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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

10 Photos of Guilty Dogs Who Were Caught Red-Handed

Good boys causing mischief? We're all for it.

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We might call them “good boys” (and girls), but that doesn’t mean dogs don’t occasionally cause mischief. These 10 puppies are all adorable, but they all seem to have done some bad things when their human wasn’t looking. When you’re this adorable, you can get away with anything! These funny dog photos will also put a smile on your face.

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guilty dog the.golden.good.boy on instagramCourtesy the.golden.good.boy/Instagram

This innocent-looking Golden

He chewed his stuffed friend’s face right off! Check out these dog cartoons that’ll make every pet parent chuckle.

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tripawdkaiserin instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy tripawdkaiserin/Instagram

This German shepherd who needs a new ball

He got over-excited when playing, that’s all. He definitely could use one of these indestructible dog toys for relentless chewers.

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bearandlulu1 on instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy bearandlulu1/Instagram

This Golden who messed up the kitchen

There’s probably another explanation, right?

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kpearson3 on instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy kpearson3/Instagram

This guilt-ridden Labrador

He ate all the goodies! Make sure you also check out these funny dog one-liners.

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rogulgoldy instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy rogulgoldy/Instagram

This good boy who took it out on the carpet

Maybe his human won’t notice it if he acts like nothing happened.

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macsen_and_eira_the_westies instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy macsen_and_eira_the_westies/Instagram

This white pup who got into the juice

When you’re thirsty, you’re thirsty! Make sure you check out these other hilarious photos of pets acting like people.

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twasbernard on instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy twasbernard/Instagram

This adorable brown lab

How can you be mad at that face? Here are some dog quotes that every dog owner can appreciate.

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kronk_theblacklab on instagram. guilty dogCourtesy kronk_theblacklab/Instagram

This good boy who has no idea what you’re talking about

He’s pleading the fifth.

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zeustraveler on instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy zeustraveler/Instagram

This gorgeous little puppy

He might be tiny, but the mess he made is mighty! Better behaved, but equally adorable? These pets with perfect table manners.

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rio.goldenboy on instagram. guilty dog.Courtesy rio.goldenboy/Instagram

This sweet little Golden puppy

You have no proof he destroyed the box! Next, check out these funny dog memes.