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50 Best Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids

Knock, knock. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. You better answer! Kids can go on and on with knock-knock jokes. Get ready to knock your socks off!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?

A kid. A kid who? A kid who wants to talk your ear off all day long! Have you known a child (or been one?!) who loves to ask questions and tell jokes? The format of knock-knock jokes provides a repetitive structure that children adore. The setup and punchline give kids a chance to delight in the clash between the fourth line (blank who?) and the inevitable wallop at the end. Knock-knock jokes for kids are notoriously groan-worthy. That’s part of the fun. Kids will laugh whether the joke is technically funny or not. The more awkward and nonsensical punchlines usually get the loudest laughs, whether they’re long jokes or short jokes.

Check out our list of 50 great knock-knock jokes for kids. Read them aloud at your peril—you might be asking “who’s there?” a few dozen (or a million) times. Kids love to memorize these and offer them up again and again. That’s part of the fun, so let the silliness begin. If you want more fun and games, here are 101 short jokes that are easy to remember and some of the best riddles for kids you could find.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Atch who?


Can you pass you a tissue? If you’re feeling bad after that one, check out these 50 bad jokes that you can’t help but laugh at.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Honeydew who?

Honeydew you wanna dance?

If you’re dancing with a piece of fruit we recommend the twist! Here are 20 more food jokes that will make you hungry—and funny!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Juno who?

Juno how funny this is?

That is really, really funny. Don’t trust us though. Science is the best judge of humor. Check out these 9 jokes that research experts find the funniest.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Boo who?

Awww, don’t cry!

Knock-knock jokes for kids are best when the punchline plays off the “who” sound to be punny. Don’t miss these 20 “humerus” skeleton puns.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Jimmy who?

Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care!

That was a-maize-ing! Get it? If you like your jokes corny, here are 85 of the corniest that are sure to pop for cornballs!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Bologna who?

Bologna sandwich with mayo and cheese, please.

Yikes! That was cheesy. Maybe it’s time to switch from knock-knock jokes for kids to limericks for kids! Check out these 10 quirky limericks that everyone finds funny.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Weekend who?

Weekend do anything we want.

Sure you can, kid! It’s time for some good old-fashioned Dad jokes to show ’em who’s boss. Don’t miss these 70 dad jokes that are actually pretty funny.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Watts who?

Watts for dinner? I’m hungry.

Pizza is always good! Check out these 30 supreme pizza puns for some extra cheesy jokes.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


You who?

You hoo? Anybody home?

That was so good you must be ready for the big time! Here are the best jokes for every letter of the alphabet! Get your laugh on with the best jokes from A to Z.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Best who?

Best get to sleep! Time for your nap!

Naptime for everyone! That doesn’t guarantee you’ll stop saying these hilarious knock-knock jokes for kids. Check out the 18 funniest things people have said while they were sleeping.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?



Thank you! Can I get some applause?

If you can deliver that one with a straight face you are a truly great comedian! Standing ovation! The crowd roars! Don’t miss these egg puns that are definitely all they’re cracked up to be.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Kanga who?

I believe it is pronounced kanga-roo.

Time for a cute pic break! Check out these 25 funny photos of cats “working from home.” LOL.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Chickens who?

Wrong, silly. Owls hoo. Chickens cluck.

Chickens also cross the road! No one can figure out why.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Ruff ruff.

Ruff ruff who?

Who let the dogs out? I heard barking!

Wow, that was rough! If you’re looking for more “arrgh” in your life, don’t miss these 25 scurvy pirate jokes that arrrr a real treasure.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


To who?

Don’t you mean to whom? I know it’s confusing, but please try to use proper grammar.

If you know an aspiring word nerd or punctuation punk, here are 20 grammar jokes you can use to impress them.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Sheriff who?

Hey, I’m the one asking the questions here.

Slow your roll, little cowboys and cowgirls. We’re just here for the jolly ranchers. Bah-dum-tiss. For more family fun, check out these hilarious food jokes for kids.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Art who?

Artoo D2 is my favorite droid in Star Wars.

Which Star Wars movie is your favorite? Adventures of Wookie Bear? Just kidding! Check out these funny Star Wars movie names that almost happened.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Hoo who?

What’s it like to be an owl?

That was a very wise joke. You had us all owling! You’re a real hoot! Owl you need are jokes.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Europe who?

No, you’re a pooh.

We’re talking about Winnie the Pooh! These are G rated, people! Time for the happiest jokes on earth! Here are 25 Disney jokes that will you make you laugh.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Spell who?

