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What the Shape of Your Lips Says About You

If eyes are a window to the soul, lips may just be a framework to our character. See what face-reading science has to say about your personality, based on your pucker.

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Read my lips

Face scientists worldwide consider the lips to be one of the leading features determining personality. When we feel happy, angry, or sad, the first physical indication is the mouth, as we express our thoughts both verbally and through the expressions we make. Now, experts are suggesting that your lip shape may signify even deeper psychological peculiarities and personality traits.

Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, believes that your pout is directly correlated with the way you behave with the different types of people around you, based on the ancient Chinese art of face reading. “The most important thing your lips speak to is [what you’re like] in relationships and how giving you are,” Haner told Cosmopolitan. “You were born with the features you have for a reason—every feature is linked to a part of your personality and they all work together to represent who you are.”

Lip reading fixates on the shape, size, plumpness, and the definition of the cupid’s bow—that little dip above the middle of your top lip—to uncover underlying personality implications. Here are some common lip shapes and the traits they may suggest.

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Angelina Jolie

Naturally full lips

Evenly and naturally plump on both top and bottom, this lip shape indicates that you are an empathetic individual with strong parenting instincts. People with this lip shape—think Angelina Jolie—harbor an innate desire to safeguard and protect others; their caring, selfless nature means that they deeply care about others and find great pleasure in doing so. They like to maintain a close circle of friends and value relationships above all else. This is what your favorite lipstick shade says about you.

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Kirsten Dunst

Thin top and bottom lips

Women with thin lips—think Kirsten Dunst—tend to be loners and rather timid, according to Haner. Their introverted personality also means that they are self-reliant; they are OK with being alone and are perfectly content with the idea of being independent. Although they may not be as well-versed in relationships as people with naturally fuller lips, that doesn’t mean they can’t function well as partners; they may need someone with a set direction and a distinct set of interests/hobbies for the romance to succeed. (Here are six other hidden strengths of introverts).

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Christy Teagen
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Lips that are plumper in the center

People with a plump lip center—think Chrissy Teigen—revel in the spotlight and pride themselves on being natural performers. They prefer to surround themselves with people than be alone, according to Haner. Being the center of attention and the life of the party is their life motto. When it comes to relationships, they may tend to be more of a “drama queen,” but above all, they like to pursue fun and excitement in order to get the most out of life.

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Taylor Swift
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Lips with a peaked cupid’s bow

People with a peaked cupid’s bow—think Taylor Swift—are defined by their creativity; they constantly strive for self-expression in every form, with productive, artistic results, Haner says. They’re also very self-aware and have impressive memory recall abilities; this means that they are great at remembering faces and maintaining social interactions. The peaked pout also indicates a quick mind, but a highly reactive character means that their spontaneity and impulsiveness can sometimes throw people off. These are the habits of creative people.

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Amanda Seyfried
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Lips with a rounded cupid’s bow

Lips with a rounded cupid’s bow—think Amanda Seyfried—suggest a compassionate and kind spirit, Haner says; their sensitive disposition means that they can become easily upset and triggered by things like injustice and misfortune. They love to help people and are likely to express deep consideration for others.

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Julia Roberts
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Lips with an undefined cupid’s bow

Although people with an undefined cupid’s bow—think Julia Roberts—are incredibly responsible and reliable, they can oftentimes be overly giving and lack a sense of emotional boundaries. Their excessive generosity means that they might come off too strong and neglect their own self-care. Regardless, they will tackle any problem head-on and are very efficient at meeting deadlines and managing time. While their bosses probably approve, people in their personal life may end up being offended. Here are 12 tips to setting healthy social boundaries.

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Emma Stone
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Goldilocks lips

People with ordinary lips that are neither thick nor thin—think Emma Stone—have a medium-sized, standard pout; their cupid’s bow has no overly defined form but it doesn’t lack definition either. They are characterized by their balanced life and ability to resolve any task ahead of them, according to Haner. Their common sense savvy and logic skills are naturally sharpen, and one of their major strengths is their ability to listen to others. (These are the habits of good listeners.) Although they exude immense respect and self-restraint that may come off as stoicism, they still love to laugh and open up when given the chance. In relationships, they won’t be needy or drama-seeking, but they do tend to crave a deeper connection with people.

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Kylie Jenner
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An artificially enhanced lip

According to Chinese face reading, changing your natural features means interfering with your destiny, altering the path you were meant to take. The belief is that every facial feature represents a part of your personality that collectively functions together to represent your overall being, so altering a physical element will disrupt that synchronicity, Haner says. Choosing to inject your pout is said to make one become more needy and selfish. Their emotional instability can ignite strife and trouble in romantic affairs. The degree of plumpness is said to equal the degree of pleasure-seeking desires, and may be open to drama in their relationships. How you choose to enhance your lips also makes a difference—a larger-filled upper lip accentuates the drama-seeking factor, whereas a plumper lower lip indicates a sensual side that thrives on a hedonistic lifestyle. Ever wonder if those lip plumping products actually work?

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