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108 Best Halloween Costumes That Will Be Hard to Top

These top Halloween costume ideas for 2023 will make everyone shriek with delight

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four people in halloween costumes
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Halloween costumes for a spooktacular night

Want to make sure that your 2023 Halloween costume will go down in the books as the best one ever? We’ve got you covered. We did a little digging and found more than 100 of the best Halloween costumes the internet has to offer, from plus-size Halloween costumes and costumes for families to punny costumes and even some downright scary costumes.

Whether you have tons of time and resources to prepare for the big night or find yourself on a tight budget and invited to a last-minute Halloween party, you’re in luck. Some of these Halloween costumes can be thrown together in just minutes, while others might require a bit of time, effort and skill. Either way, there’s something for everyone. Now get ready to have the best Halloween ever!

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Weird Barbie Courtesy Warner Bros Pictures Square
Courtesy Warner Bros Pictures

Weird Barbie Halloween costume

The live-action Barbie movie brought the Mattel dolls to life and introduced a quirky character, Weird Barbie. A pink dress covered in abstract shapes and a blond chopped-up wig will have you ready to party! And since Barbie was the top costume on Google’s Frightgeist list the last time we checked, you’re sure to see plenty of other pink-wearing and blond-haired dolls trick-or-treating too.

Shop Weird Barbie Costume

Squishmallows Halloween costume
via merchant

Squishmallow Halloween costume

Looking for a cute costume for young kids or tweens this year? Try Cam the Cat, a white Squishmallow with an adorable smiley face and cuddly exterior. They can dress as Cam or one of the other popular stuffed animals, from Emily the Bat to Holly the Owl.

Shop Cam the Cat Costume

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Getty Images (2)

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Halloween costume

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the newest it couple. Don a Kansas City Chiefs shirt and an armload of friendship bracelets, and have your significant other (or bestie) wear the team’s football jersey.

Shop Kansas City Chiefs Shirt

Wednesday Halloween costume

Pay tribute to the hot Netflix series (and scare everyone to death) with this easy costume that only requires a collared dress. some Goth Mary Janes and winged eyeliner.

Shop Wednesday Eyeliner

barbie costume
via merchant

Barbie Halloween costume

Halloween in plastic, it’s fantastic! The cinema event of the year makes one of the best Halloween costumes too. Stereotypical Barbie’s pink cowgirl jumpsuit is just right for a Halloween meme.

Shop Barbie Jumpsuit

Carmen 'carmy' Berzatto Costume
Courtesy FX

Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto Halloween costume

Fans of this year’s hottest show, The Bear, you need this costume that will have everyone saying “Yes, chef!” on Halloween night. It’s another super-simple one to pull together: All you need are some Dickies, your fave Birkenstocks, a white T-shirt, a navy blue apron, some product in your hair to make it stand on end and a gold chain to really bring the Italian American vibes. Tattoos optional.

Shop Apron

Ariel mermaid
via disneyplus.com

Ariel Halloween costume

Make this beautiful mermaid costume part of your world this Halloween. All you need is a sparkly mermaid skirt, a purple shirt and a red wig to pull off Ariel.

Shop Mermaid Skirt

M3gan Halloween Costume
via merchant

M3GAN Halloween costume

The other big doll movie of the year is a whole lot scarier. Put on this excellent M3GAN costume and you’ll be everyone’s terrifying best friend on Halloween night.

Shop M3GAN Costume

Antler Queen
via paramountplus.com

Yellowjackets Halloween costume

If you’ve been bingeing Showtime’s terrifying series Yellowjackets, then the Antler Queen has probably already been haunting your dreams. Spook friends and family this Halloween with an Antler Queen costume: deer antlers, white dress and mesh veil.

Shop Antlers

Tanya Mcquoid
via max.com

Tanya McQuoid Halloween costume

Everyone was watching The White Lotus this year, and Jennifer Coolidge’s iconic character will make one of the best Halloween costumes. Huge sunglasses, a pink pashmina scarf and a heavily patterned pink dress are the perfect accompaniments for Tanya’s one-liners.

