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60 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Almost everything you need for these easy Halloween costumes ideas already in your closet.

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Diy Halloween Costumes CollageCourtesy @han.glam/Instagram, Courtesy @ClaireRodgers/Instagram, Courtesy Jackie Giardina/Living After Midnite, via

DIY done frightfully easy

Halloween isn’t Halloween without killer costumes—whether you’re looking for general Halloween costume ideasfamily Halloween costumesbaby Halloween costumes, or even easy Halloween face paint, dressing up is a major part of the tricks and treats.

But sometimes, the witch’s broom slips out from underneath you and you realize it’s October 30 and you have absolutely no idea what to wear—although you do know exactly what is Halloween. Are you finding yourself in a similar mummy-infested hole? No problem! It’s time to boo-it-yourself with these super simple but super cute last-minute DIY Halloween costumes. With these easy Halloween costumes, your 2022 look is sure to be frightfully fun without being scarily stressful.

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01-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Big kid Halloween costume

Some say trick or treat is just for kids, so let your inner child out this Halloween. All you need for this easy Halloween costume is a pair of matchy-matchy PJs (or a giant tie-dye onesie!) and a big teddy bear.

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02-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Sailor Halloween costume

Ahoy, trick or treaters! Landlubbers will flip for these sea-worthy last-minute Halloween costumes. Just throw on a striped shirt and red handkerchief, add a costume hat, and you’re done. Back at home, put together these DIY Halloween decorations.

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03-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Wednesday Addams Halloween costume

A little bit of a sassy Halloween costume, a little bit of a scary Halloween costume, but totally easy to throw together. Let a white-collar peek out of a black dress and you’re well on your way to becoming the next Wednesday Addams. Wear this easy Halloween costume when watching The Addams Family, which is one of the best kids’ Halloween movies.

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04-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Cowgirl Halloween costume

Cowboys and cowgirls alike can pull off this Western look—the perfect couples costume, anyone? The hat and boots transform a plain flannel and jeans—even better if you have overalls—into simple last-minute Halloween costumes.

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05-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Olympic gymnast Halloween costume

Go for the gold! Throw gym shorts and sneakers over a leotard and you’re ready for Halloween. You’ll set the record for the quickest costume yet. This is a major winner for kids’ costumes, too.

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06-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Harry Potter Halloween costume

Do you solemnly swear to be up to no good on Halloween? Just throw a striped scarf (red and gold for Gryffindor!) and some round glasses over a dark shirt to recreate Harry Potter‘s famous look. Don’t forget to draw on the iconic lightning bolt scar.

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07-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume

Audrey Hepburn might be a fashion icon every day, but on Halloween, you can really channel her signature style. Break out your favorite LBD and accessorize with black gloves and pearls to become Holly Golightly in an instant.

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08-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume

Think you can’t get a Halloween costume together so last minute? Fear not—we can do it! Throw on a denim shirt and red bandana, and you’re ready to go. Take a look at some other vintage Halloween costumes for more inspo.

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09-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Steve Jobs Halloween costume

Wanna be a billionaire? For one night, you can at least pretend to be the late-great Steve Jobs in this last-minute easy Halloween costume. Grab some thin glasses and a black turtleneck and voila! Don’t forget to carry around some corny Halloween jokes in your back pocket, either.

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10-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Painter Halloween costume

With a beret and paint palette, you instantly have a last-minute Halloween costume. Low on art supplies? Make your own palette out of a piece of cardboard and a few blobs of paint. If you have a little one in tow, check out these Halloween costumes for families.

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11-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Bandit Halloween costume

Dressed in all black and a stealthy mask, no one will know whose sticky fingers have been in the candy bowl—especially with black gloves to leave no fingerprints. Bonus points if you use your burlap sack with the goods to carry your candy. Just don’t get caught! Find out where you can get the best deals on Halloween candy this year.

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12-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Bunny Halloween costume

Even if you choose chocolate over rabbit food on Halloween, a bunny costume is a sure hit. Keep cozy in a fur vest, then slip your bunny ears on.

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13-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Scuba diver Halloween costume

Get ready to make a splash at your costume party. A black shirt and leggings transform into a scuba suit when you get in gear with flippers and a scuba mask

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16-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Family Feud contestants Halloween costume

Want a winning last-minute group costume? Survey says Family Feud contestants will be a crowd-pleaser for last-minute Halloween costumes. Best of all, you can show up in whatever you’re wearing; print out a name tag and you’re ready to go. Grab a group of friends to make this a group Halloween costume for the books.

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15-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Olaf Halloween costume

Do you want to build a snowman? Dress up a plain white cap with construction paper eyes and a carrot nose, then use pipe cleaners for the hair. Felt buttons and hands pull the outfit together.

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14-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Biker Halloween costume

Got a leather jacket and a bandana? Great—you’re ready to let your bad biker out. Add some sunglasses and fingerless gloves (chains and spikes encouraged!) and get revved up for Halloween.

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17-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/

Tourist Halloween costume

Ready for a real trip this Halloween? Grab your Hawaiian print shirt and camera—for once, socks and sandals are encouraged. As always, don’t forget the sunscreen!

