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The Luckiest (and Unluckiest) Months of 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign

2022 promises to be a lot brighter. Find out when it will be your time to shine, and when you should stay wary.

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Your best bets for the new year

Many of us might have tip-toed into the year 2022, especially after all that we have faced over the last two years. But while the new year is always a threshold of hope, this year in particular feels like a breath of fresh air. The experiences of 2020 and 2021 will not disappear overnight, but we are looking toward a brighter future as the astrology of 2022 offers potent energy and strong themes of love, money, self-care, confidence, pleasure, and emotional rest.

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So what’s going on, exactly?

There’s a lot going on this year, and many of the themes feel quite opposite to the previous two years. To start, many signs will see brighter days in 2022, and the months of April, May, and July appear to be most popular in terms of luck. “In 2022, we can expect a plethora of transits that will affect all 12 of the signs,” says Megan Rose, spiritual advisor, intuitive Tarot card reader, and author of Glamour Magazine’s Tarotscopes. “Some of the biggest dates and time periods to look out for are the nodal shift from Gemini-Sagittarius to Taurus-Scorpio axis on January 8th [and] the collision of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on April 22nd,” she adds.

During the nodal shift to Taurus-Scorpio axis, Rose says we can expect to “understand the energy being brought to us for the next year and a half,” which could bring shifts in “economics, food security, and political or systemic upheaval during this time.” The collision of Jupiter and Neptune is particularly noteworthy because it only happens every 12 years, making this day “a very powerful portal for love and new ideas about your romantic life and long-term connections in general.”

Some other moments to expect this year are when Venus and Mars connect in Capricorn on February 16th, and in Aquarius on March 6th. “These are important times for taking action around changing up our beauty and self-care routines,” says astrologist Lisa Stardust. On July 31st, Uranus and the North Node of Destiny will connect in Taurus, “urging us to embrace a new wellness and beauty routine as well as emotional mind rest.”

Curious to know what else is in store for 2022? Read on for this year’s themes, plus the luckiest months of 2022, according to your zodiac sign.

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Aries (March 21–April 19)

In 2022, those with an Aries sun sign “will be faced with finally letting go of your past, so you can move into the future with ease,” says Rose. This release will feel like a big weight being lifted from your shoulders, but it will require accountability to experience the deep inner work and soul healing. “If you continue to wrestle with old memories, narratives, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve your forward momentum, you will deal with unnecessary suffering that can be avoided with self-reflection,” Rose adds.

According to Stardust, another theme for Aries in 2022 is “power and success.” Rose explains this further, noting how career is a big focus for Aries this year. “You can expect opportunities to uplevel or shift into a career that is more in alignment with your passions in 2022,” says Rose.

Lucky months: May and October

Challenging months: July and November

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Taurus (April 20–May 20)

2022 will be a major confidence boost for Taurus. And, “with the nodal shift onto the Taurus-Scorpio axis, Taurus can expect to be the star of the show this year,” says Rose, adding that those with a Taurus sun will gain notoriety, respect, and self-confidence. “Everything internally and externally will be shifted for you,” says Rose. That said, a confidence boost won’t just be handed to Taurus. “This shift can only happen if you are willing to come to terms with your insecurities and limitations, to make sure that your shortcomings cannot be used against you,” Rose explains.

The secret to becoming unstoppable in 2022 is full self-acceptance and self-knowing, which will “allow you to live a life that is both authentic and inspiring to those around you,” Rose adds. This year is full of endless opportunities for Taurus—you just have to make sure you see them. Next, find out what your zodiac element means.

Lucky months: April and July

Challenging months: May and October

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Gemini (May 21–June 20)

This year, Rose says those with a Gemini sun will need to focus on letting go of trying to prove their worth. “This will be the year of finally feeling worthy of what you desire,” she explains. “Your connections will deepen this year—both inside and outside of your career.” Geminis will have plenty of opportunities to share their voice in many different ways, which is “what you were born to do,” Rose adds. The important thing to remember this year is to not “sell yourself short by sitting in someone else’s shadow.” Doing so will help you recognize your own inner power and use that power for good. Speaking of, this is your sign’s power color.

With all of this energy-giving, self-care will be a must in 2022. “Make sure you carve out time for yourself this year to avoid burnout as we shift out of the Gemini-Sagittarius nodes and into Taurus-Scorpio,” says Rose, adding that, if you don’t, you might experience a slight energy crash.

Lucky months: July and August

Challenging months: May and June

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Cancer (June 21–July 22)

“This year is all about action versus intentions for Cancer,” says Rose. It’s time to put an end to sitting on all of those brilliant ideas Cancers have and bring them into the spotlight. “If you can release yourself from the tight grip of stagnation, procrastination, and perfectionism, this year will be full of blessings in your work and personal relationships,” Rose explains, adding that those with a Cancer sun are the makers of their own realities. “This year is all about forward momentum and leaps of faith.”

Another exciting thing to look forward to this year: Cancers will have the opportunity to cross off their most important bucket list items with Jupiter and Neptune’s collision trine (in a favorable position) to the sign. “Go after what you want in 2022, it’s already yours,” says Rose.

Lucky months: June and July

Challenging months: September and November

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Leo (July 23–August 22)

2022 is a lucky year for those with a Leo sun sign, especially in May. “Jupiter will be in a harmonious trine to your sun sign in May, bringing you all the good luck and fortune that you could ever imagine,” Rose explains. Some things to look forward to this year: financial windfalls, new work opportunities, and moments where you can truly make your mark on this planet. That being said, Rose notes that this will come at a price of “letting go of whatever (or whoever) you may feel addicted to,” such as your comfort zone, a victim mindset, an on-and-off relationship, a substance of choice, or a limiting belief. The important thing to remember here is to “make sure you are not operating from a place of ego,” says Rose.