Shop Pink Pashmina

Shrek Halloween costume

Ogres are like onions, but this easy, DIY costume for couples will make you do anything but cry! You’ll need some green face paint, stuffing for an ogre’s belly and, of course, those Shrek ears to pull the look together.

Shop Shrek Ears

Hades Halloween costume

Some Halloween makeup and some temporary blue hair color are all you need to transform yourself into the God of the Underworld.

Shop Hair Dye

Beer balloon Halloween costume

There’s never been a better time to try your hand at some balloon art for a DIY Halloween costume. Just grab some white and gold balloons and have at it. If that sounds like a task that’ll leave you out of breath, invest in an electric balloon-inflating machine to get the job done quickly.

Shop Balloon Pump

Jack Skellington Halloween costume

All hail the Pumpkin King, one of the most popular Disney Halloween costumes! This Oct. 31, deck yourself in a Jack Skellington costume and grab a Sally to spend fright night with.

Shop Jack Skellington Costume

Vincent van Gogh Halloween costume

If you need a last-minute Halloween costume that’s easy and cheap, opt for this famous artist. Go solo as the artist (the bandage on the ear is a nice touch), or join a partner and dress as the artist and one of his most significant works.

Shop Starry Night Dress

Wayne’s World Halloween costume

Party on as Wayne and Garth from the iconic ’90s comedy. All the components are either relatively cheap or already in your closet: some worn jeans, tees, flannel shirts and of course the iconic Wayne’s World trucker cap. Talk about an epic best friend Halloween costume!

Shop Wayne's World Hat

Ted Lasso Halloween costume

Inspire all the neighborhood kids while dressed up as everyone’s favorite soccer (sorry, football) coach. You’ll just need khaki pants, the trademark blue sweater, a visor, a mustache and a big smile to pull off this costume idea for men.

Shop Visor

Willy Wonka Halloween costume

Who better to dress up as when you collect your Halloween candy than the candy man himself? Some khakis, a top hat and a purple coat will take you to a world of pure imagination.

Shop Purple Coat

Big Hero 6 Halloween costume

It may not be a seasonally appropriate Disney Halloween movie, but Big Hero 6 is still a great film, and Tadashi is still one of the coolest big brothers around. You don’t need much to complete the look: some brown pants, a tee, an optional cardigan and blazer and a baseball cap. Don’t forget Baymax!

Shop Baymax Plush

Bob Ross Halloween costume

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross and one of his happy little trees? A pair of jeans and a denim shirt—plus a curly-haired wig, of course—are all you need to pull off this beloved artist’s signature look.

Shop Bob Ross Wig

Gremlins Halloween costume

No candy after midnight once you transform yourself into this furry monster! The best thing about this Gizmo costume? It’s a comfy onesie that straddles the line between costume and PJs.

Shop Gizmo Costume

Evel Knievel Halloween costume

Channel your inner daredevil for this showy getup! Just be sure to don the helmet, in case any of those Halloween party games get out of hand.

Shop Helmet

Iron Man Halloween costume

Whether you rock a power suit or get creative with Iron Man’s iconic red armor, you’ll be ready to save the day as this Marvel superhero.

Shop Iron Man Costume

Eleven Halloween costume

El’s dress, jacket and tube socks are an easy look to recreate. Just dab a little bit of fake blood under your nose and you’re good to go!

Shop El's Dress

Steampunk Halloween costume

A little bit sci-fi, a little bit retro and totally cool: It’s the steampunk costume of your dreams, complete with funky goggles and other fun doodads. We love this look just as much as we love how easy these costumes are to put together.

Shop Goggles

Medusa Halloween costume

If you’re going as a Halloween monster, you might as well pick someone who’s both fearsome and enchanting. And while you won’t be able to turn anyone to stone as the mythological Gorgon Medusa, this effortlessly glam look, pulled together by a headpiece of snakes, is bound to put a spell on anyone who glances in your direction.

Shop Headpiece

Hotel Transylvania Halloween costume
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Hotel Transylvania Halloween costume

If you don’t want to go as Wednesday Addams (again), Mavis is a fun and spooky alternative. You’ll need red-and-black striped tights, a black T-shirt dress and some fangs to pull off a look worthy of one of your favorite vampires.

