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25 Free Printable Christmas Cards for the Perfect Holiday Cheer

Choose from this assortment of fun and festive Christmas cards you can download and print in no time—and for no cost

printable christmas, Getty Images, via

Printable Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards can be a fun Christmas activity, but it can also feel like a chore to pick the perfect card, decide what to write in a Christmas card and make your list of who to send them to. And then there’s the fact that buying Christmas cards quickly adds up. That is, unless you opt for free printable Christmas cards.

We know what you’re thinking, but free Christmas cards don’t have to be tacky or cheap looking. In fact, these downloadable Christmas card templates are so beautiful and cute that you may wonder why you ever paid for cards in the past. This Christmas, use these printable Christmas cards to celebrate the holidays and show people you care. You can also embellish them with these Christmas quotes!

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Tidings Holiday Card Printablevia

Tidings of comfort and joy

These printable Christmas cards are not only a great bargain, but they’re also beautiful works of art, like this impressive, elegant design. Stationery designer Colleen Michele created this image, featuring a round array of holly leaves that surrounds a prancing reindeer and the “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” lyric. Find out our all-time favorite Christmas songs that you should listen to while prepping your cards.

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Watercolor wreath christmas cardvia

Watercolor wreath

This gorgeous watercolor design comes courtesy of Greetings Island, which has a whole collection of free Christmas cards—customizable ones, no less. Know what to write in your cards this Christmas, and make the message heartfelt. You can change the text inside the card or even add a photo, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Find out the story behind how red and green became traditional Christmas colors.

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Fingerprint reindeer cardvia

Fingerprint reindeer card

The best Christmas cards allow you to put your own personalized spin on them, not just with Christmas card messages but with artistic touches as well. This fun project from Simple Everyday Mom allows you to print out a charming Santa-and-reindeer template. But the rest is up to you! Use your child’s fingerprints to create the reindeer heads and add ribbons to connect the reindeer to the sleigh. You can add decorations to your heart’s content. Make it a fun Christmas Eve tradition for the whole family.

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Free Printable Xmas Cards Treevia

Whimsical tree

This abstract, multicolored tree pops right off the page. Stephanie Locsei, the designer behind Homemade Gifts Made Easy, has two full pages of free Christmas cards just like these, for whichever holiday design strikes your fancy. If you’ve got a creative household, try these Christmas crafts for kids as well.

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Free Printable Christmas Cards Merry Snowman Hot Cocoavia

Merry Christmas snowmen

This wintry scene from Homemade Gifts Made Easy makes a fun, quirky addition to any Christmas card template collection. Use these funny Christmas quotes to add some laughter to your cards.

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Bluejay Christmas CardVia


A little birdie told us this is going to be your new favorite printable Christmas card! The gorgeous bluejay design comes from Darlene Brink Design Inc. Include it with a sweet Christmas gift for a loved one to show how much you care.

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A Very Merry Christmas Cardvia

Best buddies

Even in the coldest weather, you’ll melt for this adorable card featuring a happy reindeer and snowman sharing a cozy holiday hug. The text inside says, “Wishing you all the joy a holiday can hold” (though you can change it or remove it if you prefer). Here are our all-time favorite Christmas movies for kids.

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Printable coloring pagesvia

Printable coloring pages

Add a personal touch to your Christmas cards this year with these gorgeous illustrations from Simple Everyday Mom: a Christmas ornament, a “peace” wreath and a snowman. Print out your favorite and have your creative child or relative fill in the colors. Your card recipients will love getting these hand-decorated printable Christmas cards.

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Red Truck Christmas CardVia

Christmas tree truck

Is there anything more festive than cutting down a real Christmas tree? Designer Darlene Brink brings old-fashioned charm to your list of free Christmas cards with this printable. The Christmas colors pop right off the page.

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neon christmas cardvia

Neon Christmas

If the neon text style on Instagram stories were a Christmas card, it’d be this design. The templates on Presentation Magazine download as PowerPoint files, making them super easy to use. We picked our favorite, but the site has lots of other cards to choose from. Pair one of these Christmas cards with a gift for your boyfriend or gift for your girlfriend.