If you are willing to give up your vice, “everything you’ve ever wished for waits on the other side,” says Rose. “You are stronger than you think, but sometimes strength comes in the form of silence and dedication,” she adds.

Lucky months: March and August

Challenging months: April and July

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Virgo (August 23–September 22)

If Virgo suns aren’t already in the romance of a lifetime, 2022 just might be the year they finally find true love, thanks to Jupiter and Neptune’s meet-up in the seventh house of partnership. “Open your heart to the idea that you can find a divine love,” says Rose. The prerequisite for finding true love comes “after getting yourself into a good groove with your work-life balance, and making choices that feed your soul,” Rose explains.

The secret to a fantastic 2022 is to “dedicate your time appropriately to a career that you love, hobbies that light you up, and healthy friendships that allow you to feel seen and supported,” says Rose. Once you’re in that flow state, everything outside of your control will also flow. “Your inner world creates your external reality,” she adds, noting that both will prosper for Virgo in 2022.

Lucky months: April and July

Challenging months: September and October

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Libra (September 23–October 22)

If you have a Libra sun, you might have been feeling a tad stuck in your personal relationships, be it friendships or romantic partnerships. But in 2022, that will all change for Libra. “No longer will you feel like an alien in your social circles,” Rose notes. “2022 will bring a sense of togetherness in romance, friendships, and work relationships,” she adds, noting how meeting new friends is on the horizon.

In addition to releasing the stagnation in your personal relationships, 2022 might also bring a health kick. Rose suggests participating in health-related activities, such as “joining a new gym, taking a weekly workout class, training for a marathon, or signing up for a health-related program.” Doing so will help you prioritize yourself better, which can result in unblocking the things preventing you from achieving your goals.

Lucky months: May and October

Challenging months: July and August

Scorpio Lucky, Getty Images (2)

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Alignment is the theme for 2022 and those with a Scorpio sun sign. A Scorpio’s stability will allow them to explore things like romantic connections, new friend circles, and career opportunities. While this might sound scary for Scorpio, Rose assures that a Scorpio’s free spirit nature will not be taken away by adding some more foundation to your environment. In addition to focusing on foundational elements, “you will reap the rewards of your hard work as you begin to feel more clear and empowered with your sense of self,” says Rose, adding that this year is the time to share your voice and opinions with the world as doing so will “benefit you greatly.”

2022 might also be a time to release yourself from certain relationships in order to move forward. “Remember, certain people are in your life for a season, and others for a reason,” says Rose. To help decide, find out which signs are the most (and least) trustworthy.

Lucky months: May and July

Challenging months: October and November

Sagittarius Lucky, Getty Images (2)

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

“This year will be focused on healing pain from your past and your family,” says Rose. “If you continue to use the excuse that you are the way that you are because of your family, upbringing, or childhood, you will never give yourself the opportunity to grow into a new version of yourself,” she adds. The good news is, 2022 will give you the opportunity to release these narratives with ease—and community will be integral. “You can expect to meet people who will be pivotal to your path in the form of friends, therapists, practitioners, and mentors,” says Rose, adding that you will not have to do the heavy-lifting alone.

On the other side of this great work is sweet liberation—a kind you have never felt before. This will help clear up some space to travel and explore life without being weighed down by your past.

Lucky months: April and May

Challenging months: November and December

Capricorn Lucky, Getty Images (2)

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

This year is the time for those with a Capricorn sun to explore their innovations and ideas. “Putting your brainpower to work will allow you to reap financial rewards and gain access to the life that you’ve always desired,” says Rose. The key here is to shoot higher and go for goals that might have felt too big for you before—they are the perfect height now. “Your purpose on this planet never entailed you playing small,” Rose explains. “You would benefit from investing your time, money, and energy into new avenues and allowing yourself the freedom to explore outside of your comfort zone more than ever this year.”

Lucky months: February and July

Challenging months: May and November

Aquarius Lucky, Getty Images (2)

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

March and April are considered lucky months for Aquarius, but luck and new opportunities are the main themes in 2022 for this sun sign. “This year will be a pivotal year for you and your success,” says Rose. That being said, Aquarius must remember that they are the ones who define their own success. “There may be an opportunity to move or purchase property that will greatly benefit you over time,” Rose adds. The important thing to remember is not to get yourself caught in the tangles of illusionary blockages or challenges. “You are much more strategic than you give yourself credit for,” says Rose.

Something to look forward to: 2022 is all about the ascension of your personal relationships and career. “You may be blessed with upgrades in both of these departments before the year is over,” Rose confirms. Not bad for the rarest zodiac sign!

Lucky months: March and April

Challenging months: May and October

Pisces Lucky, Getty Images (2)

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

In 2022, Jupiter will move into Pisces mid-year, which means this year can be filled with expansion on all fronts for those with a Pisces sun. “Your home space, romantic life, and career specifically seem to be incurring an upgrade,” Rose explains. “Let go of the old chapters of your life that made you feel unworthy,” she adds, noting that 2022 will help you see that you can truly have it all without settling. This year is all about Pisces embracing their inner power.

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Lucky months: April and November

Challenging months: September and December


  • Megan Rose, spiritual advisor, intuitive Tarot card reader, and author of Glamour Magazine’s Tarotscopes.
  • Lisa Stardust, astrologist

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