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60 Hilarious Cat Memes You Will Laugh at Every Time

Can anything brighten a day better than a funny cat? These hilarious cat memes are guaranteed to make you crack a smile.

Are those new cat memes?Getty Images,

Share these meow-velous cat memes to get some serious laughs

There’s no doubt that cats are feisty, adorable, and curious animals. Their independent and mischievous nature (combined with some seriously funny quirks) keeps their owners on their toes constantly. These little quirks and unique behaviors also inspire some of the best memes on the internet.

Animal memes in general are hilarious, and no disrespect to dog memes, corgi memes, and other pet memes, but there’s something special about cat memes. The fact that an adorable kitty can perfectly capture a funny and relatable moment is on another level of funny. Read on for the best cat memes you’ll find if you’re in need of some feline-inspired humor—and don’t forget to check out these funny cat jokes, too!

Oh hiGetty Images,

Caught in the act

I was going to clean this up or hide before you got home. Hey, at least you got a funny cat photo out of it.

Image of cat with one eye open. Meme text: Meowed until the human woke up. I didn't need anything, I just felt like being, Getty Images

Wake up call

It’s what we cats do best. Check out these funny cat names that are perfect for your new kitty.

Too tiredGetty Images,

It just didn’t capture my attention like the back of my eyelids did. Something that did catch my attention? These funny cat and dog photos.

Image of cats sitting in the window, looking out. Meme text: it's the cops. Hide the, Getty Images

Illegal activity

I’m on it! If these cat memes are making you crack up, you’ll also love these cat cartoons.

When your human doesn't like the dead birdGetty Images,

Gag gift

I thought it was a nice gift. Speaking of gifts, you’ve got to see these great gifts for cat lovers.

Keyboard heatGetty Images,

Keyboard heat

The hum of the monitor lulls me right to sleep too. You have to see these cats that look like tigers.

JudgerGetty Images,


Are you really going to have that second cookie? Watch out for these things you do that your cat actually hates.

One life leftGetty Images,

One life left

I can’t lose you! These cat memes include some of the things your cat would love to tell you.

Cat BondGetty Images,

Cat Bond

The names Cat, Cat Bond. These common “facts” about cats are actually false.

Not treats for youGetty Images,

Not treats for you

I demand my fair share! This is why cats sleep so much.

Grumpy pantsGetty Images,

Grumpy pants

There aren’t enough hours in the day to be mad about life. Here are some of the cutest cat breeds you’ll want to adopt.

Cat tripGetty Images,

Cat trip

Take me on vacation too! Here are some vacation memes that are way too accurate.
Dinner timeGetty Images,

Dinner time

Bring it on! Check out the best diet for cats, according to vets.

The night shiftGetty Images,

The night shift

I do it because I love you. If you can’t get enough of cats, check out these ugly cats that are actually super cute.

Image of cat in a box. Meme text: If it fits, I, Getty Images

Boxes are my fave

Who needs a pillow or a couch to lay on when this box will work purr-fectly? These are the things your cat wishes you’d stop doing.

In the market for a dog?Getty Images,

In the market for a dog?

This cat’s evil plan for a dog-free home is taking shape. Check out more funny animal pictures you need in your life.

So. Full.Getty Images,

So. Full.

We can all relate to this cat meme after a satisfying meal. Don’t forget to browse these cute cat pictures!

You might need to go shoppingGetty Images,

You might need to go shopping

How do cats always know to rip up the very last roll of toilet paper?! These hilarious cartoons prove animals are funnier than humans.

Trying to scare you!Getty Images,

Trying to scare you!

OK, maybe the “roar” is more of a “meow.” Here are more pictures of cute kittens we’ll think you’ll love.

Killing 'em with cutenessGetty Images,

Killing ’em with cuteness

Puppy dog eyes are so overrated. After you’ve gushed over these cat memes, boost your mood with these other adorable animal photos.

In full flightGetty Images,

In full flight

And you thought cats on Roombas were funny! Check out these boy cat names that are simply purr-fect.

All mineGetty Images,

All mine

My purr-ecious. Getting a new girl cat soon? Here are some girl cat names to browse.

Channeling Michael JacksonGetty Images,

Channeling Michael Jackson

Now that’s someone who loves the catwalk. If you love these, check out these funny friend memes you’ll want to send to your human BFFs.

When you turn on selfie mode by accidentGetty Images,

When you turn on selfie mode by accident

“Is that really what I look like?” If you decide to post that funny selfie, use one of these selfie captions to make your post pop.

