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The 11 Funniest Things We Found Shopping Unclaimed Baggage

Ever wonder what happens to all the lost luggage that doesn't make it back home? It lands at this retail outlet, where someone's loss can be your thrifty gain.

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The land of lost bags

Every year, thousands of suitcases go missing after they’ve been checked at the airport. Most suitcases are eventually returned to their owners, but for the less than 1 percent that aren’t, their final destination in the United States is Unclaimed Baggage, the nation’s only retailer of lost luggage. UB’s team of experts sort, clean, price, and sell the best of the 7,000 items they receive a day from around the globe (at a discount!).

We rounded up some of the most unusual items on the UB site—all of which can be yours. (Just note that, while they were all up for grabs as of publication, they might be gone by the time you read this.)

And for the love of travel, please don’t do these things at the airport.

Primitive Wooden Spoon Via Unclaimedbaggage
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Primitive wooden spoon

You could get a brand new wooden spoon for a few dollars and be assured that no one has licked it before, but that would be, um, boring? Or you could get this “primitive” wooden spoon with “signs of wear” and an unknown history for $25.99. Unclaimed baggage calls this an “unusual find” and a “collectible.” We say, hmm…

Why we love it: This one makes us appreciate all of the clean utensils currently in our kitchen.

Wedding Rings Via Unclaimedbaggage 2
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Wedding rings

Is it the beginning of the relationship or the end when you pack your engagement ring and wedding band into your checked luggage and then never try to find them again? For the record, this is not the only set of wedding rings we discovered on Unclaimed Baggage—not exactly the start of an incredibly romantic getaway.

An important travel tip before we move on: Don’t ever, under any circumstances, put valuable items in checked luggage.

Why we love it: We won’t give up on love, or the love of rings!

Gray Romeo Graphic Boxer Briefs Via Unclaimedbaggage
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Graphic boxers

These graphic boxer briefs feature a 50s-era couple whose look has been, shall we say, updated? Good news if you’re interested in purchasing—these are “new with tags” (we don’t even want to consider buying someone’s used underwear, talk about a horror show!).

Why we love it: Offbeat undies for the win!

Ombre Wig
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Ombré wig

This ombré wig is two-toned, wavy, and definitely eye-catching. It’s also new, which is nice when you’re wearing something on your head. Snag it for less than 20 bucks and try it out on your next Zoom call.

Why we love it: Wigs are a great way to joosh up a remote business meeting and keep your team members on their toes.

Gucci Mickey And Minnie Shorts
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Gucci Mickey and Minnie shorts

Did you know that the House of Gucci made Disney merch? And that they charge thousands of dollars to stamp their name next to Mickey and Minnie designs that look like they came straight from the Disney store? These linen shorts evidently retail for $1,250, but unclaimed baggage will sell them to you for just $799.99.

Why we love it: Designer duds with theme park appeal in lightweight linen? What more could you want?

Spotted Lynx Fur Coat
via unclaimedbaggage.com

“Seductive” spotted lynx fur coat

Every item listing we’ve looked at on Unclaimed Baggage (and we’ve looked at A LOT, trust us) simply gives the basic facts about an item. And then there’s this fur coat.

In short, here’s the description of the “exotic” Lynx fur coat: “Dramatic, wild and seductive is a look you will most certainly achieve by wearing one. If you need a garment that can give you an edge and help you boost the exciting part of yourself, then a lynx fur coat is for you.” How can you leave this $1,999.99 beauty behind with a sales pitch like that?

Why we love it: It’s not just exotic lynx, it’s the promise of an instant personality boost.

Royal Oven Mitt
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Royal oven mitt

Do you have dreams of being a knight in shining armor? Or perhaps just having a knight swoop in and save your dinner from the oven? Then you need this Royal Armouries oven mitt, designed like a knight’s glove. Yep, that’s a thing.

Why we love it: Medieval castle vibes in the kitchen? Check.

Pickleball Necklace
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Pickleball jewelry

Pickleball fans, rejoice! Somewhere, someone else is even a bigger fan than you and was traveling with more than a dozen pieces of pickleball-themed jewelry. There are paddle charms, 3-D ball earrings, and even enamel pickleball court necklaces.

Why we love it: When you love a fairly under-the-radar sport, you don’t get many chances to show it off, until now.

Goats Tank Top For Dogs Via Unclaimedbaggage
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Goats tank top for dogs

Is your pooch the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time)? Or does Fido like goat yoga…or maybe just looking at funny pictures of goats? Perhaps you just want to see your pet in a tank top. (Who wouldn’t?) Then this red doggie “Goats” tank is for you!

Why we love it: Hipster tank tops coming to a dog near you.

Fantasy Down Jacket Via Unclaimedbaggage
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Fantasy down jacket

If you’re someone who likes to stand out in the crowd—like, really stand out—then do we have the jacket for you. The Marcelo Burlon “fantasy” down jacket looks like Dune crossed with a horror anime all wrapped up with a technicolor bow. Wear it on the slopes and you’ll quite literally never fade into the background.

Why we love it: The chance to stay warm while also standing out—a perfect combo.

Simpsons Duvet Set
via unclaimedbaggage.com

Simpsons duvet set

Good night Homer! Good morning Marge! With this illustrated sheet set, the whole Simpson gang will be the first thing you see in the morning, and the last you see at night. Ay caramba!

Why we love it: Aww, it’s kind of nice to snuggle with Homie.

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