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16 Funny Labor Day Memes to Laugh Off the End-of-Summer Blues

The last weekend of summer doesn't have to be sad when you have memes like these.

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Meme text: on Labor Day we celebrate the freedom to look memes from, Getty Images

Memes to take the edge off the end of summer

Labor Day weekend can feel pretty bittersweet. On one hand, you get a fun long weekend with family and friends, maybe at the beach or at a barbecue. On the other hand, Labor Day weekend is the unofficial last weekend of summer. School will soon be back in full swing for the kids, work kicks up a notch for the remaining few months of the year, and the weather is about to start cooling down. Since this is a weekend of “lasts” for the year, it’s important to make the most of it. Start with some laughs—specifically with funny memes about the weekend. These Labor Day memes have you covered with jokes about everything from Labor Day sales to why you can’t wear white after Labor Day. The whole crew will find these memes hilarious and hopefully add some lighthearted humor to the final days of summer.

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Meme text: This just in: People are still confusing Labor Day with Memorial, Getty Images

They’re different

Don’t be this person. 

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Meme text: Me celebrating all the working people by not, Getty Images

Do not disturb

We did it, guys!

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Meme text: Trying to enjoy this Labor Day and not think about how the next holiday is, Getty Images

You’re kidding

Just three short months until another day off. While you’re waiting for that time off, check out these vacation memes that’ll crack you up.

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Meme text: Last day to stain those white pants before you put them away for the, Getty Images

Watch out for ketchup

Who came up with the rule about not wearing white pants after Labor Day anyway?

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Meme text: Your coworkers when you show up to work in white after Labor, Getty Images

Unless you’re this person

I can wear whatever I want.

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Meme text: Three days to lay on the couch instead of, Getty Images

Long weekend, you say?

Best day ever.

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Meme text: Just a little more summer,, Getty Images

It’s over already?

Just one more day!

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Meme text: Wait, we thought you said Labrador day?, Getty Images

A misunderstanding

Labor Day meme? Labrador meme? Easy mistake.

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Meme text: It’s September! Can we put the Christmas tree up now?, Getty Images

It’s almost time

It wouldn’t be completely unacceptable…

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Meme text: me leaving the office to start the long, Getty Images

I’m coming!

Please don’t contact me.

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Meme text: Me leaving the office to start the long, Getty Images

None of your business

Giving myself a much-needed refresh.

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Meme text: So, what are you doing for the long weekend?, Getty Images

It’s almost spooky season

Only one more month!

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Meme text: may your Labor Day contain no, Getty Images


None at all.

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Meme text: Did somebody say Labor Day sale?, Getty Images

Who doesn’t love a good discount?

If your kids aren’t whining about back to school shopping, is it truly Labor Day weekend?
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Meme text: But I don’t want to go back to work!, Getty Images

Tuesday? Already?

Back to the office.

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Meme text: Happy unofficial last day of summer and unofficial first day of not shaving your, Getty Images

A day of both firsts and lasts

Time to put away the razor for the season. Now that you’ve laughed at these Labor Day memes, find out which stores are open on Labor Day so you can take advantage of those sales.

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