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32 Hilarious Church Signs That Are Sinfully Funny

These funny church signs would make even the big guy laugh

Catchy Church sign with clever message
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Funny church signs for the win!

Going into a house of worship is no laughing matter … or is it? One look at these funny church signs and you may not be so sure. While we know one’s personal relationship with God is more serious than silly, nothing lightens the mood and makes you actually want to go to church like some good old-fashioned humor—even if that means you might be taking a trip straight to you-know-where. Kidding!

Hey, God created humor too, and we’re just enjoying his good works. That includes dark humorfunny tombstones and funny obituaries, not just the inspiring and wholesome stuff. The best jokes, of course, are things we can all relate to, and these church-themed short jokes hung right in front of houses of worship definitely qualify. Just try to keep a straight face when you read them—we dare you.

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Human error

Along with everything else in the world, God created spell check. Now if only people actually used it to correct their “misteaks.” Make sure you don’t skip it when posting these funny Instagram captions.

Confession time

The sacrament of confession is no joking matter … though this curt and funny church sign may elicit a giggle or two. Next! For more no-nonsense chuckles, check out these dark humor memes.

SPF for your sins

No need to worry about sunscreen or the threat of eternal damnation when you have the son of God watching over you! Here are some more clean jokes that are fun for the whole family.

All God’s creatures

Seriously, though. Side note: You have to admit that funny church signs really have the market cornered when it comes to hilarious one-liners.

Straight to the point

Sometimes, the less said, the better. Sin = bad. Jesus = good. This church sign = funny! Another simple equation? Funny work memes = the only way to make it through the week.

Are you a believer?

Nothing like some dry British humor to start your day the right way! If you enjoy funny church signs like this, chances are you’ll love these anti-jokes too.

Helping hands

They do say helpers will be rewarded, but we’re not sure if this is the kind of help they’re talking about. Speaking of groan-worthy puns, check out these dad jokes that are actually pretty funny.

Strong signal

There are a few things that will forever be mystical in this lifetime of ours: the concept of a higher power and how the heck Wi-Fi actually works. While we’re on the subject, check out these hilarious Wi-Fi names that will make you LOL every time you go online.

Traffic stop

And they say Los Angeles traffic is bad! If you’re on the highway to hell, you might as well check out these funny comedy podcasts for the trip.

Google search

We hate to break it to you, but if you’re looking into the mysteries of this life and beyond, you’re going to need to do a little more digging than just your basic internet search.

The bottom line

One thing we’re definitely not giving up during Lent: our sense of humor.

Falling for fall

With the changing leaves comes the influx of pumpkin-spiced lattes and pumpkin-spiced … sermons? Talk about a church that’s capitalizing on the season!

Love thy neighbor

No need to judge our fellow man—that’s what God is for! Ready to take a break from the laughs and home in on the holy? Check out this collection of inspiring Bible quotes that will renew your faith.

Thanks for the earworm

You know you’ll be singing that for the rest of the day. (Sorry!)

Rules of the road

Now here’s one way to get people to stop texting and driving. The rules of the road are important, people!

Not mincing words

Do they really need to say anything else? Hey, at least this funny church sign is keeping it real.


The end of pandemic-era mask mandates was definitely cause for celebration—and a pun.

Leap of faith

We never thought about it in quite that way. Talk about trusting the big guy! If these funny church signs have you laughing, you’ll love these funny last words that are morbidly hilarious.

Man’s best friend

We heard it’s important to speak only the truth in the house of the Lord—and this sign definitely isn’t lying (though it may be a tiny bit random).

An inconvenient truth

We’ll leave the interpretation of this funny church sign up to you and your naughty mind.

Connecting …

Nope, you don’t need to worry about your signal when you’re chatting with the guy upstairs. Here are some more bad jokes you can’t help but laugh at.

Life hurts

Kidney stones as a metaphor for life’s challenges? That seems about right. But remember: Everything will always work out for the best—even if it sure doesn’t seem like it in the moment. When you forget that, these words of encouragement can help too.

Pre-game party

What kind of chips do you think he has?

What happens in Vegas …

… doesn’t always stay in Vegas. (*nervous chuckle*) Good thing you can redeem your sins at a place like this!

Word games

It’s not church without “U”! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves, and apparently, neither could this church! For more G-rated humor, check out these puns for kids.

Burning man

Nobody likes burnt toast. Get your booty to that church or else!

Good advice

That whole free-will thing sure can be annoying. But this advice is sound in light of that!

Punctuation problems

And on one of the first six days, God created commas. They’re important, people!

Puppy love

We can’t decide if we should laugh or cry at this one, but we suddenly want to be better people. Well, that got a little more serious than we’d intended—read these dog puns next to balance things out.

Membership advantage

Is this a church or a VIP club? Sign us up!

Online friends

You’re telling us that even the son of God is on social media? Now we’ll really have to watch what we post. If you want to invite the big guy (or anyone else) to your group chat, make sure to choose the perfect funny group chat name.

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