W. H. O.

That was top-notch wit! W. I. T. That stands for wit-ster-in-training. Good one.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Ida who?

It’s pronounced Ida-ho and the state capital is Boise.

Are you ready to reinstate some fun? Here are 50 jokes for all 50 states.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Here who?

Here to proclaim this is a good time for knock-knock jokes!

Are you ready to level up your comedy? Try your hand at the best jokes on earth. Here are the 50 funniest jokes of all-time. See if you can handle the laughter!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Cash who?

No, thank you. I prefer hazelnuts.

Cashews are wonderful! Give them a try!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Tank who?

You’re welcome!

Your sincere gratitude has earned you some punny pranks and pleasantries. Here are 36 sum odd math jokes to help you calculate laughter.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Ray D.

Ray D. who?

Ray D or not, here I come.

Ready or not! Encourage kids to think of common words and phrases that can work for a knock-knock joke punchline. Hint: almost anything will work. Absurd and weird can skew funny!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Sue who?

I’ll see you in court!

Judge jokes with mercy. Even the worst ones are appealing.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Goat who?

Goat to the store and pick up some bread.

Are you rolling on the floor in laughter yet? Check out these 20 bread puns that are sure to get you loafing around.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Shore who?

Shore hope you love these knock-knock jokes!

What’s better than knock-knock jokes? Nothing! OK, the beach is better.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Butter who?

Butter open the door. It’s hot out here and I’m melting.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Roach who?

Roach you an email! When are you gonna reply back?

Hope that punchline didn’t bug you too much!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Bacon who?

Baking some cookies in there? Smells delicious!

Don’t go bacon any hearts with these jokes!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Taco who?

Taco to you later. It’s taking too long for you to open the door.

Taco bout hilarious! Lettuce laugh. Add cheese please.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Gouda who?

Gouda knock-knock jokes! Don’t you think?

Grate joke! Very sharp! Just brie-tiful.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Will who?

Will you open the door?

For extra fun, have your kids think of proper names that also work as verbs–or sound like them. See if they can write their own jokes.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?

I am.

I am who?

I am who is knocking. Who are you?

Face it. These are brilliant!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Harry who?

Harry up! It’s cold out here!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Through who?

Through the door, once you open it up.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Noah who?

Noah anyone who can open this door?

Honestly, think twice before you invite in a knock-knock joker. They’re ding dongs.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Hope who?

Hope you can still laugh at this great joke!

Time to up your comedy game. Here are 16 physics jokes that science lovers will find funny. Up and atom!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Wood who?

Would you care for another knock-knock joke?

That was a touch stiff. Wood you like to try another joke? We’re rooting for you!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Annie who?

Annie more jokes? I’m running low here.

Looking for something a touch brainier than knock-knock jokes to do with your kids. These are the 25 best children’s books ever written. How many have your kids read so far?

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Horse who?

Your neigh-bor. Neeeeeigh.

Ready to saddle up for some more horsing around? Here are 17 horse jokes that may cause unbridled hysteria. Giddy up!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Pew who?

Pew. Pew. Pew. I’m a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

These are the jokes you’re looking for. Check out these 25 mind-blowing facts for Star Wars fans. May the force be with you.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Can who?

Can you come out and play?

Feel free to rewrite this gag with anything you want to ask. Can you fly to the moon? Laugh any harder? Top that joke? You get the idea.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Rhonda who?

Is this the rendezvous point? I was told to knock twice.

Everyone’s a comedian! If you like your jokes, like you like your coffee—sweet and nutty—then don’t miss these 25 coffee puns to wake you up.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?

I. O.

I. O. who?

Me. When can you pay me back?

Pay them back with laughter! Bank on it! Pile on the non-cents!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Barbie who?

Barbecue sauce! Got any extra?

Get ready for barbe-cute and cute-cumbers! Here are adorable food pun pickup lines to melt in your mouth! Cheese and corn await you!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Tatt who?

I’m too young for a tattoo. Maybe when I’m older.

Kids do get tattoos. Temporary tattoos that slowly rub off across a month’s time. Don’t put them on your face!

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


One who?

One two three. Testing.

Need some good jokes to entertain your classmates and coworkers? Here are 25 friendly, work-friendly, and friendworthy jokes for your friends.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Matt who?

That’s my full name, but my friends call me Matt.

That joke works best on someone named Matthew! Good luck!

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