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15 Podcasts from LGBTQ+ Creators to Add to Your List

Covering everything from history and politics to pop culture, LGBTQ podcasts are as diverse as the queer community.

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15 Podcasts From Lgbtqia Creators Ft Via, via merchant (4)

Get hooked on these LGBTQ podcasts

With the explosion of podcasts over the past decade, more people than ever have been able to create their own platforms to tell stories. For queer people in particular, producing LGBTQ podcasts has been an accessible way to contribute to a growing canon of queer media across disciplines.

For Pride Month, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best queer podcasts available to stream. Going beyond questions of what LGBTQ stands for or how to be an LGBTQ ally, these podcasts discuss queerness and race, relationships, culture, history, and more. The best podcasts not only have charismatic hosts but also rich conversations with unexpected perspectives. So in between celebrating the best in LGBTQ movies and LGBTQ books, tune in to one of these podcasts for the latest in queer life, politics, and culture.

Disability After Dark Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

Disability After Dark

Hosted by disability awareness consultant Andrew Gurza, this LGBTQ podcast makes unflinching interrogations into ableism with a variety of queer guests, from trans teens to drag performers and more. Conversations address sex and sexuality, shame, and chronic illness. Disability After Dark celebrates its 300th episode this month, and with so much content, some of the LGBTQ quotes are sure to inspire your daily life.

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Translash Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant


Hosted by TransLash Media founder Imara Jones, this podcast has been tracking growing anti-trans violence since the summer of 2020. The explorations of the real dangers trans people face, balanced by celebrations of trans personhood across cultures, make for a wonderful motivational podcast.

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Food 4 Thot Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

Food 4 Thot

Hosted by a diverse team of writers—Denne Michele Norris, Joseph Osmundson, Tommy Pico, and Fran Tirado—this LGBTQ podcast is about race, pop culture, relationships, and queer identity. The Food 4 Thot segment “Thot Process” offers a refreshing intervention on popular trends in online queer discourse.

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One From The Vaults Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

One from the Vaults

Exploring trans history through the study of important cultural figures, this LGBTQ history podcast is a vital compilation of so many obscure or lost stories and archives. Through One from the Vaults, host Morgan M. Page presents an uplifting celebration of queer life, past and present.

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Generation The Podcast Hbomax Ecomm Via Applevia merchant


An audio companion to the HBO Max TV show (also one of our fave LGBTQ shows), this episode-by-episode podcast is hosted by Gigi Goode and Whembley Sewell. Listen for conversations on the craft of queer storytelling from the writers and actors trying to portray Gen Z’s relationship to queer identity, chosen family, and mental health.

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Totally Trans Canon Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

Totally Trans

Hosts Katie Coleman, Ada-Rhodes Short, and Henry Giardina offer trans readings of books, TV, and movies through the podcast Totally Trans. (Yep, the logo is a nod to the transgender flag.) Their reframing of plot choices from decades-old entertainment as characteristic of certain trans experiences offers creative ways to look for representation.

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The Read Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

The Read

One of the most popular LGBTQ podcasts for listeners who like a good laugh, The Read features some hilarious commentary on the latest pop culture and news. The chemistry between the two hosts—bloggers and BFFs Kid Fury and Crissle, both Black, queer 30-year-olds—is magnetic. The laughfest launched in 2013 and remains one of the best podcasts on Spotify.

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All My Relations Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

All My Relations

This political podcast explores relationships in their most expansive meanings. From interpersonal to environmental, the Indigenous perspectives challenge heteronormative and even typical queer notions of belonging and connection. All My Relations is hosted by Indigenous writers and artists Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip), Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation), and Desi Small Rodriguez (Northern Cheyenne) and covers topics that matter to Native people today.

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Las Culturistas Matt Rogers Bowen Yang Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

Las Culturistas

Hosted by comedians Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers (both of whom appear in the recently released film Fire Island), this weekly gay podcast discusses the latest in pop culture with characteristic humor and irreverence. One of the top comedy podcasts on Apple, Las Culturistas features interviews with cultural figures and commentary that spans more than 300 episodes.

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Nancy Apple Podcasts Ecomm Via Applevia merchant


Airing from 2017 to 2020, this LGBTQ podcast features interviews with queer authors, Hollywood creators, and more, as well as topical dives into queer history and contemporary policies, like health care and health insurance. Nancy is hosted by charming best friends Kathy Tu and Tobin Low.

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Dyking Out Lesbian And Lgbtqia Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

Dyking Out

From rejection to cuffing season and friendships with exes to knitting, the range of topics on Dyking Out always offers a rigorous and inviting take on contemporary issues in queer culture. The title may fool you into thinking this is a strictly lesbian podcast, but it’s expansively queer. And with comedians Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali at the helm, it’s also highly entertaining.

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Pynk Spots Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

Pynk Spots

Through the Pynk Spots podcast, host Nic addresses queer intersections with anti-capitalism and neurodivergence. With a clear point of view, the podcast offers important discussions on how to live authentically in the face of societal norms, covering everything from the pandemic’s ongoing effect on queer people’s bodies to the complex relationship dynamics (like jealousy and resentment) that occur in both romance and families. New to the scene? First find out how to listen to podcasts for free.

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Bad Queers Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

Bad Queers

One of this LGBTQ podcast‘s core values is refusing conventions and the expectations put on queer people to assimilate into “respectable” society. From their recaps of TV shows like Euphoria and Pose to their interviews with artists and queer creatives, hosts Kris Chesson and Shana Sumers of the Her App also center topics for Black queer communities.

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2 Queer Arabz Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant

2 Queer Arabz

Hosted by Aisha Mershani and Jude Tarabulsi, this podcast explores unexpected intersections of queer, Arab, and politically minded communities. Through interviews with various artists, 2 Queer Arabz covers topics from sex work to gender affirmation surgery and trauma to anti-Zionism with depth and curiosity. There are two years’ worth of episodes, so pop it on during your next road trip and catch up.

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Outward Lgbt Podcast Ecomm Via Applevia merchant


From a discussion of recent films like Fire Island to debates on hook-up apps and power dynamics in queer relationships, Outward offers a dynamic range of subjects. If you’re looking for LGBTQ podcasts that tackle everything from politics to culture to history, start with this gem hosted by Slate editor J. Bryan Lowder, writer Christina Cauterucci, and professor Jules Gill-Peterson.

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