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Macaron Buns: The French Girl Hair Trend Everyone’s Talking About

This low-key version of the space bun is the top-trending hairstyle in France and here's exactly how to get the look.

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hairCourtesy Nunzio Saviano

The history of the macaron bun

With the latest iteration of the Stars Wars franchise, Rouge One, debuting in 2016 Princess Leia space buns were all the rage for months. Celebrities and trendsetters were even rocking them at Coachella in April as the “it” hairdo. But, leave it to the French girls to change the tress trend. Introducing the macaron bun, named after the fabulous French cookie. “The macaron bun is a new, trendy and fun look,” says Nunzio Saviano, a New York City-based hair stylist. “It’s also easy to create at home and is a great on-the-go hairstyle.” This casual take on space buns can be seen all over the streets of Paris and sure to be all the rage in the U.S. soon. To achieve the look, basically you don’t rock your buns too high on your head and rather wear them as close to your neck as possible. But, just to make sure you feel comfortable mastering this style Saviano explains step-by-step how to do it.

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hairCourtesy Nunzio Saviano

Start with texturizing spray

“You don’t want the hair to be clean because it’s harder to handle,” says Saviano. “It’s easier if it’s drier and tacky to mold it, and you can only get that with texturing spray.” Sprtiz Kerastase’s VIP Volume in Powder on the top and bottom portions of your hair for about five seconds each and let it sit for a minute. Don’t use a brush after applying the spray.

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hairCourtesy Nunzio Saviano

Part your hair

“You are going to want to create two low ponytails,” says Saviano. “So, first, part your hair down the middle.” He suggests using a comb if you want a more sleek look and your fingers if you’re going for a messier style.

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hairCourtesy Nunzio Saviano

Create two low ponytails

Once your hair is parted, you’ll want to make two low ponytails at the base of your neck securing them with snag-free elastics. “Make sure don’t center the ponytail,” says Saviano. “If you put it center you won’t be able to see the buns. So, to make sure they’re in the right position look to see if the ponytails fall in the front of your shoulder.”

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hairCourtesy Nunzio Saviano

Split the ponytail into two sections

“Starting with one side split the ponytail in two even sections,” says Saviano. “You will go through the next few steps on one side, then repeat on the other.”

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hairCourtesy Nunzio Saviano

Twist the two sections

Now, twist each section in opposite directions “Make sure to twist one section clockwise and the other section counter-clockwise,” says Saviano. “This twist makes it easier to make a bun, and gives a little flair and sense of constructive messiness to the look.” For a more polished look, Saviano suggests braiding the hair instead of twisting it. After twisting both sections, you’ll want to intertwine them and fasten with a small elastic on the end. (No time to style your hair in the morning? You’ll love our gallery of overnight hairstyles.)

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hairCourtesy Nunzio Saviano

Twist the intertwined sections into a bun

“Once you have the twisted ponytail, twist it around the base of ponytail to make the bun,” says Saviano. “Be sure to secure it with bobby pins along the way.” When you come to the end, tuck the last piece under for the perfect bun. You should be able to see it poking out behind your ear. “If you need a little extra hold or to control some flyaways, use a hairspray,” says Saviano. Next, learn how to create the cutest half-up top-knot bun.

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