Shop Tights

Emily in Paris Halloween costume

If this dramedy has made you want to pack your bags and move to Paris, you’re not alone. Just be sure to pack a très chic wardrobe and oh-so-French beret. Haven’t watched yet? There’s still time to binge the first three seasons on Netflix before settling on your costume.

Shop Beret

Mystery Inc. Halloween costume

Is this year’s Halloween costume still a mystery? Not anymore! Scour your closet for everything you need to dress up as Daphne, Fred, Shaggy or Velma. If you don’t have a fifth to wear the Scooby costume, no worries. This is the time to put a dog Halloween costume to good use.

Shop Daphne Costume

Jordan from Little Halloween costume

If you were transformed into your younger self à la the film Little, which Halloween costume would your mini-me most enjoy? Pick one of those, or channel the film by dressing like Jordan from the movie. A pink blazer and pants are all you need to recreate this sassy tech mogul’s look.

Shop Pink Blazer

Ariana Grande Halloween costume

Just how easy is it to recreate Ariana Grande’s look? It’s just like magic. The minute you attach your faux ponytail, you’ll feel like a pop diva. For some Halloween fun, hand out these Halloween bingo cards to friends and play along all night.

Shop Ponytail Extension

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - December 6, 2017
Alessio Botticelli/Getty Images

Joe from You Halloween costume

The scariest people could be hiding in plain sight. We recommend channeling Joe’s professor vibes with a blazer, an old book and of course his best disguise, a plain baseball cap.

Shop Baseball Cap

Powerpuff Girls Halloween costume

You don’t need superpowers to recreate this fun group costume! Just get a dress in the right color, and you’re halfway there.

Shop Dress

Diy Emojis Halloween Costume
Courtesy Primary

Emojis Halloween costume

Creating handmade Halloween costumes for kids is a fun, cost-saving way to give little ones a memorable Halloween. This one, from DIY shop Primary, uses felt and fabric tape to transform your kids into their favorite emojis.

Shop Fabric Tape

Spice Girls Halloween costume

Whether you’re more of a Scary Spice or a Baby Spice, this group costume will make you “wannabe” back in the ’90s.

Shop Baby Spice Wig

Gorillla Halloween Costume
via merchant

Gorilla Halloween costume

Go bananas this Halloween by dressing up as a gorilla. The best part of this costume? You can choose from three colors: black, green or pink. (Pro tip: Take off the mask before you attempt to bob for apples.)

Shop Gorilla Costume

Britney Spears Halloween Costume
via merchant

Britney Spears Halloween costume

Channel your inner diva by dressing up as the princess of pop herself: Britney Spears. She’s had many iconic looks over the years, but this one—from her “Oops! I Did It Again” music video—is timeless.

Shop Britney Jumpsuit

Teen Wolf Halloween costume

If this year’s revival film didn’t already have you howling at the moon in delight, this costume sure will! It’s a throwback to the original Teen Wolf movie of the ’80s—you know, the one that inspired the TV series that inspired the 2023 remake. Here are even more costume ideas your teen will love.

Shop Teen Wolf Costume

Plague doctor Halloween costume

Considering the past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Halloween costumes don’t get more appropriate than a plague doctor. Best of all, the beaked mask will help you avoid germs at a crowded party.

Shop Plague Doctor Mask

Jon Snow Halloween costume

Halloween is coming, so be prepared to take to the streets as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Let your hair grow out (or wear a wig), don a vest and cloak, then find yourself a direwolf (stuffed will do) to prove you’re the real deal.

Shop Jon Snow Costume

1950s Mickey and Minnie Halloween costume

Disney enthusiasts will revel in this 1950s Mickey and Minnie costume. Grab a two-pack of ears, then get crafty with the rest of the costume.

Shop Mouse Ears

woman wearing witch halloween costume against purple background
Deagreez/Getty Images

Easy witch Halloween costume

You could go as a witch from the movies, or you can do the easier thing: Throw on your favorite LBD and a black hat for a classic (and last-minute) costume. Plus, it’s cheap!

