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23 Grammar Memes That’ll Crack You Up

These memes about spelling and grammar errors will tickle you're—sorry, YOUR—funny bone!

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I Am Silently Correcting Your, Getty Images

Grammar’s no joke

…OK, maybe it is. The English language is chock-full of confusing rules—and we all know someone who loves nothing more than to passionately enforce them! Or perhaps you are that someone. If you love laughing at grammar jokes or correcting the grammar of those around you (or want to but are afraid of social ostracism), here are some of the best memes that you’ll totally relate to. Plus, check out these funny book memes too.

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Don't Think Punctuation Is Important? Try Forgetting The Comma When You Write I'm Sorry, I Love, Getty Images

A fatal error

Grammar saves relationships! Here’s another humorous take on how confusing life would be without proper punctuation.

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When He Knows How To Correctly Use There Theyre And, Getty Images

An instant plus

Not saying bad grammar is a deal-breaker, but…

If things go well, send him these love memes for that special someone.

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English Is Challenging. It Can Be Learned Through Tough Thorough Thought,, Getty Images

What even

Easier said than done! This belongs with these hard tongue twisters!

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If I Ever Use There Instead Of Their And Your Instead Of You're In The Same Message, I'm In Trouble And Am Signaling For, Getty Images

Drastic measures

If my grammar is ever this wrong, something is VERY wrong. Or just send out these best friend memes and help will come.

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When Someone Texts Me To Funny, I Imagine Them Going On An Epic Quest To Find, Getty Images

Or making a toast?

That’s too, with two O’s. Or maybe they’re searching for these funny words you’ve never heard before.

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My Life Is A Constant Battle Between Wanting To Correct Grammar And Wanting To Have, Getty Images

Don’t do it

Friendship is totally worth putting up with less-than-stellar grammar…right?! You can also teach your friends these grammar rules that make you sound smarter.

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You Can Have My Oxford Comma When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead, And Lifeless Hands!, Getty Images

Comm down

People get very passionate about the Oxford comma.

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Prepositions Are Words You Should Not End Sentences, Getty Images

Make up your mind

If you get this one, you’re a bona fide grammar nerd. Never ending a sentence with a preposition is one of the grammar myths your English teacher lied to you about. (Hey, that sentence ends with a preposition.)

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Irony Is Seeing Someone Write Your, Getty Images

You just lost that argument

I feel better about myself now. Learn 2o words and phrases you shouldn’t use if you want to sound smart.

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I Like Cooking My Friends And My, Getty Images

Commas matter!

Exhibit A. Here are more comma rules you should definitely know.

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You Know Your A Grammar Nerd If You Just, Getty Images


Fix it! Fix it now!!!

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I Wish Correcting The Grammar On Public Signs Wasn't Considered, Getty Images

Vandalism or editing??

I am helpless in the face of this grammatical error.

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I Wonder What People Who Type U Instead Of You Do With All Their Free, Getty Images

Save urself some time

What about all the time they save using these texting abbreviations?

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Your Dinner Vs. You're Dinner One Leaves You Fed, The Other Leaves You Dead!, Getty Images


Don’t make that mistake.

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When You Want To Like Someone's Facebook Post But They Used Your, Getty Images

“Like” pending

Just please don’t correct them in the comments.

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Theiyr're Take That, Grammar Police!, Getty Images

No, we will not

That’s just rude. These thesaurus jokes will make your “grammar-police” pals chuckle.

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Don't Take Proper Grammar For Granite!, Getty Images

Grammar memes rock

Grammar is our specialty, not geology.

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Teacher Can You Tell Me Two Pronouns? Student Who, Me?, Getty Images

Nailed it

Got it in one. You’ll get a laugh from these back-to-school memes too.

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Seeing People Use Literally Wrong Makes Me Figuratively Pull My Hair Out!, Getty Images

Don’t hurt yourself

“Literally” might be up there, but it’s not the most misused word in English.

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Every Time I See Someone Write Tho, I Think, Ugh... Which Happens To Be Exactly What's Missing!, Getty Images

How fitting

Kind of makes the grammar error worth it!

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What's The Difference Between A Cat And A Comma? A Cat Has Claws At The End Of Its Paws, And A Comma Is A Pause At The End Of A, Getty Images

Homophone humor

These grammar jokes are perfect for you if you liked that grammar meme.

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What Is The Meaning Of This?! Well, It's A Pronoun Used To Indicate, Getty Images

Since you asked…

Oh, you weren’t talking about the word “this”?!

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When You See A Meme That You Totally Relate To But It's Got Spelling And Grammar, Getty Images

Guess I can’t share this now…

Guess I’ll just have to go back to sharing grammar memes. Or perhaps these book memes that all bookworms will relate to.

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