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Shego Halloween costume

Arguably one of Disney Channel’s most fashion-forward villains around, dressing up as Shego from the hit animated series Kim Possible is sure to turn heads. All you need is black and green clothing and the classic black upper lip to turn into this nostalgic cartoon character.

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Comic Book Character Han.glamCourtesy @han.glam/Instagram

Comic book character Halloween costume

Your face is your canvas for this easy Halloween costume. Use makeup to transform yourself into a comic book character and pair with a black shirt and pants.

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Sandy and Danny Halloween costume

You’ll be singing “you’re the one that I want!” to this ridiculously easy yet cute couples costume. Turn into Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko from the classic movie Grease by wearing head-to-toe black. Bonus points if you do your hair in the classic 1950s style!

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Powerpuff Girls Halloween costume

This easy Halloween costume is most certainly sugar, spice, and everything nice. To transform into the Powerpuff Girls, grab your two besties and wear anything pink, blue, and green.

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The Ashleys Halloween costume

Dress up like the original mean girls this Halloween season by linking up with three friends to recreate The Ashleys from Disney’s Recess. All you need is preppy, color-coordinated clothing. The Ashleys aren’t the only DIY Disney costumes for all of you Magic Kingdom fans.

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Cher and Dionne Halloween costume

Ugh, as if we wouldn’t be able to find a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume! This Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport duo from the classic 1990s movie Clueless is perfect for last-minute besties looking for a double costume. All you need are preppy (preferably plaid) clothes to complete this look.

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Tiana And Prince Naveen Halloween Costume Nikkid0 0Courtesy @nikkid0__0/Instagram

Tiana and Prince Naveen Halloween costume

You won’t have to kiss any frogs to get the dirt on this DIY look. To recreate our favorite New Orleans Disney princess, all you need is a yellow dress with an apron tied around the front. Naveen needs a tie, sweater vest, and pageboy hat for good measure.

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Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume

This easy Halloween costume won’t be a bother. Pair a red shirt with a yellow skirt or pants to dress in Pooh Bear’s classic colors.

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Sprinkles Halloween Costume Love Love Love BlogCourtesy Love Love Love Blog

Sprinkles Halloween costume

Whether or not sprinkles are your favorite ice cream topping, they’ll certainly be one of your new favorite last-minute DIY Halloween costumes. Hot glue colored Popsicle sticks to any white article of clothing.

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Scarecrow Halloween costume

This ingenious idea would certainly give the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz a brain. Sew scrap fabric patches to an old pair of overalls and use either corn husks, felt, or yarn to replicate hay peeking out of your sleeves and hat.

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Miss Universe Halloween CostumeCourtesy Jackie Giardina

Miss Universe Halloween costume

Forget queen of the world—try queen of the universe with this fun and easy costume. Sew or fabric glue planets onto a black dress and throw on a sash to finish this punny costume. Costumes aren’t the only way to get the party started; take a look at these fun Halloween party games to get you in the spooky spirit.

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woman dressed as "a chip on your shoulder" for halloween costumeCourtesy officialkyliemcdonald/instagram

A chip on your shoulder Halloween costume

A quick and punny Halloween costume? Sign us up! This last-minute DIY costume is as tasty as it is easy. Thanks, Lays!

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A blessing in disguise halloween costumeCourtesy lindiholden/instagram

A blessing in disguise Halloween costume

No one will recognize what a blessing you are when wearing a faux mustache. Your secret is safe with this easy Halloween costume…for now.

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Vine Is Dead Halloween CostumeCourtesy @rachelyohe/instagram

Vine is dead Halloween costume

Not only can you put this costume together in under five minutes (just print out the old Vine logo and throw on some fake blood and makeup), but it also mourns the loss of one of the greatest social media apps of all time.

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woman dressed in punny chilly pepper halloween costumeCourtesy @lolalambchops/instagram

Chilly pepper Halloween costume

Bundle up while walking around with a chili pepper for this punny and quick costume. Take a look at more punny Halloween costumes for more punny inspiration.

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Spice Girls Halloween costume

Throw on your favorite ’90s-inspired clothing that corresponds to your favorite Spice Girl and spice up your Halloween.

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Identity Thief Halloween Costume Jennyree86Courtesy @jennyree86/Instagram

Identity thief Halloween costume

As any Office fan can tell you, “Identity theft is not a joke, Jim.” But with this easy Halloween costume, it is: just stick a bunch of name tags to your shirt.

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two people dressed as ghosts for halloweenCrispin la valiente/Getty Images

Ghost Halloween costume

There’s nothing more classic (and easier!) than a ghost costume for Halloween. Cut two eye holes in a sheet and you’re ready to hit the streets to trick-or-treat. These are the stories behind other Halloween traditions.

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funny clown halloween costumeFG Trade/Getty Images

Silly clown Halloween costume

All you need is face paint and a striped shirt to complete this fun and festive costume.

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girl in witch halloween costumeNikola Stojadinovic/Getty Images

Witch Halloween costume

Talk about simple: throw on a witch hat and call it a day for an extra quick and last-minute DIY.

