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40 Happy Pictures to Take Your Mind Off Things

Life got you down? Worry not, because all you need to lift your spirits are these happy pictures that can take your mind off anything.

Does life have you down? Worry not, because all you need to lift your spirits are these happy pictures. These cute, funny, or straight-up hilarious photos are certain to bring a smile to your face. So if you’re ready to make your day better, take a deep dive into these 40 happy pictures that can take your mind off anything. Make sure you also check out these 101 funny jokes to have an even better day!

This fluffy dog playing in the grass

Don’t you just want to just roll around with him? These animal pictures are just as cute as this one, if not more.

These adorable kissing bunnies

Love is cute in every shape and form.

This snuggly cat on a bed

This is as cozy as a photo can get. You probably already knew cats are cute, but did you know that so are these unexpected cute animals?

This helpful little hamster

Could doing housework be any cuter? These are the most peaceful places on earth.

This adorable baby puppy duo

Looking at them just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. These stunning rainbow photos will brighten your day.

This friendly harbor seal

Oh hey there, little guy! Seals are by no means tiny, but these small animals are just as cute as this friendly guy.

This sleepy baby kitten

Isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? Check out these arrestingly beautiful photos that stand the test of time.

This fancy little puppy

He’s all ready for spring with his flowers. These adorable puppies are just as cute as this one.

This happy baby petting a dog

You can tell they’re going to be best friends for life. These perfectly timed nature photos look fake‚but aren’t.

These cute friends hanging out on the couch

Try not to smile after looking at them for even a second. Make sure you also check out these hilarious and cute baby pictures.

This cherry-loving little guy

He needs to wipe his face!

This photogenic bird eating a red rosehip

No one has ever looked better when eating.

This pretty golden retriever

He looks so cute with the berry on his nose. Take a look at these gorgeous river photos from around the world.

This cute baby monkey eating fruit

He looks so focused on his task. Do you know how many types of monkeys there are in the world?

This guinea pig with the “big” snack

Can he really eat all that?

This adorable photoshoot

Pink really suits this cat! Make sure you also check out these other funny photos.

These goofy little guys

Are those pineapples or kittens? We really can’t tell.

These two “Dalmatians”

I think we spotted an imposter. Make sure you also take a look at these funny dogs.

These young elephant seals

Uh-oh! It seems like one’s very startled.

This bulldog trying a cat door

Is it just us, or does he look a bit stuck?

This mother-daughter duo

Look at that smushy baby!

This family of “bunnies”

Costumes are always fun!

This baby enjoying summer

He really is living his best life.

This joyful elephant

That certainly is a smile on his face! Did you know that animals can do these 14 amazing things?

This happy little frog

Look at all those pretty colors!

This goofy camel

He’s taking silly faces to the next level!

These little guys taking a bath

Aren’t they the world’s best trio?

This package with a surprise inside

Did somebody order cuteness? Make sure you also check out these funny quotes for a good laugh.

These camera-savvy squirrels

They’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

This comfortable-looking pug

Aren’t those glasses a little too big for him? Make sure you also check out these happy quotes that will lift your spirits.

This unusual pair

It looks like this lizard found a home.

This cute little guy

Look at those goofy glasses!

These tiny water-travelers

Frog on a snail on a…turtle?

These cute easter bunnies

A great idea for next Easter.

This baby shark

He’s definitely the cutest shark around!

This baby with the mohawk

She really is rocking that look. These calming pictures can also make a bad day better.

This adorable after-bath playtime

This sight could easily warm anybody’s heart.

This comfy little puppy

Pool time has never been better.

This musical lizard

Look at him just jamming out!

This fancy dog

Bold look, but he’s really rocking it.