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15 Hilarious Pokémon Puns

Remember how Team Rocket used to say "to denounce the evils of truth and love"? Who hurt them?!

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1999 (L To R) Pikachu, Psyduck, Togepy, Squirtle In The Animated Movie "Pokemon:The First Movie."Getty Images

I’m not saying they’re good, but they’re definitely Pokémon puns

Back in December 2019, Jeopardy! featured a Pokémon category, and it was, at least to me, an Earth-shattering hit. One contestant, Ann, arguably mopped the floor with Jennifer and Jeff, but each contestant was able to correctly buzz in at least once. These aren’t exactly Jeopardy!-level brain benders, but we decided to get in on the fun. Plus, did you know these 15 fun facts about your favorite apps and games?

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The perfect setup for your Pokémon puns

Prepare to be a-Mew-sed. Well? Were you? Sorry.

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It’s also where I belong for this one

What Pokémon does Dracula like most? Koffin. Kome on! Korny!

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For the Pokémon in pursuit of something greater

What college do Pokémon go to? StarU. It also sounds like a school where the only acceptance requirement is you are exceptionally glamourous. If your favorite fictional school is Hogwarts, here are 23 Harry Potter jokes and puns every Muggle should know.

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For the Pokémon monitoring their lactose intake

What do you call a low-fat Pokémon? Butterfree. I would never call a high-fat Pokémon anything, it’s rude.

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Picture eight water skiing Haunters arranged in a pyramid

Where do Haunters like to water ski? Lake Erie. I am aware Haunters do not have feet, please suspend your disbelief for just one moment for these Pokémon puns. While water skiing, maybe the Haunters will enjoy these beach puns.

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I choose you, old sport

What’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous work? The Great Gastly. I will not be apologizing for this one because it is objectively hilarious. If space is more your speed, check out these 20 Star Wars jokes for both sides of the Force.

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More from the hashtag #PokemonABook

One Flew Over The Mewtwo’s Nest. Remember when Mewtwo said “I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” Do you remember when he said that? In a movie that came out 22 years ago as of the publication of this post? Not Gandhi, not Abraham Lincoln, not Nelson Mandela. Mewtwo.

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Lt. Surge’s book club

The Catcher in the Raichu. Raichu, Thunder Shock on that phony!

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Everyone say thank you Cher

Do you Bayleaf in life after love? Uh, yeah I believe in life after love, but you better get to the Pokémon Center first! Here are some more corny jokes and puns that you can’t help but laugh at.

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Just a story about a couple of birds:

Pidgeot Jones’s Diary. Funnily enough, both Bridget Jones and Pidgeot are really very pretty girls. Here are 15 more bird puns that will quack you up.

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Weedles are daredevils, you know?

What do you call a Weedle who does stunts on a motorcycle? Weedle Knievel. A Weedle never backs down from a dare.

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If you’d caught one, you’d have seen this coming

Which Pokémon can tell you the future? Pikahead. I deserve the electric (type) chair for this one, I know!

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OK, I’m blushing

Are you a Pikachu? Because you are shockingly beautiful. This one really took a turn I was not expecting, and in the right direction. I’m a little pink. Slap this on the list of funny and punny compliments that’ll win anyone over.

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The embers of love

My love for you burns like Charizard’s tail. I know this is not technically a pun, but I was so charmed by it! Plus, if I no longer receive the attention and the theoretical flame goes out, I will also die.

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It means no worries

What do you tell a stressed-out Pokémon? “Kakuna Rattata!” What? It’s our problem-free philosophy. If you liked that one, you’ll definitely want to check out our favorite Disney puns and jokes!