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The Best-Ever Graduation Gifts for Every Major

Lots of grads will agree, cash is the most appreciated graduation day gift, but if you're looking for something more personal, or a present to accompany a money holder, look no further... we have solutions for almost every major.


For the computer and information science major

These tech wizards will be using high-end digital products for the entirety of their careers. A great gift for them is—you guessed it—anything to do with technology. It’s best to get them something they can use everyday such as an ergonomically correct keyboard or a nice wireless mouse. If you know these tech words, you might be as smart as your recent grad.


For the business major

Many entry-level positions in the business field require that you look your best. A great gift for any business major is a high-quality suit or any professional outfit. These little fashion upgrades will make you look more expensive.


For the teaching major

Future teachers are already dreaming about all of the fun accessories they get to decorate their classroom with. Give them fun stamps and stickers to make learning fun for their students. If they are teaching older grades, a gift card to an office supply store can go a long way. These are heartwarming ways that teachers have gone above and beyond for their students.

coloringJne Valokuvaus/Shutterstock

For the health and human services major

These dedicated students are going to have to work long and hard hours for the rest of their careers. Getting them a white noise machine to help them sleep easier or other de-stressing tools such as an adult coloring book can be a great gift.

headphoneslOvE lOvE/Shutterstock

For the music major

Music is obviously going to be a big part of this graduates future career. Set them up with a good pair of headphones that are comfortable and durable. This is what your favorite music says about your personality.

luggageHanoi Photography/Shutterstock

For the international affairs major

It’s all airport security lines and passport stamps from here on out. A great gift for an international affairs major is a set of well made luggage and other travel gear. It will definitely get used a lot. Another great idea is a world travel adaptor kit so that their tech products can be used in all countries. These are signs that you have a well-made piece of luggage.

sketchingJacob Lund/Shutterstock

For the arts major

Whether they choose to be a graphic designer or create their own fashion line, art majors are always going to need notebooks and pencils for sketching. A great gift is personalized writing utensils and note pads. Try getting their initials or alma mater monogramed on them. This is what your handwriting reveals about your personality.


For the English major

Language is important and dictionaries and grammar books can be pricey. Splurge on the newest dictionary or style guide for your recent English grad. The book will be well worn in within a few months. Want to make an english major laugh? Try out these funny grammar jokes.