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30 Funny Christmas Movies That Deliver the Holiday Humor

Ho-ho-ho? More like "ha-ha-ha" when you're watching these funny Christmas movies that'll give you a good laugh this holiday!

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30 Funny Christmas Movies That Deliver The Holiday Humor Openervia (5), via

Festive and funny!

The holidays can be a cherished time of beautiful family moments and long-standing traditions…but they can also be stressful, filled with mayhem, and downright hilarious! So get ready to laugh this Christmas with some of the best Christmas movies that’ll make you laugh like a bowl full of jelly. (You’ll find some of our favorite Christmas movie quotes in a few of these!) Plenty of these funny Christmas movies are appropriate for all ages, but some are for grown-ups only! For the kiddos, here are our favorite Christmas movies for kids. And if you want a more romantic flick (or perhaps a different kind of laughs), add these Hallmark Christmas movies to your list.

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Home AloneVia (2)

Home Alone

“Keep the change, ya filthy animal!” This snarky, slapstick action-comedy, with the premise of a young boy being left behind when his giant family goes away for the holidays and eventually being forced to fend off burglars, still manages to delight and capture the spirit of the holiday.

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National Lampoon's Christmas VacationVia

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Chevy Chase returns as the patriarch of the delightfully dysfunctional Griswolds in this Vacation threequel. This time, the family’s not out on the road but adorning their house in excessively tacky holiday decor and terrorizing their neighbors and extended family. You can find Christmas Vacation and lots of other Christmas movies on Amazon Prime.

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This 2003 family-friendly Will Ferrell vehicle became an instant classic! Buddy is a human who crawled into Santa’s bag as a baby and was raised as an elf at the North Pole. As an adult, he learns he has a human family and sets out to find them, in New York City, in all his over-the-top elfish glory. Keep up the laughs with these hilarious Christmas jokesChristmas puns, and Christmas memes.

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A Christmas StoryVia

A Christmas Story

This irreverent 1983 comedy has garnered legions of fans who say it’s not Christmas without it. Ralphie is a maladjusted kid living in the 1940s who just can’t stay out of trouble as Christmastime approaches. The only thing on his list is “a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle” (say it with us, diehards).

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Claymation Christmas CelebrationVia

Claymation Christmas Celebration

This stop-motion half-hour special is goofy but totally worth a watch. Revolving around a London Christmas revue, it cuts to different musical numbers (California Raisins, anyone?). Colorful, quirky, and downright hilarious characters provide different takes on carols you love while two very different “hosts” try to make the night run smoothly.

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Christmas With The KranksVia

Christmas with the Kranks

Based on the book Skipping Christmas, this 2004 Jamie Lee Curtis flick follows a couple who tries to opt-out of all holiday celebrations and hubbub after their grown daughter moves out. Suffice it to say things don’t go according to plan!

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Love ActuallyVia

Love Actually

It’s the flagship “a-bunch-of-people’s-stories-centered-around-a-holiday” film, directed by Richard Curtis. Starring Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, and many, many more, it’s become a holiday classic in its own right with its alternately silly, sweet, and heartbreaking love stories set around Christmas. Come for the charming British humor, stay for the iconic scene of Hugh Grant busting a move.

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The Santa ClauseVia (2)

The Santa Clause

After St. Nick meets an untimely end, a grumpy suburban dad (Tim Allen) unwittingly finds himself contracted to take up the mantle in this 1994 family film. His young son believes in him even when no one else does.

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NoelleVia (2)


A very early Disney Plus original, this 2019 flick stars Anna Kendrick as Santa’s daughter Noelle, who must rush to save Christmas when her slacker brother (Bill Hader) neglects his Santa-succession duties.

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The Best Man HolidayVia

The Best Man Holiday

In this follow-up to 1999’s The Best Man, Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, Regina Hall, Harold Perrineau, and more all reunite for a sweet, funny, and emotional Christmas dramedy. A gang of college friends getting together years later, and at Christmastime no less, stirs up all the heartache, drama, and laughs you’d expect.

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Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole ChristmasVia

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Nothing will top the faithful-to-the-book-to-the-letter 1966 animated classic, but there’s a reason Jim Carrey’s 2000 take on the green Christmas-hater has spawned countless memes. His dry, self-deprecating Grinchy quips provide holiday hilarity for a whole new generation.

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Happiest SeasonVia

Happiest Season

In this 2020 Christmas movie on Hulu, Kristen Stewart’s Abby is spending the holidays with her girlfriend, Harper, and plans to propose—but then she realizes that Harper isn’t out to her family yet. Dan Levy, Aubrey Plaza, and Victor Garber round out the cast. The GLAAD Award-winning film was loosely based on the director, Clea DuVall’s, own experiences.

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Fred ClausVia

Fred Claus

What if Santa Claus had a big brother, and he was Vince Vaughn at maximum goofiness? That’s what you get from this 2007 Christmas comedy. Fred lives a decidedly unmagical life until Santa, played by Paul Giamatti, offers him a job (and some much-needed cash) at the North Pole. Needless to say, they have some differences of opinion about how things should be run. (This one’s good for the whole fam.)