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girl dressed as a cat for halloweenSolStock/Getty Images

Black cat Halloween costume

This black cat isn’t going to bring any bad luck this season. Use eyeliner to paint on whiskers and stick a pair of cat ears on for this classic can’t-go-wrong Halloween costume. If you actually have a cat, dress them up in one of these purr-fect costumes for cats.

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two people wearing Paper bag jack-o-lantern Halloween costumeGhetea Florin / EyeEm/Getty Images

Paper bag jack-o-lantern Halloween costume

All you need for this last minute DIY is a jumbo brown paper bag and a Sharpie. Find out why we carve pumpkins in the first place.

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woman dressed as a skeleton at halloween partywundervisuals/Getty Images

Skeleton Halloween costume

There are no bones about it–this look is super simple and super scary. Use costume makeup to paint your face black and white like a skeleton.

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Senior woman dressed up as devil for halloweenBetsie Van der Meer/Getty Images

Devil Halloween costume

The devil is in the details with this quick costume. Just wear something red and stick on a pair of devil horns to complete the look.

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child dressed in mummy halloween costumeJodie Griggs/Getty Images

Mummy Halloween costume

You’ll be all wrapped up in how quick and easy this classic Halloween costume is. Just wear white clothing and wrap toilet paper around your entire body.

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young woman dressed in pirate halloween costume at a partySolStock/Getty Images

Pirate Halloween costume

Ahoy, matey! This is one treasure trove of an idea that you’ll want to steal. Wrap a bandana around your head and line your eyes with kohl-like eyeliner to transform into a sailor of the high seas. For an extra fun twist, twin with your dog: being a pirate is just one of many cute dog Halloween costume choices.

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Casey Becker Halloween costume

You’ll be screaming about how easy this Halloween costume is. Wear jeans and a sweater and carry around a prop landline telephone to recreate Drew Barrymore’s iconic character in the original Scream movie.

See More at @Aisaisaghost

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Pineapple Halloween costume

It’s never been easier to wear your favorite fruit. Throw on a yellow dress and craft the leafy green headpiece out of felt and a toilet paper roll in under five minutes.

See More at @Diaryofadbutante

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Gift + birthday boy Halloween costume

You and your beau will be celebrating how quick and easy this fun last-minute DIY easy Halloween costume is all night long.

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Operation Game Halloween costume

Remember Operation? Now it’s time to wear the classic game with this crafty DIY. For duo costumes, have your partner dress up as a doctor for extra points.

See More at C.R.A.F.T.

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The Muses Halloween costume

The Muses in Disney’s animated Hercules sang the praises of the Greek champion for years to come, and that’s exactly what people will be doing about this easy Halloween costume. It’s time to round up your best girl friends and sing some praises!

See More at Color Me Courtney

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Soda jerk Halloween costume

It’s time to throw it back to the 1950s with this classic DIY. We’ll take a scoop of ice cream with that, please! Speaking of decades: these were the most popular Halloween costumes the year you were born.

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Citrus slices Halloween costume

You and your besties go together like peas in a pod…or lemon, lime, and orange citrus slices. This simple DIY takes only minutes and is super cute to boot.

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Cookies and milk Halloween costume

Who can resist this classic combo? Especially as an easy Halloween costume. Pick up some old-fashioned milk bottles and pair up with your partner or best friend to put your own spin on this time-old classic.

See More at Studio DIY

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Raining men Halloween costume

Hallelujah! A last-minute Halloween costume DIY and being surrounded by your favorite celebrity crushes? Sign us up.

See More at Studio DIY

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Cat emoji Halloween costume

Cat’s got your tongue? Not with this quick and easy Halloween costume. Heart-shaped sunglasses make it purr-fect!

See More at Brite & Bubbly

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Tina Belcher and Jimmy Jr. Halloween costume

Tina Belcher and Jimmy Jr. are the power couple of Bob’s Burgers that we never knew we needed. Now it’s time for you and your partner to transform into this animated American classic.

See More at Aww Sam

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Dancing emojis Halloween costume

It’s time to show off your best moves with this dancing emojis costume. All you need is a black leotard, a hair bow, and a bestie to dress up with.

See More at Blonde to Bronze

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Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones Halloween costume

The best thing about dressing up like these Archie comic characters from Riverdale is that nearly everything can be found in your own closets. Last minute crisis, averted!

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Elle Woods Halloween costume

What, like it’s hard to find an easy Halloween costume? Not with this idea featuring the heroine from Legally Blonde. All you need to do is think pink to recreate Harvard Law’s most stylish student.

See More at West Acres

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Deviled egg Halloween costume

Punny and easy? We’ll take it! Just like we’ll take this egg hard boiled.

See More at Smart Fun DIY

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Pacman Halloween costume

Pacman has never looked so good with you wearing it! This no-sew DIY will have you nostalgic for the 1980s Pacman video game.

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When life gives you lemons Halloween costume

When life gives you lemons…it’s time to make an easy Halloween costume! All you need is a yellow dress, name tag with “Life” written on it, and a basket of lemons to create this play-on-words costume. Now that you’ve got the perfect costume, it’s time to check out some Halloween party ideas to create a frightfully good bash.

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