her know how special she is. We suggest adding a handwritten note to this heartwarming card.

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Mothers Day Beaters Card Ecomm Via Walmartvia merchant

Good moms let you lick the beaters

There are some high standards for mothers, but this card highlights what’s truly important to kids: sugar. Go above and beyond by adding your card to one of these gifts for moms who say they need nothing (but deserve the world).

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Omg Mother Was Right Card Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

OMG! Mom was right about everything!

She’s been waiting years for you to realize this. Years. Save her the “I told you so” by giving her this card for Mother’s Day.

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Thinking Of You And Beautiful Mom Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Your mom is missed

Unfortunately, not all mothers are here to celebrate the holiday with their kids. If you know someone who’s had to learn how to survive Mother’s Day without their mother, send a heartfelt card to show you still remember and love her.

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Best Cat Mom Black Cats Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

From kitty

When shopping for cute cards for Mother’s Day, don’t forget to get one from the animal in the house. The cat lady in your life will appreciate this card, which acknowledges all the hard work she does when caring for her kitty. Toss in a small gift, like a box of chocolates, if she’s the one who cleans the litter box.

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Worlds Best Dog Mom Ecomm Via Papersourcevia merchant

From puppy

Moms of fur babies deserve appreciation too. Get the dog mom in your life this card, and be sure to sign it from the pup. If your mom is a dog lover, she’ll adore these personalized gifts for pets moms.

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One Bad Mother Puffer Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

You’re one bad mother puffer

What’s cuter than a puffer fish? A cute card with a puffer fish and a funny Mother’s Day message.

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Funny Toes Mothers Day Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Love you even though you gave me funny toes

You got your mom’s curls, her beautiful eye color—and her bunions. You’re welcome! At least this funny card lets you make light of it.

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Hallmark Signature Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

A reminder of how much you’re loved

This sweetly beautiful card sends an elegant and thoughtful message. As far as Mother’s Day cards go, this one is display-worthy. Falling short of ideas on what to get your mother? Remind her how much you love her by surprising her with a special mother-daughter trip.

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Happy Mothers Day Wordle Card Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Happy Mother’s Day Wordle

Celebrate Mom and the game of the moment with this Wordle Mother’s Day card. Play the game together this Mother’s Day, or read these hilarious things moms have said.

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Mothers Day Illustrated Cafe Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Mother’s Day brunch

Not only does this card call to mind Mother’s Day brunches of years past, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous. Sweeten the deal by giving Mom a brunch cookbook.

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To My Beautiful Wife Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

To my beautiful wife

She’s not just a mother; she’s also the woman who made you a father, a role you cherish. Celebrate her with this sweet card and a gift that expresses your gratitude.

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Blue Super Mom Card Ecomm Via Papersourcevia merchant

Mom to the rescue!

There is nothing your mom wouldn’t do to help you—all you have to do is say the word, and she’ll come running. As this card points out, she’s basically Super Mom.

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Not Easy Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Papersourcevia merchant

Being a mom is hard work

This card says what all moms are thinking. (And yes, you have permission to dunk on Dad. He’ll get the praise on Father’s Day.) For her special day, give her time to rest and reset—perhaps with a good mother-daughter book you can read too.

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Mothers Day Botanical Card Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Mother’s Day flowers

Laugh-out-loud funny Mother’s Day cards are great, but there’s something to be said for a card that can double as art. This botanical card offers a simple Mother’s Day greeting, letting the gorgeous illustration do the talking for you.

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Mothers Day Turning Into You Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

I’m turning into my mother

There comes a day in every woman’s life when she looks in the mirror and sees, well, her mom. Let her know that day has come with this minimalistic card. Speaking of the woman who gave you birth, here’s why you should call your mom more often.

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Calls To Mom Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

Call your mother

Moms are a little like tech support. No matter what’s going on in your life, you can give yours a ring for some honest feedback. Get this card for your mom to say “thanks for the advice.”

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Double The Love Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

Double the love

Some people are lucky enough to have double the moms—and double the love. Thank both of your moms with a sweet card that gets it right: Two moms are better than one. Go big this Mother’s Day by joining your moms on a mother-daughter trip.

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You Desert The Best Mom Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

You desert the best

Moms who love puns will get a laugh out of this charming card. Whether she lives in the desert or by the sea, she deserves something as pretty as this.

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Amazing Mom Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Etsy.comvia merchant

You’re going to be an amazing mom

Moms waiting to give birth, adopt, or foster a child will love the hope and sweet wishes of this card for moms-to-be.

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Mothers Day Popup Card Ecomm Via Cutepopupvia merchant

Warmest hugs

If you can’t be there to hug your mom in person on Mother’s Day, this sweet pop-up card is the next best thing.

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Funny Yoga Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

For the yoga mom

Moms who love yoga are already familiar with bending over backwards, so it just feels natural when they do it for their children. This card is a nod to all of the ways your mom has helped you out over the years. Speaking of yoga, did you know that the practice is one way moms can gain confidence after having a baby?

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Daughter In Law Mothers Day Card Ecomm Via Etsyvia merchant

From your son daughter-in-law

Make sure your mother-in-law gets a card from your husband (and be sure she knows who picked it out) with this tongue-in-cheek card. You might just shoulder him out as her favorite.

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