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12 Clues You Probably Missed That Meghan Markle Was Pregnant

Meghan is pregnant again! Though she's had far fewer public appearances this time, we still spotted some signs. Here are some little clues that she was pregnant—both times.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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New baby on the way!

On February 14, 2021, Meghan Markle announced that she and her husband, Prince Harry, were expecting a second baby—a little sibling for Archie (though technically, it won’t be a “royal” baby this time)! For both of her pregnancies, Meghan has been a pro at dropping little hints that there was a little one on the way. Here are some of the clues we spotted—everything from her hair to her home.

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Prince Harry and Meghan
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Meghan’s coat

In late December of 2020, Meghan was spotted in Beverly Hills with a “Chateau” parka from J. Crew—snazzy, functional winter wear for sure, but on closer inspection (and after her announcement!) it became clear that the coat was concealing her baby bump. Here are 21 photos of Meghan’s stunning transformation as a royal.

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Meghan Markle in a crowd with snow falling
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The family’s Christmas card

For Christmas 2020, Meghan and Harry sent out a beautiful Christmas card with a unique twist: The image on the card was an artist’s rendering of the family: a painting of Harry, Meghan, Archie, and their two dogs. There’s been some speculation that they opted for this depiction on the card so that Meghan wouldn’t have to worry about her bump showing in an actual photo. Do you know how Princess Diana broke protocol during her first royal Christmas?

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Meghan’s postponed privacy lawsuit

On a heavier note, Meghan has been dealing with a lawsuit against Associated Newspapers, who published some of a letter she wrote to her father. She was originally scheduled to appear in court on January 11, 2021, but at Meghan’s request, her court appearance was postponed, on “confidential grounds.” It won’t be until October 2021 now, making it seem highly likely both that she didn’t want to risk her bump being glimpsed during a public appearance, and that she’d rather wait to appear until after her child is born. Here are 17 things you never knew about Meghan Markle.

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Meghan Markle haircut

Meghan’s haircut

In late 2018, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made an appearance at the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University. Instead of sporting her usual curly hairstyle or bun, Meghan had a pin-straight layered do—a style she hadn’t worn since before her wedding to Prince Harry, Cosmopolitan reported. This is one clue that Meghan was expecting for the first time. According to a political reporter for the London Evening Standard, the pattern is that the Duchess of Cambridge changes her hairstyle right before announcing a pregnancy, so people concentrate on her head. It looks like Markle followed a similar pattern as her sister-in-law, too.

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Duke and Duchess of Sussex wedding
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Renovations at Adelaide Cottage

Adelaide Cottage, the home gifted to Meghan and Prince Harry by Queen Elizabeth II, was reportedly under renovation in late August 2018, according to Mirror. The cottage, located in the 655-acre Home Park at Windsor, was planned to be the full-time home of the couple, per OK!Magazine. The renovation plans included two nurseries with “plenty of space” for Meghan’s mom to stay and help with Archie, OK! Magazine also reported.

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Meghan Duchess of Sussex with friends and family
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Meghan spent quality time with family and friends across the pond

In August 2018, Meghan went on a solo trip home to Toronto visiting her best friend, Jessica Mulroney, and apparently her mother, Doria Ragland, too, Marie Claire reports. Timing-wise, this impromptu in-person visit pointed to Meghan’s pregnancy news—and her probable desire to fill in her friends and family in person. These are 15 of the most bizarre perks of the royal family.

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Meghan Markle outfit at Princess Eugenie's wedding

Meghan’s outfit for Princess Eugenie’s wedding

Meghan’s style is always refreshing and highly discussed. In this case, it was also telling of her first pregnancy. She wore a roomy, navy blue outfit to Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October 2018. Body language expert Judi James told the Mirror that Meghan typically prefers sleek styling instead. So the open lower buttons on the navy coat she sported at Princess Eugenie’s wedding were a big pregnancy clue. Get a look at some times Meghan’s wardrobe channeled Princess Diana.

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Meghan Duchess of Sussex ruffle dress
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Meghan’s ruffle dress

Another fashion statement Meghan made in September 2018 also hinted at her first pregnancy. Again, Meghan usually wears clothes with more structure, so the blue Jason Wu ruffle dress she wore to the 100 Days of Peace gala was definitely out of place—and likely hiding a tiny baby bump.

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Meghan Duchess of Sussex with clutch in front of stomach
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Meghan’s clutch

Meghan and Prince Harry attended their friend Charlie van Straubenzee’s wedding in August 2018. The Duchess wore a loose, pleated skirt with a clutch handbag that she conveniently held over her stomach. Don’t miss these 21, candid, rarely seen photos of the royal family.

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Prince Harry's Audi for sale
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Prince Harry sold his sports car

Prince Harry put his old Audi for sale on Auto Trader in August 2018, the BBC reported. Speculation ensued that the Prince was looking for a bigger, family car. Here are 18 etiquette rules everyone in the royal family must follow.

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Prince Harry Meghan Duchess of Sussex at Princess Eugenie's Wedding

Prince Harry’s body language

James also noticed Prince Harry’s body language at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. He placed his hand on Meghan’s back, a public display of affection that soon-to-be fathers do as they go into caring and protection mode, James says. Plus, there is a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan chatting with Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding. In the image, Prince Harry has his hand over his stomach—possibly mirroring Meghan’s pregnancy. This might have reportedly been the moment the couple revealed their pregnancy since the couple apparently told close family at the wedding reception, per the Daily Mail. Check out these photos of Harry and Meghan analyzed by a body language expert.

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Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive in Sydney, Australia

Meghan’s purple folders

Meghan and Prince Harry arrived in Sydney, Australia for their royal tour on the same day as the first official pregnancy announcement. The Duchess suspiciously carried her own purple folders right in front of her stomach. They were either a convenient prop, or Meghan really likes organization. Next, check out the 14 royal pregnancy rules Meghan Markle won’t have to follow for her second, non-royal pregnancy. You can also read what Meghan Markle’s thoughts on motherhood are.


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