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19 Funny Father’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to Make Him Laugh

Want to get dad something special that shows your love while brightening his day? These funny Father's day gifts will help you lavish your dad with a good time.

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Being a dad is easy, said no father ever. That’s why dad jokes are a thing—they help lighten the load. This Father’s Day, show your appreciation by giving your dad some funny Father’s Day gifts that will have you both laughing out loud.

A good laugh is the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. Whether you opt for a hilarious homemade present, a funny game or a silly gag gift, make sure it’s something that will make your dad chuckle. You can either give it as a stand-alone present or pair it with one of our more thoughtful Father’s Day gifts. Either way, it’ll be a day your dad won’t forget.

If you’re short on time and still need to find that perfect gift, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with some fantastic last-minute Father’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to arrive on time. (Shhh…we won’t tell if you don’t.)

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For the fast food fanatic: Nostalgia Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Show your dad some love this Father’s Day with a retro-style gift that indulges his love for carnival treats and fast food—a hot dog maker! This appliance is specifically designed to cook hot dogs while toasting their buns, and even works well with veggie dogs for a healthier twist. Complete with mini tongs and hot dog cages, this gift will keep your dad’s hands safe and bring a smile to his face. Plus, this is one of those funny Father’s Day gifts he’ll actually love using!

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For the salesman: Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

It’ll be hard for your dad to keep a straight face when he sees the hijinks of this wacky waving inflatable tube guy. Who hasn’t seen a real, jumbo-sized version of this attention-seeking sales tool at used car lots and other businesses? This mini version is the perfect desktop companion for your dad’s office, and its joyous moves may inspire him to get moving himself. The 18-inch waving tube man has a fan in its base, and also comes with a mini book that tells the history of this familiar figure.

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For the puzzle fan: Wordle Blanket

Looking for funny Father’s Day gifts for your Wordle-loving dad? Check out this cozy blanket! Made from a soft poly-fleece blend, it’s perfect for snuggling up during a Wordle marathon or for taking naps. This luxurious and humorous blanket is also ideal for traveling, giving your dad more chances to show off his passion for the game. And while he’s snuggled up, he can even try to guess the most common letters in the English language!

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For the stressed dad: The Screaming Goat

Give your dad the perfect stress-reliever for those long work days with The Screaming Goat. With just a press of a button, this funny figurine lets out a scream that utterly encapsulates how your dad feels after back-to-back meetings. Even on his day off, this loud-mouthed goat is sure to bring laughter to the whole family. Plus, it’s so relatable that your dad might think it’s a personalized gift just for him.

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For the prankster: Gag Bag Kit

Make your prank-loving dad’s day with the Master Pranker’s Gag Bag—a perfect choice among funny Father’s Day gifts. Carefully selected based on his interests and personality, this kit includes a wide variety of fun prank options, such as a hand buzzer, a bug ice cube, a squirting pen, a pack of fake spiders, a whoopee cushion and fake lottery tickets. If you’re on a budget this year, it’s a nicely-priced option. Also, don’t miss out on the best Father’s Day sales of 2023 for more amazing deals.

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For the new dad: Daddy’s Diaper Duty Tool Belt

If you’re looking for gifts for new dads, here’s one that will make him smile, even during a dreaded diaper change. This tool belt stocks everything he needs to successfully complete this essential dad duty. It includes more than 30 items, such as a baby bottle, pacifier, safety gloves, safety glasses, diaper wipes and a tong (for the dirty diapers). This customizable tool belt can even feature the baby’s first or last name for an extra bit of fun.

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For guys with a sweet tooth: Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Give your baked-goods-loving dad a pack of misfortune cookies for a darkly comedic twist on on the traditional fortune cookie. These sweet treats may have creepy packaging and pessimistic premonitions, but they’re still delicious. And for an extra laugh, they may even turn his teeth black! Don’t forget to include a thoughtful (or funny) note! Here are printable free Father’s Day cards if you didn’t buy one.

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For the pun master: Pun Intended Game

This is one of the best funny Father’s Day gifts for any pun-loving dad. Up his wordplay-game with Pun Intended: With 1,332 puns on 222 cards, he’ll never run out of new witty zingers again. The set comes with a score pad, pencil, timer and game rules. And when it’s time to write your Father’s Day card, consider using some of our best puns to show your dad how much you appreciate his sense of humor!

