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10 Effortless Work Hairstyles Made for the Busiest Mornings

Even with a jam-packed morning schedule, it's still possible to look pulled together and professional for work. Here are some time-saving easy morning hairstyles for when you're running late in the a.m.


Flip your part

If you have short hair, simply try flipping your part. “Part your hair on the opposite side than you normally do and pin the other side behind your ear,” says Amelia Coyne, professional hair stylist and colorist at Aire Blow Dry Bar. “You can even flatiron for a trendy sleek look,” Coyne says.


Pump it up

For short hair, add some volume with dry shampoo at the root. “Section out a Mohawk-like piece at the top of the head and blast with a dryer,” Coyne suggests. “This will absorb any oils but still give you some height for a just-blown-out look.” Here are some other great uses for dry shampoo.


Get twisted

For longer hair, Coyne says a braid is one of the best easy morning hairstyles. Think more Katniss Everdeen than Pippi Longstocking. “Braids are everyone’s best friend on next day hair or when time is limited,” says Coyne, “You can do a classic French braid or a trendy side fishtail braid to still get an effortless look for daytime and work.” Cute Girl Hairstyles has quick five- to 10-minute hair tutorials that everyone can do.


Add a barrette

You can create countless quick and easy hairstyles with a barrette. “Clip back your hair at the nape of the neck or on the sides for shorter bangs that you may want to secure off your face using a good quality barrette,” offers Adam Broderick, owner at the Adam Broderick Salons and Spas. One caveat: Skip the scrunchie because it doesn’t look professional, he says. Read about the fashion hacks that make your outfit look expensive.


Slick it back

One of Coyne’s favorite hairstyles for work is a slicked back look. “For a more dramatic but still easy look, part your hair in the middle. Flatiron your hair so it’s nice and sleek. Take a section on both sides parting right behind the ears. Use hair spray and sleek the sides down. Then pin right behind the ears.” This look also works without flat-ironing your hair. Just spray the hair with some water to slick hair down. Make sure to use a comb to get hair really smooth. Pair this style with some affordable jewelry and you’ll be the trendiest person at work.


Top knot twist

For hair that really needs washing, Coyne says your best bet is to pull it back. “A simple top knot style will look good with any outfit and for any occasion,” she says, “First put the hair in a sleek ponytail. To make the bun, you can either use a “donut,” which can be bought at beauty supply stores or you can make your own bun. To do that, tease your pony tail and wrap it around and pin as go.” Lastly, use hairspray to smooth down any strays or flyaway hairs.


The power ponytail

“A lower ponytail looks more professional than a higher ponytail,” Broderick says. For a super sleek ponytail, make sure to use a fine hair spray or water mist to keep hair looking smooth.


All about the shine

“When you’re pressed for time in the morning, you can spray leave-in conditioner along with a dab of shine oil and apply it together but making sure not to get it on your roots. Blow dry down using a paddle brush to polish the cuticle layer on your hair for a speedy sleek look,” says Salon Gregories hairstylist and artistic educator Happy Harrigan. Make sure not to use too much; otherwise you hair will look greasy and sticky, which is definitely not the look you’re going for.


Sleep on it

Sometimes the best way to have great hair is to simply do your hair the night before. “My advice is to sleep with your hair up,” says Jeff Nance, a hairstylist at Salon Gregories. “To help prevent frizz overnight, lightly spray Oribe’s Shine Light Reflecting Spray on freshly washed and style hair before bedtime.” Learn more about keeping your hair healthy by avoiding these nighttime habits that ruin your hair.


Wake up to waves

Another favorite overnight trick, according to Judy McGuinness, senior stylist, at Mizu New York Salon, is to shower the night before. “Washing hair at night saves time, and if your hair is still a little damp, it can actually help create texture while you sleep,” she says. Braid your hair to enhance the effect. In the morning, unbraid and use a curling iron to add some bouncier curls to the front sections. Read here for more hair stylists’ secrets.

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