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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

25 Funny Cat Photos Everyone Needs in Their Life

We're paw-sitive you'll laugh out loud at these funny felines.

A cat rides a skateboard in an empty pool in San Diego, California.K.C. Alfred/Getty Images

Who doesn’t love fiercely funny cat photos?

Funny animal photos do more than just make us laugh. They show us the fun (and totally hilarious) side of an animal’s personality. There’s always time to look at these pictures, whether you like funny dog photos, cat memes, or other funny pet pictures. If you need a good laugh, take a look at these funny cat photos—they’ll have you chuckling in no time.

young girl with a cat on her head like a wigCourtesy Kirsten Grubb

Cat as a hat

You’ve heard of The Cat in the Hat, but have you heard of the cat as a hat? Tabitha’s setting the trend.

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Cat flailing limbsAkimasa Harada/Getty Images

A cat-robat is born

That’s one flexible feline!

cat taking a nap on the keyboard of an open laptopCourtesy Patricia Forbes

The nap-from-home setup

Oh, we’re working from home? Scooter thought we were napping from home. We think he likes that option better.

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Young man exercise with cat on his backStephen Simpson/Getty Images

A tough purr-sonal trainer

Drop and give him 20! This cat will make sure you stick to your exercise routine. Get ready to sweat.

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cat on top of the cabinets trying to get downCourtesy Mary Beebe

Look out below!

What caused Rusty to jump down from his post? His dinner was served. We love a cat that has its priorities straight.

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Video call with cat joining inLucy Lambriex/Getty Images

Meeting crasher

Pets are our bonus coworkers when we work from home. Sometimes, they crash meetings and offer their suggestions. This guys’ first suggestion: getting rid of the computer mice.

kitten in a bootCourtey Wendy Way

An interesting hiding spot…

We HAD to include this on our list of funny cat photos. Look out, Puss in Boots—Max is giving you a run for your money!

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Russian blue tangled in yellow wool looking up to cameraWestend61/Getty Images

Someone’s a bit tangled up

We all get tangled up in nonsense once in a while, and this little guy is no exception.

little girl with a kitten in a doll bedCourtesy Lynn Gervais Jones

Snug as a bug

After a good cat-nap, Sugar wishes he could hit the snooze button just one more time.

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Close-Up Portrait Of Woman And Cat In CarNuttasirikarn Uttachak/EyeEm/Getty Images

Some good ol’ feline fun

We love funny cat photos that show the cat having some fun, too. How many of us have made this exact face while sticking our heads out the window?

kitten biting the ear of a larger catCourtesy Terrie Gordon

There’s always that one friend…

You know that one friend who’s always acting goofy in pictures? That’s who Jezzy is for Joopie. This goofball loves her feline BFF!

A Serious Cat Is Playing With Me In A Chess At House During The Quarantine Of The Corona VirusZelma Brezinska/EyeEm/Getty Images


Life’s a game of chess—and this cat is always ten moves ahead.

two cats, one yawning, on a bright purple blanketCourtesy Bunny Williams

Yawns (and cuteness) are contagious

Bumi and Haru are tuckered out from a full day of playing. Time to unwind and snuggle.

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Cat wearing heart shaped sunglassesMamiGibbs/Getty Images

That’s one cool cat

This cat is clearly living its best nine lives.

a cat sitting in an odd position looking back over his backCourtesy Lois Shaffer

Whatcha looking at?

We need to look at things from a new perspective sometimes, but this cutie is taking it to another level. Do you think they can see up your nose from that angle?

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Cute cat reaching paintbrush held by senior man at homeWestend61/Getty Images

Is that you, Picasso?

Some funny cat photos truly capture a cat’s talent—and this is one of them. We’re paws-itive their painting skills are impressive.

a cat mid air about to land on another cat who is iside a large envelopeCourtesy James Nelson

Sneak attack!

Inky and Binky love to play. Think of this game as hide and seek (with a little wrestling thrown in the mix).

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cat staring at the light of a laser pointer on the floorChris Winsor/Getty Images

On the prowl

Ah, the red dot—a cat’s #1 enemy. We’re confident he’ll snatch it this time, though.

two cats sit on two floating shelves against a light gray-blue wallCourtesy Jori Wilmoth

Interesting decor choice

How is this not in a museum? It’s a true work of art!

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Cat working from homeAsurobson/Getty Images

Monday mood

Tell us this isn’t your face when you have 50 emails in your inbox first thing Monday morning.

two cats sharing one seat; one cat is pushing the other to have more spaceCourtesy Steve Holden

This chair ain’t big enough for the two of us

Sometimes funny cat photos hit close to home. Know someone who hogs the bed? Halftone does, too!

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Dancing Catjunku/Getty Images

Hold me closer, feline dancer

This kitty had to be a professional dancer in their past life.

a cat standing in front of an open refrigeratorCourtesy Rachel Cisto

Caught in the act

Let’s be real—we’ve all been caught raiding the fridge for a midnight snack. Welcome to the club, Finn.

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a woman bent over in the kitchen with a cat seated on her backCourtesy Gary Joy

Cat’s got your back

Toby likes to make himself at home wherever he sees fit, which sometimes includes people’s backs. Who doesn’t love a good piggyback ride?

a man and his cat sleep togetherCourtesy Norm Stobert

A sign of true friendship

This is one of those funny cat photos that is also super cute. Dewey stayed right by his human’s side after he had surgery and watched over him as he healed. He’s a true guardian and protector!

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