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12 Inspiring Photos of Kids in the Anti-Racist Movement

Adults aren't the only ones taking the lead in fighting for justice for Black people. Throughout the world, young kids have been stepping up and using their own voices to call for an end to racism and oppression.

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Young people, age-old ideas

There’s no doubt that the murder of George Floyd has shaken up every corner of the world and spurred the continuation of the anti-racist movement with even greater vigor than ever before. However, adults aren’t the only ones taking the lead in fighting for justice for Black people. Throughout the world, young kids have been stepping up and using their own voices to call for an end to racism and oppression. These photos will remind you that everyone, no matter how big or small, has a role to play in the fight against racism. After, read up on how to keep supporting racial justice after the bulk of the protests are over.

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A young girl prepares for the Take The Knee demonstration in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in Windrush Square, Brixton, south west London on June 10, 2020. - Britain has seen days of protests sparked by the death in police custody of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in the United States. (Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images)DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/Getty Images

“My life matters” in Brixton

This young girl is shown at the Take The Knee demonstration in Windrush Square in Brixton, England. Her simple yet heart-wrenchingly earnest sign says all there is to say about the necessity and importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. Check out these 21 powerful protest photos that show global solidarity against racial injustice.

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A child paints a sign as families participate in a children's march in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and national protests against police brutality on June 9, 2020 in the Brooklyn Borough of New York City. - George Floyd will be laid to rest Tuesday in his Houston hometown, the culmination of a long farewell to the 46-year-old African American whose death in custody ignited global protests against police brutality and racism.Thousands of well-wishers filed past Floyd's coffin in a public viewing a day earlier, as a court set bail at $1 million for the white officer charged with his murder last month in Minneapolis. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)ANGELA WEISS/Getty Images

Painting signs in Brooklyn

This young girl, probably no more than four years of age, puts the finishing touches on her sign that proclaims “Black Lives Matter.” She proves an important concept: It is never too early (or too late, for that matter) to commit acts of allyship and solidarity. This young participant was getting ready to attend a children’s march in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in Brooklyn earlier this June. These are 22 of the most powerful signs seen at Black Lives Matter protests.

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Solidarity in Marseille

The murder of George Floyd has sparked protests throughout the world, as demonstrated in this powerful image of a boy, his father, and a fellow protester at a Black Lives Matter rally at the Vieux-Port in Marseille, France. The three are raising their fists and the protester has the words “We are all one” emblazoned across his chest. The young boy is front and center of the photo, and his courage is palpable through the frame.

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The tale of two pandemics in Wales

This striking photo, from a Black Lives Matter rally in Barry, Wales in early June, depicts the difficult reality that the world is currently facing: The tale of two pandemics, namely, racism and COVID-19. The young girl in the photo is wearing a surgical mask, reminding us of the extra level of sacrifice and bravery necessary to protest during these uncertain times. Read up on these five studies that show racism in healthcare is real.

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“The real boss” in Times Square

This young girl, riding on a man’s shoulders, can easily be spotted amidst the huge crowd of protestors at Times Square in Manhattan. This girl serves as a beacon of hope with her steadfast gaze and shirt depicting her to be “the real boss” (which she most certainly is). This is how one Black mother talks to her daughter about racism.

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Taking the lead in Massachusetts

In early June, third-grader and Somerville, Massachusetts resident Naomi Nurenberg organized a neighborhood protest in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. This photo depicts Quinn Williams and Nora Rudy, two neighborhood children, with their handmade sign reading “Honk if you respect everyone.” Talk about a grassroots campaign. This is what it really means to be an ally in the movement towards equality.

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“Youth for peace” in Rome

This young boy, outside of the San Bartolomeo church on Isola Tiberna in Rome, protested the murder of George Floyd and racism everywhere with members of Youth For Peace. The Italian youth group’s aim is to foster a sense of friendship and solidarity. His mask eloquently reads, “The only race I know is the Human one,” which is an important reminder today and every day. Here are 25 other powerful quotes that speak volumes in the fight against racism.

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One-man show in Washington D.C.

This one-man (or should I say, one-boy) protest on the newly anointed Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C. caught the eyes (and phone cameras) of those walking around him. His handmade sign and solitary action prove to be heartfelt and important reminders that everyone everywhere can play a role in this fight. This is the psychology behind prejudice.

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Personal experiences in New York

At the end of June, nine-year-old Cristiana Gant of Rockville Centre, New York marched alongside adults and fellow kids alike to protest against police brutality. Her sign heartbreakingly reads, “I’m only 9 years old and I have experienced racism.” Gant’s bravery and ability to use her voice to create change should make us all reevaluate the role we’re each playing in this struggle. These are 20 everyday acts of racism that don’t get talked about enough.

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Protests Continue Across The Country In Reaction To Death Of George FloydDavid Ryder/Getty Images

Using her voice in Seattle

This young girl led a chant on stage as protesters rallied at Westlake Park before marching through downtown Seattle, Washington in mid-June. Although some may be more high-pitched than others, each person’s voice is valid and necessary to hear. These are 12 unexpected places protesting the murder of George Floyd.

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“I can’t breathe” in London

Two young boys pose with their signs at a protest in Parliament Square in London, England. Both boys wore surgical masks with the words “I can’t breathe” written on them. They serve as a reminder of both the legacy of police brutality as well as the way in which Black people are being negatively affected by COVID-19 at higher rates than their White counterparts. The older boy’s sign, saying, “At what age do I go from being cute to being dangerous?” is an important question that all adults should reflect upon. Here are 15 essential books for understanding race relations in America.

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Children demonstration in the Netherlands

This group of kids gathered in the country’s first-ever Black Lives Matter Children Demonstration in Diemen, The Netherlands. As all of these images remind us, the fight against racism is global. It crosses country, age, gender, and racial lines and it is the duty of everyone to get involved. And don’t forget, little actions can end up making a world of difference: Here are 14 small ways you can fight racism every day.

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