Fun fact: Witches are the most popular Halloween costume of 2023.

Shop Witch Hat

Ice Ice Baby Halloween costume

Have a new baby in the house? Stop, collaborate and put together this hilarious family costume made with ice bags and a few strategic signs, including a costume for baby.

Shop Ice Bags

Thing 1 and thing 2 pregnancy halloween costume
Courtesy Jenn Sinrich

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween costume

Parents-to-be will want to show off their bump in their Halloween getup, and pregnancy Halloween costumes are a great way to do that. This one’s a classic with a fun twist: The bun in the oven is Thing 2! You can DIY this costume by printing out the iconic “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” logos and attaching them to a maternity dress. If another family member wants in on the costume, have the Cat in the Hat join the gang.

Shop Maternity Dress

Doctor Strange Halloween costume

Rule this Halloween as your neighborhood’s Sorcerer Supreme. You’ll need a cloak, of course, but what’ll really sell the look is the Eye of Agamotto you’ll wear around your neck.

Shop Eye of Agamotto

Loki for President Halloween costume

Forget the current state of affairs. We’ll take Loki for President. Grab a few buttons to hand out to your pals (even the trickster god has to campaign!). In true Loki fashion, arrive at the party prepared with some Halloween jokes and quips.

Shop Buttons

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Halloween costume

Party on, dudes, in this simple throwback costume. It’s easy to put together, whether you’re Bill in his backward cap or Ted in his unbuttoned vest.

Shop Ted's Vest

Howie Ratner Halloween costume

You may not score any diamonds in your Halloween bucket, but you’ll still have a ball dressed up as charismatic city jeweler Howie Ratner from the movie Uncut Gems. You’ll need a yellow shirt, oversized leather jacket and some gold jewelry to pull it off.

Shop Yellow Shirt

Bob’s Burgers Halloween costume

If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers, this one’s for you! Your closet probably contains most of the clothes needed for the costume, so you’ll just need to pick up a white apron.

Shop White Apron

Ransom Drysdale from Knives Out Halloween costume

This costume is so simple—pull on a cream-colored cable-knit sweater and top it with a maroon jacket—that you’ll have no clue why you didn’t think of it in the first place.

Shop Sweater

Arthur Halloween costume

You’ll win Halloween dressed as this lovable aardvark from the long-running animated PBS series. And it couldn’t be easier to pull this costume together: Pair your favorite jeans with red sneakers and a bright yellow sweater.

Shop Red Sneakers

Mario Kart Halloween costume

After this year’s film, we’re all Mario Kart krazy! Sure, you can go solo as a Mario Kart character, but this idea really shines as a group Halloween costume. So grab a colorful tee, then DIY a car with your character’s name or symbol.

Shop Colored T-Shirt

Guy Fieri Halloween costume

Ride the bus to Halloweentown as famed restaurateur Guy Fieri. Go all out with a trademark short-sleeve button-down, wraparound sunglasses and bleached hair (permanent or temporary).

Shop Sunglasses

Green army men Halloween costume

Some army-green clothes and a little face paint will have you ready to report for duty in no time.

Shop Green Coveralls

Richie Tenenbaum Halloween costume

A suit and a sweatband are all you need to pull off this eccentric brother from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums.

Shop Sweatband

Men in Black Halloween costume

Dust off the black suit you wore to your friend’s wedding, and slide on some sunglasses for one of the easiest and most recognizable Halloween costumes.

Shop Sunglasses

Seinfeld Halloween costume

These DIY Halloween costumes are bound to hold up as well as the beloved ’90s sitcom that inspired them. You can look for a replica of Jerry’s infamous puffy shirt, or pair a floral dress and blazer to go as Elaine. Don’t be surprised if everyone asks you to act in character, doing Kramer’s iconic entrance, or Elaine’s hilarious dance moves, yada, yada, yada.