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For the adventurer: Victorinox Swisscard Pocket Tool

Here’s a Father’s Day gift that your dad will use for years to come. It might make him laugh at first when he thinks you’re giving him a credit card holder or gift card, but then he’ll be delighted to see how many useful tools fit in something so small. Victorinox’s Swisscard lite pocket tool includes a pair of scissors, an emergency blade (letter opener), a magnifying glass, multiple screwdrivers, tweezers, a pressurized ballpoint pen pin, rulers and more. File deceiving pick under actually-smart and practical Father’s Day gift ideas from a wife.

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For the homebody: Coddies Blobfish Slippers

Blobfish have been called the ugliest animal on earth and one of the strangest ocean mysteries, but they have their fans and defenders. Nevertheless, when you’re looking for funny Father’s day gifts for a dad who loves to lounge around the house, these blobfish slippers are hard to resist. Adorable in their own quirky way, they’re sure to make your dad laugh when he first receives them, and again every time he puts the super-soft, oh-so-comfortable slippers on his feet.

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For the soda fan: Puffin Jacket Koozie

Searching for gag gifts for Dad? Look no further than this miniature puffer jacket for his favorite soda or beer. The double-walled insulation—complete with waterproof zipper and sleeves for handles—keeps drinks cold, while the jacket’s comical design is sure to make him chuckle every time he takes a sip. Want to go the extra mile? Create a beverage-themed Father’s Day gift basket and include the koozie and his favorite libations.

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For the sentimental dad: Artifact Uprising Signature Photo Album

Sometimes funny Father’s day gifts seem subtle at first, then they’re so not. Put together an Artifact Uprising photo album of the funniest photos of your dad. Ask your mom, siblings, aunts, uncles and other family members to send you the most outrageous, weird photos in existence of your dear old dad. Customize the cover with a silly title that’s reflective of his funniest moments. If you found a bunch well-worn gems, learn how to preserve old photos to keep them looking their best.

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For cat lovers: The Catfather Shirt

If you sometimes wonder if your dad loves you as much as his cat, he’s a certified cat dad. This fun shirt is a spoof of the movie The Godfather, so bonus points if he’s also a fan of the classic movie. Super soft and made from 100 percent cotton, this humorous shirt is the ultimate gift for cat lovers, and dads with a sense of humor.

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For the bathroom dweller: LooLoo Automatic Toilet Spray Kit

Why not make going to the bathroom as pleasant as possible? This LooLoo toilet spray starter kit helps keep your dad’s bathroom smelling wonderful, and the name itself is sure to make him smile. It includes a dispenser, a full fragrance bottle and batteries for a touch-free experience. How it works is quite simple: Your dad sits on the toilet, then the LooLoo automatically sprays—there is no need to think twice about it. The best funny Father’s Day gifts are the ones that are practical, and this is a useful gift for any man in your life (plus the people he share’s a bathroom with!).

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For the gardener: Plant Daddy Hoodie

The best time to buy clothes for your dad is Father’s Day. Celebrate your dad’s love of gardening while making him laugh with this vibrant hoodie. The fun design features a plethora a greenery and solidifies his status as plant parent. The cozy pullover has a drawstring hood and convenient front kangaroo pocket to stash essentials as he tends to his garden.

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For the meme enthusiast: Meme Card Game

If you are constantly exchanging funny memes with your dad, he’ll love this hilarious card game. It’s also a unique funny Father’s Day gift the entire family can enjoy. Compete with your crew to create the best laugh-out-loud meme. There are 75 photo cards and 450 caption options—a rotating judge picks the best combination for each round. Count this as one of the funny gifts for dad where laughter is guaranteed. Continue the family fun with these classic board games everyone should own.

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For the one with endless dad jokes: The Book of Terribly Awesome Dad Jokes

Embrace your dad’s sense of humor with this collection of cringeworthy but hilarious dad jokes. It includes 200 jokes, puns and one-liners that will give your dad new material. Also consider buying this as a gift for grandpas who see themselves as comedians.

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For the ’80s movie fan: E.T. Lunch Box

Why shouldn’t an adult bring an E.T. lunch box to work? Encourage your dad to celebrate his love of classic cinema with this fun, illustrated lunch box featuring everyone’s favorite movie alien. Give it to your dad on its own or have it filled with his favorite old-school candy. The best funny Father’s Day gifts are the ones that make him feel good, and this beloved 1982 flick still inspires smiles. Also consider watching one of these beloved ’80s movies with him on his special day.

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For the king of the castle: Custom Royal Portrait

Is your dad a closeted royal family fanatic? Surprise him with a personalized Father’s Day gift that will make him feel like a king! Provide a photo of your dad, and he’ll be transformed into a regal ruler through a customized print. This one-of-a-kind gift will make your dad feel special and loved, just like a member of the royal family.

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