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These Gourmet Food Trucks Are Worth Following

Pull up and enjoy.

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Courtesy Clover Food Lab

Clover Food Lab: Crowd-Approved Menus

Where: Cambridge, MA
Why: “We wanted to open a restaurant and thought ‘What would be the best way to make a menu that everybody would love?’ We decided to start a food truck and use customers as guinea pigs!”—Lucia Jazayeri, director of communications
What’s good: Chickpea fritter sandwich
Twitter: @cloverfoodtruck

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Torched Goodness: Phoenix Pioneers

Where: Phoneix, AZ
Why: “I’m a Crème brûlée-lover, and my hubby is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef. Crème brûlée is generally found in high-end restaurants, [but] our customers love to see their treat torched right before their eyes.”—Julia Ireland, founder
What’s good: PB&J and lavender crème brûlée
Twitter: @torchedgoodness

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The Dapper Dog: Fancy Franks

Where: Philadelphia
Why:“[Partner Harry Stormes and I] initially envisioned DD to be just a late-night hot-dog cart that would serve the weekend bar crowd, but we’ve now got a cart, a truck, and customers hungry at all times of day.”—Seth Russell, co-founder
What’s good: The Chicago—hotdog topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, yellow mustard, sport peppers, pickle spear, and celery salt
Twitter: @thedapperdog

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The Cheese Truck: Affordable Fromagerie

Where: Connecticut
Why: “We decided that we wanted to … teach students in the area about the joys of cheese, with accesible creations and local, sustainable ingredients.”—Tom and Jason Sobocinski, co-founders
What’s good: Grilled peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich
Twitter: @caseusgrilled

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AZCanteen: Hoping for Sustainability

Where: Minnesota/Miami
Why: “I felt [we] could inspire eaters to step outside their comfort zone and make a broader choice when it comes to what’s considered ‘food’ in America. I felt we could eat our way to a better tomorrow.”—Andrew Zimmern, founder and host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods
What’s good: Cabrito (goat) Sausage, Crispy Pork Belly and Griddled Veal Tongue Sliders
Twitter: @AZCanteen

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Courtesy the Chicken and Rice Guys

The Chicken and Rice Guys: It Started With One Dish

Where: Massachusetts
Why: “One week I went to NYC and ate at a famous chicken and rice cart [and] I raved about the dish. ‘Is it possible to bring chicken and rice to Boston?’ we thought. We decided to take a risk, and we handed over our life savings for the cheapest truck we could find. None of us had even driven a truck before, so we had to learn fast.”—Ian So, co-founder
What’s good: Halal chicken or tofu rice plates with house sauces
Twitter: @CnRG_Boston

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