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11 Best Inflatable Pools You’ll Use Every Day This Summer

Cool off fast with an easy-to-set-up inflatable pool for every sized backyard.

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Family enjoying an inflatable pool in the summer timePeter Cade/Getty Images

Make a splash!

As we get ready for another sweaty summer ahead it’s time to think about quick and easy ways to cool off. Whether you’re low on space or want immediate gratification, an inflatable pool is a great option to add some chill to your backyard. Besides, inflatable pools are both practical and more affordable than in-ground pools. They also offer all the fun and relaxing summer vibes without any of the stress of keeping up a pool year-round.

On a more practical level, inflatable pools are available immediately, so you don’t have to wait months to literally dive right in.

“Right now, it’s all about availability. Many pool builders are booked out until next year, and the above-ground pool market is severely depleted, so most people looking to enjoy the water are left with limited options,” said Tracy Dick, pool expert at Leslie’s. “If you want to swim this summer, an inflatable pool is your best bet.”

Before you start shopping, Dick offered some tips:

  • How and where will it be used? The most important thing to consider when shopping for an inflatable pool is where and how it will be used. Before you begin the shopping process, Dick said to “make sure you’ve got a location identified that is large enough for your needs, flat enough, on compacted and firm ground, and with enough clearance from balconies, decks, platforms, and potential sources of electricity.
  • Safety first: Before you even consider a pool, assess your space and set up a safety plan. That includes designating someone to be a “pool watcher” whose only job is to watch the pool. To make things easier, change the pool watcher every 10 or 15 minutes. Drowning isn’t the only pool danger you need to be aware of.
  • Get the proper size: To get the most enjoyment, Dick said that “it’s vital to get a pool that is large enough to comfortably hold the maximum number of swimmers you might have.”

Other considerations include the cost for water to fill your pool, the cost of supplies needed to maintain your pool’s condition and your water’s health, and if you will need any type of permit from your local authorities. The last thing you want to do is purchase an inflatable pool and find out that it’s not permitted or requires significant legal approval.

After you find the best inflatable pool, pick out the best swimsuit and a chic pair of sunglasses and get ready to have some fun.

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Aquadoo Family Swimming Inflatable Poolvia

Aquadoo Family Swimming Inflatable Pool

If you really want a pool but are worried about overspending, this is a great budget inflatable pool. It’s large enough to keep several kids or two adults happily splashing without taking up too much room. It’s also built to last of extra-thick, non-toxic material, so despite its affordable price, you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Be sure to also stock up on beach towels for your guests.

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ZATK Inflatable Poolvia

ZATK Inflatable Pool

Inflatable swimming pools can have a bad reputation as being made for toddlers or not having much depth, but that’s not true at all. This pool that measures 94 inches x 55 inches is made for both adults and kids and has a neat trick that allows you to choose how high to inflate depending on who’ll be splashing around. This one is our pick for the best inflatable pool for large families. Don’t forget the beach chairs!

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ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslidevia

ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide

If you can’t spend the entire summer at the water park, here’s the next best thing. This cool inflatable pool combines all the thrilling elements of a water slide combined with an inflatable pool that comes with a blower motor and can be inflated in less than three minutes. At $400+, this is not the kiddie pool you splashed around in as a kid, but it’s definitely our pick for best backyard game.

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5 / 12 Red Heart-Shaped Inflatable Swimming Poolvia Red Heart-Shaped Inflatable Swimming Pool

One of the more fun aspects of inflatable pools is that you can go a bit crazier with your choices than you would with a backyard swimming pool. So while you might not want a heart-shaped in-ground pool, you can show off your love with a more temporary version. This cute pool is 24 inches deep, so it’s probably a better pick for adults and we officially declare this one the best pool for couples!

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Poolcandy Adult Inflatable Rainbow Sunning Poolvia

Poolcandy Adult Inflatable Rainbow Sunning Pool

We know that you’re already house proud, which is why you’re choosing an inflatable swimming pool that reflects your excellent taste. This rainbow-striped pool also lets you express your pride while catching some rays. Please note that this is more of a pool to hang out and cool off in since it’s kind of small in size. Still, you’ll want to make sure to apply sunscreen while enjoying it. Here are 17 of the best face sunscreens

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Summer Waves Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Poolvia

Summer Waves Above Ground Inflatable Swimming Pool

If you’re as picky about your inflatable pool as you are about your outdoor decor, you might be looking for something a bit more subtle. With a 10-foot circumference, this pool has enough room for everyone to play comfortably and a subtle basket weave design that adds a bit of elegance to all the merriment.

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Intex Miniature Outdoor Frame Beginner Teaching Above Ground Square Kiddie Swimming Poolvia

Intex Miniature Outdoor Frame Beginner Teaching Above Ground Square Kiddie Swimming Pool

If you’re limited in space but still want your kids to have fun splashing around this summer, this teeny pool is a great pick. At only 4-foot x 4-foot the pool has a small footprint but with foam padding and comfort beams, it offers a great option to teach even the tiniest paddlers to swim.

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Minnidip Pool: That's Banana leavesvia

Minnidip Pool: That’s Banana leaves

We are obsessed with this pool which is described as being an “Adult Kiddie Pool.” Decorated with palm leaves in several shades of green along with a hint of coral, this inflatable pool is just waiting patiently to grace your Instagram feed. Add some tropical-themed cocktails and you’ll know why it’s also our pick for the most stylish inflatable swimming pool. Bonus points for providing your besties with an inflatable beach pillow so they can get some beauty sleep while lazing in the sunshine. If you plan on staying in the water for hours, consider purchasing some sun-protective clothing.

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Intex 120V Electric Air Pump & Intex Inflatable Ocean Scene Sun Shade Kids Poolvia

Intex 120V Electric Air Pump & Intex Inflatable Ocean Scene Sun Shade Kids Pool

OK, so it’s not exactly one of the most extravagant hotel pools in the world, but this inflatable swimming pool is adorable and just the slightest bit sneaky. With a built-in sunshade, you can feel a bit better about junior splashing outdoors knowing there’s a clever canopy blocking some of the sun.

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Nanbone Inflatable Pool for Kidsvia

Nanbone Inflatable Pool for Kids

File this one under cuteness overload. This adorable inflatable pool has its own slide and even a dolphin that sprays water at little swimmers.

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GETNOIVAS Inflatable Pool in One Button Inflationvia

GETNOIVAS Inflatable Pool in One Button Inflation

This small but mighty inflatable pool has an automatic air pump so you can inflate it in five minutes. It’s also really small, so if you’re planning on traveling it will be easy to pack your pool and take it along on your summer adventures.

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