Shop Puffy Shirt

Raising Arizona Halloween costume

Big hair and a Hawaiian shirt are all you need to create this easy H.I. McDunnough costume based on the ’80s movie Raising Arizona. If you really want to show your appreciation for the year’s creepiest holiday, pick a shirt with traditional Halloween colors: black and orange.

Shop Hawaiian Shirt

Talladega Nights Halloween costume

Race to grab your best bros for this fun and easy costume. You can go as Ricky Bobby (complete with his Wonder Bread–sponsored hat), while your pals dress up as Cal Naughton Jr. and Jean Girard.

Shop Ricky Bobby's Hat

Care Bears Halloween costume

Calling all ’80s babies! You’ll love these nostalgic costumes, which are both adorable and super comfortable. If you’re wearing this one to impress the little ones, arm yourself with these Halloween jokes for kids.

Shop Care Bears Costume

Clue Halloween costume

It was Colonel Mustard in the library with the full-size Snickers bar! You can’t go wrong with these classic board game characters.

Shop Colonel Mustard Costume

Marvel women Halloween costume

Join forces with all your besties, wearing epic costumes for women—from Captain Marvel to Black Widow and more.

Shop Captain Marvel Costume

Schitt’s Creek Halloween costume

Grab some friends or family and transform into everyone’s favorite riches-to-rags story. Choose your favorite character, and put your spin on the look—like opting for a casual-cool sweatshirt to stand in for David’s high-fashion shirt.

Shop David Sweatshirt

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Halloween costume

Witches and Halloween go hand in hand, and next to the trio from Hocus Pocus, this Sabrina Spellman costume is a frightfully good choice.

Shop Sabrina Dress

Minions Halloween costume

Channel your inner Bob, Kevin or Stuart with these adorable costumes. They’re easy to DIY with a yellow T-shirt, blue jeans and Minion goggles.

Shop Yellow T-Shirt

Stranger Things Halloween costume

Would Halloween even be Halloween without a crew dressed up as the characters from Stranger Things? Nope! So gather your besties, pick a season of the hit show and go as your favorite character, whether that’s Eleven, Robin, Dustin, Steve or one of the other kids. Then come home and binge scary Halloween movies on Netflix.

Shop Robin Costume

Ladies of Bridgerton Halloween costume

Put on an empire-waist dress and channel your favorite Bridgerton gal. Lady Whistledown will surely have much to say about these glam Halloween costumes!

Shop Regency Dress

Ladies of Encanto Halloween costume

Bruno who? Everyone will want to talk about these wholesome Isabela, Delores and Mirabel costumes. You can buy premade costumes or put one together yourself from a ruffled Colombian-inspired skirt and colorful top.

Shop Ruffled Skirt

Everything Everywhere All at Once Halloween costume

Use what you already have in your closet, like a red vest and yellow turtleneck, to create Halloween costumes inspired by the hit flick.

Shop Red Vest

Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume

No Halloween would be complete without the Sanderson sisters! Draw inspiration from one of the all-time best Halloween movies for kids by dressing up as Winifred, Sarah or Mary.

Shop Winifred Costume

Turning Red Halloween costume

Grab your besties to create these adorably quirky costumes. Call dibs on Mei Lee and you get to wear the cute panda ears and tail.

Shop Ears and Tail

Scream Halloween costume

We love these easy costumes from everyone’s favorite scary movie from the ’90s!

Shop Scream Costume

Trolls Halloween costume

It’s all sunshine and rainbows with Poppy and her crew. There are plenty of characters in the Trolls movie, so this idea easily works as a group costume.

Shop Poppy Costume

M&M’s Halloween costume

Whether you’re hitting the party solo or bringing a group, you can’t go wrong dressing up as these sweet treats. All you need to make it happen is a fun tutu and an M&M’s tee.

Shop Tutu

Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume

Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the white rabbit—these costumes are easy to put together and will keep you comfortable during your trip down the rabbit hole.

Shop Queen of Hearts Costume

Heathers Halloween costume

You and your clique will rule the school (or the neighborhood block party) as these angsty ’80s teens. A plaid skirt, white button-down and oversize blazer will make you and your crew instantly recognizable.

