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8 Five-Minute Hair Hacks Lazy Girls Will Appreciate

Consider these pointers your hairway to heaven.

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Curl your hair in a ponytail

Ever wonder how anyone has the time and patience to curl their hair on a busy morning? With this curling hack, you can get romantic curls in just five minutes. Start by throwing your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head. While it’s still up, curl your hair away from your face. Snip the band out to reveal curls worthy of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Learn more with this full tutorial from Alysa Aeschbacher. Or check out these clever tricks to curl hair without a curling iron.

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Take a toothbrush to flyaways

Flyaways around your updo can take a messy bun from intentional to just, well, messy. For a quick fix, use a toothbrush to tame those pesky baby hairs, suggests celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend. “It’s the perfect size,” he told Allure. Spritz hairspray straight on the bristles, then brush it across flyaways to smooth them down.  (Did you know toothbrushes are also perfect to clean with?)

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Perk up your ponytail

You might be feeling lazy, but you don’t want to look like it. Ponytails are an easy style, but they can look sad when they get droopy. Boost it up by doubling up your elastics and adding some bobby pins and clips, like Kayley Melissa does. Use all three of her tricks for a particularly perky pony, or pick one favorite for just a little extra lift. Check out these other must-try ponytail hacks.

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Hide your elastic

Just one extra minute to polish up a ponytail can keep it from looking like a post-gym style. Wrap a small piece of hair around your hair tie to make it look more elegant, or try one of these easy ponytail styles from Bebexo. The first one takes about two minutes and doesn’t even require a bobby pin.

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Skip the shampoo

Skipping your daily shampoo isn’t just a time-saver—it’s also healthier for your hair. Not only does removing your hair’s natural oils leave it dry and dull, but getting it wet too often could lead to damage. “When hair is wet, the elasticity of the hair changes,” says Lorean Cairns, owner of Fox & Jane salons. When you take a brush to stretchy, wet hair, it’s more likely to snap, she says. Find out other surprising shampoo mistakes you make.

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Try a boar bristle brush

Simply switching up your hairbrush can leave your hair shinier and cleaner looking. By using a boar bristle brush like a Mason Pearson, you’ll carry oils from your roots down through the ends of your hair. “This action will have you washing your hair less and leaving strands naturally more moisturized,” hairstylist Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler Salons and Redken ambassador, told Elle.

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Use dry shampoo at night

You’re probably well-versed on the wonders of dry shampoo when you want to hold off on washing your hair. For even sexier day-two (or -three) hair, spray your dry shampoo before you go to bed. The powder will soak in overnight, creating some legitimate I-woke-up-like-this volume, according to Cup of Jo. Find more ways to make oily hair less greasy.

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Sleep in a braid

A braided ’do is an easy way to extend the life of each shampoo. But no need to leave them undone at bedtime. Twist dry hair into a braid before you hit the hay, and you’ll wake up with easygoing waves. Bustle put a few types to the test and found that fishtails, French braids, and rope braids produce the best-looking waves. Find out what your hairstyle says about your personality.

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