Lazy daysGetty Images,

Lazy days

Hey, mornings are hard. Luckily, you have these good morning memes to help you rise and shine.

A bit hung upGetty Images,

A bit hung up

We all need a helping hand sometimes. Paws just won’t always work. If you like these cat memes, check out these hilarious cat puns for more laughs.

Image of cat holding a taco and a coffee. Meme text: Taco cat backwards is taco, Getty Images

Taco cat

Tomorrow’s menu: purritos. Need more taco humor? These taco puns really shell out the laughs.

Nerd humorGetty Images,

Nerd humor

Plus, all the good chemistry jokes argon. Next, check out these zodiac signs as cat breeds as well.

Just keep coolGetty Images,

Just keep cool

That feeling when you know someone is staring at you. Here are more funny photos guaranteed to make you smile.

Image of cat looking at fish that says "i need dis", Getty Images

“Can I haz it?”

What’s yours is mine! If you’re loving these cat memes, you’ll want to pick up Cat Face, the cat meme-themed card game.

Please say voice mailbox is full …Getty Images,

Please say voice mailbox is full…

The only thing worse than talking on the phone is babbling through a voice message.

The internal struggle is realGetty Images,

The internal struggle is real

Now, human, hold the door open for five minutes while I decide. Ha! Don’t miss these hilarious farm animals while you’re taking a look through these cat memes.

Image of cat in business attire drinking coffee. Meme text: You're talking to me before I've had my coffee. You like living dangerously?, Getty Images

But first, coffee

No matter how important, it can wait 20 minutes. You know what can’t wait, though? These hilarious coffee memes.

I regret nothing

No regrets

Some things do taste better than skinny feels.

Getty Images,

That inside/outside air

You gotta pick one or the other.

Getty Images,

Wake up call

It’s part of my everyday routine.

Getty Images,

Quarantine kitties

There’s only room for one cat in this house.

Getty Images,

Not a morning person

Leave me alone, please.

Getty Images,

Crazy cat lady

So kind of you.

Getty Images,

On the couch

Sorry, it’s two against one.

When Its Day 558 Of Quarentine And You Start To Laugh At Your Own Jokes, Getty Images


Someone has to.

Getty Images,

Do you know what time it is?

Hint: it’s past my dinner time. Watch out for these signs that your cat is secretly mad at you.

Getty Images,

An embarrassing outfit

Thankfully, the neighbor cat is sleeping.

Getty Images,

Shiney clean

I have no regrets.

Summer body? How about spring rolls?Getty Images,

Summer body? How about spring rolls?

There’s always next summer.

When Youre The First One In The Virtual Meeting And Waiting For Others To, Getty Images

Early bird gets the worm

Or maybe the mouse in this case? By the way, these working from home memes are hilariously accurate.

When You See A Coworker While Youre On Vacation, Getty Images

You’re here too?

Is anyone working this week?

When Your Human Dresses You Up For Your Millionth Cute Cat Photo, Getty Images

What a cute kitty

At least you’ll get a treat out of it.

When Youre Trying To Take More Group Photos But Your Friends Arent On, Getty Images

Say cheese!

What a precious memory captured.

When The Neighbors Are Arguing And Youre Trying To Hear The, Getty Images

Can you speak up a bit?

Some of us are trying to eavesdrop.

Oh Theres A Dead Mouse On Your Pillow Howd That Get There, Getty Images


It’s the thought that counts.

When Your Dinner Is Usually At 6 But Its 601 And Theres Nodish In Sight, Getty Images

Chop chop!

What’s the hold-up?

When You See Your Sibling Getting In Trouble For Something You Did, Getty Images


I owe you one, bro!

When Your Humans Guest Calls You A Chunky Kitty, Getty Images

Excuse meow?

Consider this your cue to leave.

You Said Thered Be Treats In Here, Getty Images

The ultimate betrayal

Now you have to watch your back in your own home.

When You Finally Find A Good Use For The Dog, Getty Images

Onward, doggo

Mice and squirrels await!

When You Wake Up At 3 Am Absolutely Parched, Getty Images

Sweet sink water

There’s nothing like it in the dead of night.

When You Realize Your Human Controls The Dreaded Red Dot, Getty Images

It was you the whole time?!?

Cat mind = blown. We love a good wholesome meme about cats!

When Someone Tells You To Smile For The Camera, Getty Images

Close enough


When The Humans Bring Home Another Dog, Getty Images

You’ve got to be kitten me

One of their nine lives flashed before their eyes after hearing the news. Had your fill of cat memes? Check out these funny dog photos that will make you actually laugh out loud.