Shop Plaid Skirt

Recess Halloween costume

Because who doesn’t love a good throwback costume? Depending on which character from the TV show you portray, you’ll want to snap up a yellow beanie, green pinny, red baseball cap or glasses.

Shop Yellow Beanie

Flintstones Halloween costume

Throw it back to the Stone Age with these classic characters. They’re perennial favorites, so you should be able to find ready-made Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty costumes.

Shop Fred Flintstone Costume

Winx Club Halloween costume

These flirty fairy costumes, constructed out of short, girlie dresses and gossamer fairy wings, will make everyone want to follow you to a magical dimension.

Shop Fairy Wings

Breakfast Club Halloween costume

Take a look in your closet to see whether you should be the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess or the criminal. Luckily, they’re all fun personalities to put on for the night.

Shop Jean Jacket

Cheetah Girls Halloween costume

Nostalgia for the early 2000s is real, which is why your girl gang will go wild for these Halloween costumes. Strut your stuff in tracksuits that are both comfy and cool.

Shop Tracksuit

’80s workout girl Halloween costume

Let’s get physical! Grab a leotard, some leg warmers and a couple of sweatbands to complete this easy costume.

Shop Leg Warmers

Womens A League Of Their Own Dottie Costume Main Upd
via merchant

A League of Their Own Halloween costume

With the television reboot of this classic ’90s movie currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, now is the perfect time to channel your inner Dottie and show the guys what it really means to throw like a girl.

Shop Dottie Costume

Cassette tape Halloween costume

Calling all children of the ’80s and ’90s! This cassette tape costume is our jam! You can craft the cassette tape out of a cardboard box (the headphones are a bonus) and go solo, or turn it into a couple’s costume by having your significant other dress up as a pencil. And if you don’t know where the pencil comes in, you were clearly born after the ’90s!

Shop Headphones

Operation Halloween costume

Family game night takes on a whole new meaning with this playful costume. Start with scrubs, then glue on felt cutouts to represent the game pieces. Depending on how you design the costume, it could make for some creepy photos!

Shop Scrubs

Mermaid Halloween costume

If you have some extra time on your hands and want to create something that’s as gorgeous as it is fun, put your artistic skills to the test with this showstopping mermaid costume. Believe it or not, it all starts with coffee filters and paint.

Shop Coffee Filters

Scarecrow Halloween costume

As far as traditional Halloween costumes go, the scarecrow is a go-to for a reason: It’s as much a nod to the season as carved pumpkins, and it’s also a regular addition to Wizard of Oz group costumes. Either way, it’s easy to put together, provided you have some overalls and yarn that can double as straw.

Shop Overalls

Deviled egg Halloween costume

A white T-shirt, red cardigan, devil horns and some felt are all you need to create this funny costume.

Shop Devil Horns

Raining men Halloween costume

Hallelujah, it’s raining men! It takes just minutes (plus an umbrella and cutouts of your faves) to make this star-studded costume that’s sure to be a hit. Speaking of music, check out these Halloween songs that’ll liven up any get-together.

Shop Bubble Umbrella

Gift bag and birthday boy Halloween costume

As if he didn’t already know that you’re the best gift he’s ever received! Now everyone else will too, thanks to this DIY costume. If you can fit it around you, you can use an extra-large gift bag for your costume. Or you can cut open a couple gift bags and glue them into a single, larger bag that you can step into.

Shop Gift Bag

Cops and robbers family costume

If you have a large family, this is an easy, fun and affordable option. All the robbers need are some striped shirts, black masks and guilty expressions.

Shop Striped Shirt

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume

This is the perfect vintage Halloween costume to remind everyone that strong women raise strong girls. Just tie on the red bandanna, roll up the sleeves of your denim shirt and show those trick-or-treaters what you’re made of.

Shop Red Bandanna

Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty and a bald eagle Halloween costume

Sure, it’s Halloween and not the Fourth of July, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take this opportunity to show off your patriotic side by dressing as the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam. Toss in a bald eagle if you’re toting around a little one.