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A Christmas Carol adaptations are a dime a dozen. But only one puts Scrooge in a (semi-)modern metropolis setting and, of course, puts comedy icon Bill Murray in the role. We think the satire-loving Charles Dickens would approve of adaptations of his work having a funnier bent!

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The Night BeforeVia

The Night Before

This madcap 2015 holiday comedy stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Anthony Mackie as three buddies who take New York City by storm on Christmas Eve trying to have the most raucous holiday time possible.

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Jingle All The WayVia

Jingle All the Way

If there’s any holiday custom that deserves to have fun poked at it, it has to be the mad rush to get your hands on the “it” toy. Arnold Schwarzenegger and director Brian Levant do just that in this 1996 flick that delivers on slapstick wackiness.

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A Muppet Christmas CarolVia (2)

The Muppet Christmas Carol

OK, yes, it’s another A Christmas Carol adaptation. But who better to infuse your family-friendly holiday movie night with Christmas cheer and madcap humor than The Muppets? This is one of many Christmas movies on Disney Plus.

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Anna And The ApocalypseVia

Anna and the Apocalypse

A zombie apocalypse-themed musical set at Christmastime? It’s unique, that’s for sure! This 2017 British cult flick is worth a watch if only to switch things up on your list of funny Christmas movies—when it came out, it was hailed as a mix of Shaun of the Dead and La La Land.

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Office Christmas PartyVia

Office Christmas Party

A cast stacked with big-name comics (Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Bayer, Kate McKinnon) and Blades of Glory directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck delivers the laughs in this 2016 comedy about a holiday office party that train-wrecks into chaos.

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Get SantaVia

Get Santa

Santa’s on the naughty list in this 2014 British flick that features Santa on the run from the law. Jim Broadbent (Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter) stars as the jolly Father Christmas who accidentally crashes his sleigh into a shed and gets sent to jail. A father-son duo team up to help him escape and find and reunite all of his flying reindeer. Another Harry Potter vet, Warwick Davis (Flitwick), plays a fellow prisoner. And yes, this one’s family-friendly! Here are more kids’ Christmas movies on Netflix.

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Almost ChristmasVia

Almost Christmas

Danny Glover plays the patriarch of a large family who tries to get them all together for the first Christmas since the loss of his wife. His four adult children, their respective families, and his late wife’s sister all show up for the festivities. An unfaithful spouse and Glover’s character’s decision to sell the family home create all the funny family holiday tension that you love to laugh at when it’s not your own!

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Deck The HallsVia

Deck the Halls

Another brilliantly spoofable Christmas custom? Those crazy over-the-top holiday lights displays. In this 2006 family comedy, Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick are suburban dads trying to one-up each other; DeVito decks his house with increasingly obnoxious light displays and Broderick turns would-be saboteur. Their families get caught up in the increasingly chaotic drama.

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Yes, 2015’s Krampus is, at its core, a holiday horror movie based on the European legend of the anti-Santa that punishes the naughty kids. But it’s more darkly comic than you might expect going in and, if it’s your style, delivers on the twisted subversive humor.

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A Bad Moms ChristmasVia

A Bad Moms Christmas

It can sometimes be a trying ordeal to be a mom around the holidays. This Christmas addition to the raunchy mom-com series lets Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Mila Kunis let out all of their holiday stress—and introduces their own mothers.

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Arthur ChristmasVia

Arthur Christmas

This charming family Christmas cartoon places the focus on Santa’s youngest son, who just can’t catch a break and must prove himself when a special package goes missing.

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Trading PlacesVia

Trading Places

The comedy-gold duo of Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd has cemented this film as one of the funniest movies of all time, and it’s set around the holidays! Aykroyd’s stuffy stockbroker and Murphy’s smooth-talking hustler swap jobs and lifestyles, and we get to sit back and watch the hilarious results. The social commentary and holiday guffaws remain relevant decades after this film’s release in 1983.

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The HolidayVia

The Holiday 

This inter-continental romance provides all the fun, mushy Christmas romance you want. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz decide to switch homes over the holidays to bounce back from tumultuous romances, and Jack Black and Jude Law complete the star-crossed (or perhaps pond-crossed) couples. It’s at its core a romantic Christmas movie, but there are plenty of laughs to go around.

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Four ChristmasesVia

Four Christmases

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn play a couple who have an established Christmas routine of traveling as far away as possible to get out of seeing any of their divorced parents. But this year, their flight’s canceled and they have no choice but to endure a quadruple dose of parental holiday hijinks. Nightmarish for them, maybe, but hilarious for us!

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HolidateVia (2)


This new addition to the line-up of funny Christmas movies (it came out in 2020) takes the “opposite-sex friends make a bargain and no romantic feelings are allowed” cliché and puts a decidedly modern, holiday spin on it. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey decide to be each other’s dates to get through the lovey-dovey holiday season. Of course, feelings (and funnies) eventually emerge. This is one of the Netflix Christmas movies you can find.

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8 WomenVia

8 Women

Why not throw another murder-themed musical into the mix? This 2002 French film is set around Christmastime in the 1950s French countryside. A wealthy mansion owner is murdered, and there were, you guessed it, eight women in the house at the time. The women—comprising an all-female cast—work to figure out whodunnit…but none of them are without a motive.

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