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17 Red, White, and Blue Memorial Day Decorations

Kick off a star-spangled summer with these festive, inexpensive patriotic decorations.

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You don’t need to know the full history of Memorial Day to know that this national holiday honors members of the military who dedicated themselves to serving our country. It’s also the first long weekend of the summer, and that means warm-weather celebrations of all kinds—barbecues get fired up, beach parking lots fill up, and fireworks may be set off. If you’re feeling festive—even if you’re still playing it safe during the pandemic, these Memorial Day decorations will go a long way toward making the day feel patriotic.

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Patriotic Star Streamers Bannervia

Patriotic Star Streamers Banner


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Cute, simple, and fun, these patriotic decorations drape right over a doorway for a more festive walk in and out of the house, or just wherever you have a clear wall. One package contains eight garlands that span a little over six feet. Money-saving bonus: You can reuse this same piece for your Fourth of July decorations.

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Hanging Garlandsvia

Hanging Garlands


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These garlands can also festoon a doorway or hang over a table. The circles make the design more subtle than the stars on the garland above, so it’s great if you want to just dip a toe in festive décor. The garlands are about six and a half feet long and come with only four pieces, so consider adding two to your cart.

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American Barn Starvia

American Barn Star


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A classic patriotic decoration that you can hang all year round for that all-American look. Each star in the set of three is 12×12 inches, making them a lot bigger than they look. If you’d prefer just one star, they are sold individually in additional colors, but buying a set will certainly give you more bang for your buck.

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Red, White, & Blue Lightsvia

Red, White, and Blue Lights


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String lights have a way of creating instant ambiance. These red, white, and blue LED lights are bright, durable, and use 70 percent less electricity than normal light bulbs. And they have a lifespan of 15,000 hours. That means you can leave them hanging all summer long for glowing evenings with family over the fire pit.

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Red White Blue Felt Ball Garlandsvia

Red White Blue Felt Ball Garlands


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These patriotic puff balls make perfect backyard party decorations. They add a festival atmosphere to your space but remain elegant and subdued in the background. Drape the garlands over a fireplace or mirror, or just string them along a fence in your backyard. One string of 30 balls is around 6 feet in length and can be used many times over due to its durable felt material.

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2-Pack Inflatable Serving Bar and Buffet Coolervia

2-Pack Inflatable Serving Bar and Buffet Cooler


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Whether you’re hosting guests or just chilling with the family, keep your drinks cool in this ice-filled blow-up pool. It’s waterproof, portable, and lightweight, making it a much easier option than a heavy cooler. You can even bring it to a park for a picnic or barbecue because it’s so easy to transport.

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Patriotic Plastic Silverwarevia

Patriotic Plastic Silverware


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Serve up your famous Memorial Day hamburgers and hot dogs with these patriotic forks and knives. Consider trying your hand at one of these delicious recipes for the grill.

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Patriotic Beverage Napkinsvia

Patriotic Beverage Napkins


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Pair your patriotic flatware with some of these star spangled paper napkins. Wipe away the rings left by the cold drinks on your table and blot the barbecue sauce from your face in style.

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Static Clings Reusable Glass Stickersvia

Static Clings Reusable Glass Stickers


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Forget which glass belongs to you? Stick these festive little gels on your glasses and there won’t be any mistaking which beverage is yours.

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Patriotic Party Hanging Paper Fansvia

Patriotic Party Hanging Paper Fans


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These hanging paper fans are a classic summer staple and a great addition to your Memorial Day decorations. Just unfold each fan, attach the adhesive tape the comes with it, and hang it using the pre-attached string. Hang from a doorway, a hook outside, or even on a tree. It’s a big décor bang for not much buck.

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Artificial Full Blooming Flowersvia

Artificial Full Blooming Flowers


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Flowers dress up any table, and these add a patriotic touch. And because they’re not real, they won’t make a mess of your table, you won’t have to water them, and you can reuse them for Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day and any time you’re feeling the red, white, and blue. Add to the patriotic decorations with some Memorial Day poppies.

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TIKI Brand 6-Inch Molded Glass Table Torchvia

TIKI Brand 6-Inch Molded Glass Table Torch


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Made to look like candles, these stunning little torch lights make great centerpieces for outdoor tables on Memorial Day. Whether you group them together or let each one stand on its own, you’ll add elegant illumination to yard for a peaceful evening of delicious food and backyard games.

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Party Paper Lanternsvia

Party Paper Lanterns


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Paper lanterns always deliver a “wow” moment. These red, white, and blue babies come in various styles and colors so you can mix and match for every occasion. Made with a light tissue paper, the lanterns can be easily folded and stored for your next party.

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Decoration Glitter Sprinklesvia

Edible Decoration Glitter Sprinkles


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Planning to bake for Memorial Day? Or just picking up some Ben & Jerry’s? Either way, up the fun factor with these patriotic sprinkles. Even the adults will get excited over these edible spangled stars, mini stripes, and circles. They’ll also look pretty stellar on Instagram paired with one of these Memorial Day quotes.

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Red Blue White Twinkle Stars Table Confettivia

Red Blue White Twinkle Stars Table Confetti


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Decorating doesn’t get much easier than tossing confetti on a table. Perfect for surfaces where you may be serving drinks or food, just to give the area a little pop of color.

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Patriotic Decoration Balloonsvia

Patriotic Decoration Balloons


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Get your lungs ready! These red, white, and blue balloons come in a set of 100, so for less than $10, you’ll have decorations for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day and more.

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25 Pack Hand Held Small Mini Flagsvia

25 Pack Hand-Held Small Mini Flags


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What’s a Memorial Day celebration without American flags? These mini flags, which run 8.2 x 5.5 inches and come in packs of 25, are great for decorating the lawn, grouping in cups as a table centerpiece, or even handing out to guests as party favors. They’re a simple way to decorate and a meaningful way to honor the troops who served our country. Now that you have all the patriotic decorations you need for your celebration, learn these Memorial Day facts that you can share with the whole family.

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