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10 Simple, Fun Ways to Make New Couple Friends

What's even harder than finding your perfect other half? Finding another couple of like-minded, fun people to hang out with. We spoke to experts to get the scoop on how to easily make new couple friends.

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Be more giving

No, you don’t need to give anything to another couple, per se, but hopping on board a charity organization’s team is one surefire way to meet new people with good intentions. “Charities are a great way to meet people who are already of a giving nature and like to extend themselves,” explains Susan Trombetti, a professional matchmaker. “Joining the charity circuit will help expose you to other social butterflies while adding a dose of good karma to your life and maybe even your relationship.” Check out these fun food charities for inspiration while you’re at it.

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Sign up for a class

“Take a boating class, a dance class, cooking class, or whatever class floats your boat together,” explains Susan. “This is a great way to meet new people. Learning new things is fun and stimulating as a couple, and when you can make new friends, all the better.” Plus, you’ll make new memories with new friends. Here’s how to find a new hobby that you’ll love.

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Be mindful of phone etiquette

Making new friends may come easily to you, but keeping new couple friends could prove to be more of a challenge if you’re not careful about your phone and text message etiquette warns Susan. “Always text both or email both people when trying to get together, unless one is the designated social director. You never want to be seen as having inappropriate contact with a spouse of the opposite sex and create suspicion or jealousy.”

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Take a vacation to a popular resort

Sure, some vacations are better when you can’t hear anything but the sound of waves crashing, but heading to a popular vacation destination or resort is one easy way to make new couple friends without trying too hard. “Vacations are great for meeting other couples,” says Susan. “Sometimes it’s hard to travel with your other couple friends, because, let’s face it, your traveling styles can be very different. But if you meet a couple camping and fishing while you’re doing the same, you know you have something in common.”


Don’t divide the friendship along the wrong party lines

“Always meet as a couple,” suggests Susan. “Or if you’re not together that day, opt for girls lunch or guys football night type thing. No hanging out with the opposite sex in the couple. This is just bad news.” It’s best to not leave room for jealousy of any sort.


Host a dinner party

Melissa R. Giuttari, a New York-based psychologist who specializes in couples therapy, suggests hosting a dinner party as the ultimate way to let new friendships grow. “Plan an interesting dinner party where you and your partner invite one of your coupled friends,” she advises. “Ask them if they can invite a couple or two that you may know or slightly know, or not at all know that they know who might enjoy the company and dinner. Relying upon and trusting your established friends’ suggestions of good company can help widen your social circle of couples friends.”


Follow your spirituality

“Whether this means going to a house of worship, a meditation class, or a group nature walk, joining a group that cultivates your greater spiritual values is a great way to find couple friends who share basic fundamental and core beliefs,” Giuttari says. If nothing else, you and your special loved one may just enjoy the time being unplugged and reconnected to each other.


Join a sports league together

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the most athletic person in the world—even something as simple as a yoga or kayaking club can help foster new relationships and loads of social media-worthy uploads. “Couples who work out together report feeling more satisfied and happy in their relationships,” says Giuttari. “Joining a fun sports league like a running club or soccer league will not only cement this benefit for you and your sweetie, but also present the opportunity to meet other couples who enjoy being active together. It’s killing two birds with one stone.”

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Form a group of your own

It you build it, they will come. No, but really, says Giuttari. “If you can’t find a group that exists that you and your partner would join, then take the initiative to create one of your own that is based upon your own interests. Think about a book club, chess club, or scotch or wine tasting club—the world is your oyster to find a pair of pearls!”


Be mindful of your partner’s social desires and limits

“Be considerate of each other’s expectations for the level of increased sociability each one of you hopes for,” explains Giuttari. “One partner may not desire to be as social as the other, or one may be more introverted than extroverted, so it’s important to respect each other and find a harmonious compromise to commit to.” Find out more secrets of happy couples.

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