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12 Easy Ways to Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box

Take your cat furniture from stinky to stylish.

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Hidden Cat Litter boxes for homevia

You love your cat, we love your cat, but no one loves the cat’s litter box. How on earth can you hide the cat litter box? Whether you’ve just moved, or just got lucky enough to bring home a new kitty, finding a place to put the litter box where it isn’t an eyesore (or a nose-sore) is a real challenge. Even if you live in a big house, do you really want to dedicate a whole room to be the cat’s bathroom? And if you live in an apartment, forget it. Now, as well as trying to figure out if cats automatically know how to use a litter box, or looking up how to litter train a kitten, you’re clearing closets and considering cutting holes in the under-sink cabinet in the bathroom to give them some furry privacy. You’re looking up how to neutralize odors, and how to get your cat’s bathroom to smell like roses. Well, sit back down, cat parent, because there is an easier way: we’re talking about cat litter box enclosures! They screen the litter box from view, keeping odors in check while giving your cat a hidden place to do their business. Some even double as other pieces of furniture! We’ve rounded up the absolute best ways to hide the cat litter box so that you and your cat can live in hygienic design harmony. And as a bonus, you’ll finally have time to focus on learning how to train a cat.

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Bundle & Bliss Secret Cat Litter Boxvia

Bundle & Bliss Secret Litter Box

This litter box enclosure doubles as a pop of greenery—it’s got a faux (but very realistic looking) fake plant on top! Below, an extra-roomy enclosure allows even your chunkiest Maine Coon kitty to go in and out with ease. Simply place the Bundle & Bliss Secret Litter Box in a corner, and turn the door to the wall. The high walls prevent your cat from tracking litter out of it, and reviewers say there’s no smell. Nearly 900 five-star reviews (out of 1085) agree.

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MSmask Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Shelvesvia

MSmask Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Shelves

If your cat (or you!) needs a little extra storage, the MSmask Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Shelves is the way to go. The surface can hold a cat bed, or some of your tchotchkes and the handy shelves make storing cat toys a breeze. We love the classy white marble finish and the mega-cute cat-shaped entrance. If you need a slightly smaller solution to hide the cat litter box, this model also comes as a narrower side table, with a top drawer instead of shelves.

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Secret Igloo Cat Litter Box Enclosurevia

Igloo Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Considering this is a solution to hide the cat litter box, the Igloo Enclosure makes a serious design statement. Nothing about this chic globe says “litter box.” Kitty traverses around a spiral corridor to prevent litter from getting all over your floor, and to allow them some privacy. As a bonus, it’ll keep your dog out (as long as they’re bigger than your cat). Many relieved reviewers reported that their dog was totally unable to get inside. Plus, can we say again how cool this igloo looks?

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Two-Door Cat Litter Box Enclosurevia

Two-Door Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Like many of these ways to hide the cat litter box, this Two-Door Cat Litter Box Enclosure requires some assembly but is definitely worth the DIY. This adorable cabinet features a cat-head-shaped entrance at either side for streamlining your kitty’s bathroom visits. It has an internal movable and removable panel, easy-close magnetic latches on the doors, and makes a great end table too. Three holes at the back solve any ventilation problems, and the walnut finish will match any existing décor. And if you hate cleaning up the cat poop, get yourself one of these these self-cleaning litter boxes that do the dirty work for you.

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Trixie Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosurevia

Trixie Litter Box Enclosure

This simple, affordable way to hide the cat litter box is a great solution for smaller spaces. We love the cute house-shaped entrance of the Trixie Litter Box Enclosure, and the big door which makes it easy to clean. Pop a pet-safe house plant on top and tuck it into a corner, and no guest would ever guess that this little box is a cat bathroom. Ventilation holes in the back mean odor is not a problem, and the clean paneling makes a classy design statement.

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Mid-Century Modern Cat Hidden Litter Box Enclosurevia

Mid-Century Modern Cat Litter Box Enclosure

If you won’t add anything to your home that doesn’t have serious design chops, but you also need a way to hide the cat litter box, look no further. This gorgeous mid-century style cat litter box enclosure is a perfect solution for the fashion-forward kitty. Reviewers note that it is heavy, but that’s due to the solid wood construction. As a bonus, the entrance can be switched to either side of the cabinet for flexible positioning.

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Good Life USA Cat Litter Enclosure with Cat Scratch Padvia

Good Life USA Cat Litter Enclosure with Cat Scratch Pad

This stylish piece of cat furniture from Good Life USA comes with a cat scratchpad in the entrance as a bonus (and to pick up any stray litter on your kitty’s paws). The litter box is then hidden behind a pair of cabinet doors, making it easy to change out. Save your other furniture and hide the litter box in one! Reviewers note that it is good for large cats and can hold some weight on top: One reviewer added shelves for extra bathroom storage!

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New Age Pet Litter Loo or secret cat litter boxvia

New Age Pet Litter Loo

Another affordable option to hide the cat litter box, this simple farmhouse-style piece of cat furniture will accommodate any cat and any design scheme. As an added bonus, the door flips down for the easiest clean-up in the world. Cut-out panels at the top provide ventilation. Best of all, the Litter Loo is easy to assemble: Plastic screws mean no tools required.

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Unipaws Cat Washroomvia

Unipaws Cat Washroom

With over 2,000 five-star reviews, the Unipaws Cat Washroom is a large, comfortable piece of cat furniture perfect for hiding the cat litter box. This would be a good option for multi-cat households. A movable interior panel stops litter from getting out onto your floor, and the wide surface on top makes it a perfect extra end table or surface storage solution.

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Penn-Plax Cat Litter Box Enclosurevia

Penn-Plax Cat Litter Box Enclosure

The ultimate small-space solution to hide the cat litter box (as long as your cat isn’t too chunky!) is this slim cabinet. With a cute cat-shaped side entrance on each side, vented door, and convenient top storage drawer this piece of cat furniture is a perfect buy for those in a smaller apartment or cottage. The height makes it great for stacking books or displaying a plant.

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Penn-Plax Contemporary Cat Litter Cabinetvia

Penn-Plax Contemporary Cat Litter Cabinet

From the same brand as above, but designed with a larger space in mind is this contemporary cabinet. Another one for mid-century design lovers, this convenient litter box concealer stands on four legs, with an opening on one side and ventilation holes on the other. Double doors make cleanup very easy. The porthole entrance is chic and subtle, perfect for the discerning kitty.

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Merry Products Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosurevia

Merry Products Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure

This cat furniture from Merry Products isn’t just a great way to hide the cat litter box, it’s also an all-purpose storage solution perfect for a bathroom. A rod on the side is great for hanging a hand towel, while the stacked shelving on top adds double the surface area for décor or storage. Plus, it seems like a nice solution to have the cat’s bathroom in the family bathroom! As a bonus, this is one room where the fan runs regularly, so any odor is easily dealt with. Win-win-win!

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