Shop Statue of Liberty Costume

Two scary ghost halloween costumes in the woods
MAStockimages/Getty Images

Scary ghost Halloween costume

Feeling less than creative? Just cut two holes in a sheet, throw it over your head and—boo!—you’ve got one of the most classic Halloween costumes.

Shop White Sheet

When life gives you lemons Halloween costume

Need something last minute? This costume couldn’t be any simpler! You can carry around a basket of lemons, but trick-or-treating kids might appreciate a basketful of Lemon Drops candies more.

Shop Basket

senior couple dressed as tourists while taking a selfie
SolStock/Getty Images

Tacky tourist Halloween costume

All you need is a Hawaiian shirt, lei and fanny pack for this simple and colorful costume. Don’t forget to take a ton of pictures! You’ll want to bookmark this list of the best Halloween Instagram captions for your fabulous Halloween posts.

Shop Hawaiian Shirt

Betty and Jughead Halloween costume

Whether you’re into the hit drama Riverdale or the original Archie Comics, dressing up as Betty and Jughead is a no-brainer!

Shop Jughead Hat

Halloween couple on party
svetikd/Getty Images

Cat burglar Halloween costume

Create the purr-fect couple’s costume in just minutes using what you already have in your closet, plus some key cat accessories. Cut out and attach a felt dollar sign to an old pillowcase to complete the look. If you’re hosting a spooktacular gathering, let your feline friend join in the fun by decking them out in a cat costume.

Shop Cat Accessories

Elle Woods Halloween costume

There’s no wrong way to dress as this brainy blonde, so long as you’re in pink from your sunglasses to your toes!

Shop Pink Sunglasses

Pac-Man Halloween costume

There’s no sewing required for this arcade-themed costume. You just need some colorful felt, scissors and fabric glue.

Shop Fabric Glue

Cat emoji Halloween costume

Use a few crafts and what you already have in your closet (like a yellow shirt and heart-shaped sunglasses) to dress up as your favorite emoji. Meow!

Shop Sunglasses

Michael Myers Halloween costume

You can’t go wrong with this classic horror character. It’s quick to put together with nothing but coveralls, a mask and a plastic knife. Looking for more chills and thrills? Spend your Halloween at one of the most haunted places in America.

Shop Michael Myers Mask

Coraline Halloween costume

Channel the Other Mother in this costume inspired by the movie Coraline. A blue-and-white polka dot apron will do the trick, or you could go all out with a glam dress befitting the character.

Shop Polka Dot Dress

Spooky jack-o’-lantern Halloween costume

An orange dress, some felt and a little fabric glue will create the perfect grown-up take on a classic costume! When you’re all dressed and ready, have fun determining your favorite Halloween candy based on your zodiac sign.

Shop Orange Dress

Miss Universe Halloween costume

Going solo this year? You can still be the center of the universe in this quick and easy costume! Start with a black dress and get crafty from there.

Shop Black Dress

The Muses Halloween costume

Forget Hercules. It’s the Muses who really shine this Halloween. This group costume is quick and easy, and it’ll make you and all your friends stand out in the best way possible.

Shop White Dress

Sandy and Danny from Grease Halloween costume

Show off the one that you want with this easy couple costume. It’s leather (or faux leather) pants for Sandy and all black for both, making these outfits super simple to pull together.

Shop Faux Leather Leggings

Soap and loofah Halloween costume

Keep things clean this Halloween with this clever couple’s costume that requires absolutely no DIY effort on your part. We’d call that a win-win.

Shop Soap and Loofah Costume

Aloha Elvis Adult Costume Ecomm Via Amazon.com
via merchant

Elvis Halloween costume

Talk about a rockin’ Halloween costume! Go as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll for an unforgettable holiday—but don’t be surprised if you get requests for “Jailhouse Rock.”

Shop Elvis Costume

Stranger Things Adult Deluxe Eddie S4 Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
via merchant

Eddie Munson Halloween costume

Stranger Things enthusiasts can dress up as beloved Season 4 character Eddie Munson for a seriously sweet Halloween getup. Bonus points if you nab a guitar and shred to Metallica.

Shop Eddie Munson Costume

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