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11 Instant Pot Secrets You Won’t Find in the Owner’s Manual

That's right! Our sister brand Taste of Home's volunteer field editors who love their Instant Pots share their best tips.

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Those handles double as lid holders

The newer models’ lid handles do double duty, holding the Instant Pot open with the lid out of the way. Besides being great for the buffet line, you can store your Instant Pot this way to ensure the inside fully dries.

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Cooking a dish with gravy? You might need more thickener

Because there’s no evaporation like with traditional cooking methods, your braised recipes may end up with more liquid in the Instant Pot. Try bumping up the cornstarch or flour when adapting recipes. Check out these other super saucy Instant Pot dinners.

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Closeup of a pair of hands cracking an egg into a glass bowlNarattapon Purod/Shutterstock

Use this seriously simple trick for “hard-boiled” eggs

Making one of our favorite egg salad recipes? Cook no-peel hard boiled eggs in a matter of minutes. Crack a few eggs into a baking dish, then pour a cup of water into your Instant Pot. Set the bowl on the steamer rack inside the Instant Pot and pressure cook on high for five minutes. When ready, chop the “egg loaf” up for an awesome head start on brown-bag lunches!

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There’s an easy way to figure out a pasta’s cook time

Start with half the time called for on the package for stovetop boiling until al dente, says a home cook. Or cook this proven rigatoni with sausage and peas tonight.

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Instant PotJeramey Lende/Shutterstock

Turn on the sauté function while you prep

As with any other type of cooking, pointed out one of our expert cooks, preheating the pressure cooker saves you valuable time. Turn on the sauté function while you slice and dice and your Instant Pot will be ready to pressure cook when you’re finished. Here’s how to tell if your chicken is fresh. 

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instant pot accessories sealant ringsvia

Purchase extra sealing rings

Use one for your curries, tacos, and other spicy dishes and save the other for cheesecakes and other delicate flavors, a field editor told us. This color-coded set includes a savory and a sweet gasket. Here are more must-have Instant Pot accessories.

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Little kid girl eating spaghetti bolognese at home for lunchAnna Nahabed/Shutterstock

This is the easiest Instant Pot recipe, ever

All you need is a pound of pasta, 24-ounce jar of pasta sauce, and a jarful of water (or enough to cover the pasta). Add any seasonings you like and cook on high until done (about nine minutes for farfalle). Voilà. Easiest. Dinner. Ever. Don’t miss these 10 reasons you should start cooking with a pressure cooker.

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Bowl full of brown rice on napkinAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Substitute brown rice into any recipe

To substitute brown rice for regular white long-grain, increase the cooking liquid by 1/4 cup and the cook time by five minutes, suggests one of our field editors.

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Kitchen in House: Kitchen Interior with Island, Sink, Cabinets, Stainless Steel Refrigerator, Pendant Lights, and Hardwood Floors in New Luxury HomeBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Put the Instant Pot to work in a kitchen remodel

Living without a regular kitchen is a lot less painful with an Instant Pot. The Instant Pot does a lot of work that you’d rely on from a traditional range—Think: sauté, slow cooker, make rice, along with many other functions—and it saves you time. Plus, here are 8 ways you can meal prep using your Instant Pot.

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Deli-Style Potato SaladTaste of Home

Make potato salad in a pinch

One field editor cooks eggs in among the cubed potatoes for an even faster potato salad prep. Here are more Instant Pot potluck recipes.

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The Instant Pot always saves active time

Not every dish is faster with the Instant Pot, our field editors acknowledged. What the appliance will always save you is active time, so instead of supervising dinner, you can be playing outside with the kids while dinner cooks. Next, check out these 15 other kitchen products people can’t stop buying from Amazon.

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