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Tree Christmas Cardvia

Very Christmasy tree

This design from Greetings Island makes a full Christmas tree out of the words “Merry Christmas.” The red and green pop off the page. As is, the text inside says “Gather around your Christmas tree and relish time spent with family and friends,” but you can edit it to your heart’s content.

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holly berry wreath cardvia

Holly berry wreath

Instead of the traditional red-and-green cards that you know your recipients are going to get scores of, choose a free Christmas card with a snazzy but still festive pink-and-white design. For more inexpensive Christmas cheer, check out these DIY Christmas decorations anybody can handle.

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Free Printable Xmas Cards via

Silly reindeer

Kids (and kids at heart) are sure to smile when they open this cute card and see a friendly cartoon reindeer adorned with Christmas ornaments and treats. Speaking of cartoons, get a laugh from these Christmas cartoons to make the holiday hilarious.

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vintage santa Happy Christmas Cardvia

Vintage Santa

Take it old school with this beautiful image of a vintage-style Santa Claus from All Things Christmas. This is one of eight free printable Christmas cards from the site featuring a more traditional, Victorian-inspired image of the jolly old man. Do you know the meaning of the most common Christmas symbols?

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Black Tree Christmas Cardvia

Happy holidays tree

The vibrant, colorful tree pops on the black background of this artsy card. This one comes blank inside, but you can add your choice of text if you’d like. You can also get this, and all the other printable Christmas cards on Greetings Island, as an e-card. Add some laughter to this year’s Christmas card with these hilarious Christmas jokesChristmas puns and Christmas memes.

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Free Printable Xmas Cardvia

Trees with candy stripes

This lovely card proves the red-and-green Christmas color scheme doesn’t have to be bright and bold. The subdued olive and deep, rusty red give the card a rustic feel. Everyone’s favorite arborescent symbol of the holiday is front and center in this design. Get a look at some vintage Disney Christmas cards.

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starry christmas tree cardvia

Starry Christmas tree

We love the spooling aqua-colored strands of the Christmas tree on this card from Presentation Magazine. It’s a fun, modern take on the traditional tree.

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Oh What Fun Cardvia

Oh what fun

A quintet of simply drawn, unique Christmas trees, plus a joyful lyric from “Jingle Bells,” make this card a perfect choice for your season’s greetings.

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A Few Of My Favorite Things Christmas CardVia

A few of my favorite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens take a backseat to some of the pleasures of the holiday season in this design from Darlene Brink. The inside of this card is blank, and while we’re not saying you have to write “…and you, of course!” on the inside to make the recipient chuckle, we’re offering it as a gentle suggestion.

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Have a holly jolly Christmas cardvia

Have a holly jolly Christmas

The classic Christmas song comes to life in this snazzy card from Simple Everyday Mom. The pink and green designs pop off the page. There’s nothing inside, so you can write whatever you want. You can also find cards reading “Joy to the World” and “Merry Christmas” in a similar color scheme, so you can change up your cards. They’re all sure to be winners!

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Free Printable Ornament Xmas Cardsvia

Snowflake ornaments

It might take a second glimpse to realize the ornaments on this beautiful card design from Homemade Gifts Made Easy are made up of miniature snowflake shapes. With two traditional Christmas symbols in one, this design from Stephanie Locsei lets you deliver double the holiday cheer!

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Mele KalikimakaVia

Mele Kalikimaka

No, this isn’t a Christmas card. It’s a set of free gift tags—eye-catching, colorful, double-sided ones— that will complement the rest of these printable Christmas cards. Wish someone a “Mele Kalikimaka” with these vibrant printables from Colleen Michele.

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Sweet Christmas Card via

Sweet Christmas

Love all the sweet treats the holidays bring? Then this card from Greetings Island is for you. It features an adorable gingerbread man, a festive cookie, a delicious-looking cake—what more could you want?

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Christmas Gratitude Card via

Christmas gratitude

Christmas is a time to express our sincerest gratitude for what we have. This lovely card from Blue Mountain reminds us that it’s important to slow things down and reflect on what we cherish most around the holidays. Write a sentimental gratitude quote in the card to add an extra layer of appreciation.

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Simple Happle Holidays Card via

A simple happy holidays card

This card from Xerox proves that there’s beauty in simplicity. The wonderful design and gorgeous seafoam green color make it stand out. The best part? You can write your own special message on the inside.

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