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20 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Iceland

These jaw-dropping pictures are straight out of a fairytale.

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Black sand beach in Vik, Icelandmantaphoto/Getty Images

You may not be able to travel right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t daydream. If you’re looking for beautiful pictures to help you do just that, look no further. Iceland, with its beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and glaciers, is straight out of a dream. But don’t let us spoil the fun—check out these 20 jaw-dropping photos of Iceland and see for yourself. Make sure you also check out the 17 jaw-dropping photos of Scotland.

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The Godafoss (Icelandic: waterfall of the gods) is a famous waterfall in Iceland. The breathtaking landscape of Godafoss waterfall attracts tourist to visit the Northeastern Region of Iceland.NanoStockk/Getty Images

Goðafoss Waterfall

The origin of this gorgeous waterfall’s name is shrouded in mystery. Some believe “goðafoss” means “waterfall of the god,” while others believe the name comes from two crags at the falls which resemble pagan idols. Here are some more gorgeous travel photos from around the world.

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Aurora borealis above snowy mountains, frozen sea coast and reflection in water in Lofoten islands, Norway. Northern lights. Winter landscape with polar lights, ice in water. Sky with stars and auroraden-belitsky/Getty Images

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the most famous natural wonders of the world. Gaseous particles in the earth collide and create variations of color.

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Blue Lagoon in IcelandDieterMeyrl/Getty Images

Blue Lagoon

This beautiful geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland is also one of the most visited spots in the country. Iceland definitely is a beautiful country—here are 50 others worth a look.

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Öxarárfoss waterfall in Thingvellir National Park, Iceland.Sjo/Getty Images

Thingvellir National Park

This gorgeous national park holds great historical and cultural significance. It’s believed that the first national parliament of Iceland was established at Thingvellir in 930 AD.

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View of Seljalandsfoss one of most stunning waterfalls in Icelandmaniscule/Getty Images


Just looking at this majestic waterfall would be a treat in itself. Lucky for visitors, they can access a cave behind the waterfall through a short hike. Do you think you know a lot about waterfalls? Here are 8 more fun facts worth checking out.

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Jokulsalon Glacial lagoonantonyspencer/Getty Images


This beautiful glacier lake is considered as one of the natural wonders of Iceland. Sadly, due to global warming, the size of this lake grew four times since 1970 due to melting glaciers.

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View of Hofdi, a private forest at the shore of Lake MyvatnTravelina/Getty Images


This gorgeous lake, which was created by a basaltic lava eruption, has a surrounding area that is rich in plants and various birds. Here are some other beautiful lakes from around the world.

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Strokkur Geyser Icelandjesselindemann/Getty Images


This fountain type geyser is a powerful sight and is known to sometimes erupt up to over 130 ft. high.
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Gatklettur arch rock near Hellnar, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland.Devilkae/Getty Images


This peninsula gets its name from the Icelandic word that means “miniature,” as many national sights like the Snæfellsjökull volcano can be found in the area.
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Beautiful landscape panorama with most powerful waterfall in Europe Dettifoss in Vatnajokull National Park in Northeast Iceland. Exotic countries. Amazing places. (Meditation, antistress - concept).AndrijTer/Getty Images


Dettifoss is the second most powerful waterfall in Europe. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful. Check out the most gorgeous waterfall in every state.
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Famous Basalt columns "Troll toes" at Reynisfjara black beach near Vik, Reynisdrangar, Southern Iceland. Coast of the Atlantic ocean. Solar bright gradient effect.Prystai/Getty Images


Legend has it that the basalt sea stacks making up Reynisdrangar originated when two trolls dragged a three-masted ship to land unsuccessfully and turned into needles of rock with sunrise.

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Beautiful colorful volcanic mountains Landmannalaugar in IcelandNeurobite/Getty Images


Landmannalaugar is a popular tourist spot known for its natural geothermal hot springs and surrounding landscape. Here are some hiking trails you don’t have to leave the country to visit.
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solar of sun voyager with the mountain in backgroundKridtin Wongpoovarak/Getty Images

Sun Voyager

The Sun Voyager is a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. It is said to be an ode to the Sun aiming to convey a dream of hope and progress.

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Location Sudurland, cape Dyrholaey, coast of Iceland, Europe. Beauty world.leonid_tit/Getty Images


Dyrhólaey is called Cape Portland by seamen. It is also home to Atlantic puffins during the summertime. Check out the most spectacular sunset from every state.

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Europe. Iceland. Kerid Crater Lake in IcelandPaola Giannoni/Getty Images


You don’t always come across a sight like Kerið. The volcanic crater is also a sight of historical significance, as it approximately 3,000 years old.

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Laugavegur Trail, Icelandjuly7th/Getty Images


This mountain ridge is not only an ode to the Norse god Thor but it’s also one of the most popular hiking trails in Iceland. Check out these vintage photos of natural parks.
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Ásbyrgi Canyon, Iceland: Botnstjörn Pond in Horseshoe CanyonJannHuizenga/Getty Images


The legend has it that Ásbyrgi came about when the eight-legged steed of Odin placed a foot on Iceland. Here are some other 50 legends from every state.

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Solheimajokull glacier (Sólheimajökull) in the south of Iceland is popular with ice climbers and a popular tourist location owing to its size and relative ease of access.Rudi Pereira/Getty Images


This glacier is not only a beautiful sight but also an attraction favored by tourists.

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Viti blue lakeRoksana Bashyrova/Getty Images


Don’t be fooled by the calm air surrounding Askja, as it is a volcano that is still active. Its name means box or caldera in Icelandic. Here are some other active volcanos you can visit.

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Fjaðrárgljúfur canyonJoel Metlen/Getty Images


Are you a Justin Bieber fan? Then you might recognize this spot! After it appeared in a music video by Justin Bieber, Icelandic authorities had to close Fjaðrárgljúfur in May 2019 because of the large volume of visitors. Next, check out these 20 breathtaking wave photos you won’t believe are real.