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79 Desserts to Bake When You Don’t Have Flour

Don't fret if you've run out of flour! We have desserts made with pantry staples, convenience ingredients and much more.

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peanut butter chocolate poke cakeTaste of Home

Peanut butter chocolate poke cake

“When my family is planning a get-together, I can count on three or four people asking if I’m bringing this chocolate peanut butter poke cake. If you don’t have a chocolate cake mix, use a white or yellow one and stir in 3 tablespoons of baking cocoa.” —Fay Moreland, Wichita Falls, Texas

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Strawberry Cream Cheese PieTaste of Home

Strawberry cream cheese pie

“Cheesecake lovers will savor every bite of this light and pretty pie, even if they don’t have to watch their diets. Our whole family enjoys it.” —Kim Van Rheenen, Mendota, Illinois

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Easy Layer BarsTaste of Home

Easy layer bars

These rich bar cookies will melt in your mouth! They’re great to have on hand for a snack.

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Chocolate Banana BundlesTaste of Home

Chocolate banana bundles

“Banana and chocolate are such an irresistible combo that I make this quick dessert often. You can also top them with the butter and brown sugar mixture left over from coating the bananas, or sprinkle on a dash of sea salt.” —Thomas Faglon, Somerset, New Jersey
And if you’ve ever wondered what being a professional chocolate tester would be like, here’s what experts have to say about it.

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Margarita CakeTaste of Home

Margarita cake

“This margarita cake is perfect for a picnic on a warm day. You’ll be surprised at how closely it tastes like the real thing.” —Dawn Lowenstein, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

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baklavaTaste of Home


“Many ethnic festivals are held in my city throughout the year. One in May is the Greek Hellenic Festival. My family enjoys baklava—a traditional walnut strudel. The recipe uses phyllo dough, which is not difficult to work with. Just have your ingredients ready to go and follow the directions on the package. The results are scrumptious and well worth the effort.” —Judy Losecco, Buffalo, New York

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S'more CheesecakeTaste of Home

S’more cheesecake

“This luscious dessert is just as wonderfully tasty as the campfire snack that inspired it. It’s a great way to savor a summer classic [at] any time of year. Our four-year-old daughter likes it so much that she’s requested it for her next birthday!” —Robin Andrews, Cary, North Carolina

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Snickers CookiesTaste of Home

Snickers cookies

“Though you wouldn’t know by looking, you’ll find a sweet surprise inside these Snickers cookies. My mother got this recipe from a fellow teacher at her school. It’s a great way to dress up refrigerated cookie dough.” —Kari Pease, Conconully, WA

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Cocoa Meringues with BerriesTaste of Home

Cocoa meringues with berries

“Meringues can be challenging on a humid day, but if you’re really craving one, meringues can be purchased at your favorite bakery. Add this sweet sauce, and you’re all set!” —Raymonde Bourgeois, Swastika, Ontario

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream BarsTaste of Home

Chocolate peanut butter dream bars

“Who doesn’t like this dessert duo? Add your favorite combination of candies to garnish the tops of these chocolate peanut butter dream bars.” —Cindi DeClue, Anchorage, Alaska
If you end up with leftover peanut butter after making this recipe.

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Red Velvet CheesecakeTaste of Home

Red velvet cheesecake

“Festive and oh, so good, this cheesecake will become a fixture on your Christmas dessert menu. The red velvet filling is spiked with cocoa, topped with cream cheese frosting and baked in a chocolate cookie crumb crust.” —Karen Dively, Chapin, South Carolina

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Easy Cake Mix BarsTaste of Home

Easy cake mix bars

“I take this dessert to work for Friday pick-me-ups. It’s one of my favorite yellow cake bar recipes. I love to share them because they’re so easy to eat, easy to make and easy on the wallet.” —Amy Rose, Ballwin, Missouri

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Bread Pudding PieTaste of Home

Bread pudding pie

“This unique dessert is a bread pudding-pie combo. It was created by my paternal grandmother’s family. They had a farm and made their own bread, which made this a low-cost dessert.” — Kelly Barnes, Lexington, Indiana

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Magic Brownie BarsTaste of Home

Magic brownie bars

“When I was a kid, one of my all-time favorite treats was magic cookie bars (which we also called Hello Dollies). This recipe combines all the same classic flavors in a magic brownie bar!” —Mandy Rivers, Lexington, South Carolina

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Banana Bread PuddingTaste of Home

Banana bread pudding

“When I visited my grandmother in summer, I always looked forward to the comforting pudding she’d make. With its crusty golden top, custardlike inside and smooth vanilla sauce, this bread pudding is a real homespun dessert. Now I make it for my grandchildren.” —Mary Detweiler, Middlefield, Ohio

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Chocolate Chip Cookie DelightTaste of Home

Chocolate chip cookie delight

“This is a simple chocolate delight recipe for any type of potluck occasion, and the pan always comes home empty.” —Diane Windley, Grace, Idaho

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French Silk PieTaste of Home

French silk pie

“I first made French silk pie when I was in high school, then, years later, I tinkered with the recipe until I was happy with it. Now, it’s one of my husband Dalton’s favorites.” —Lisa Francis, Elba, Alabama

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Upside-Down CakeTaste of Home

Strawberry-rhubarb upside-down cake

“I prepare this colorful dessert quite often in the summer when fresh rhubarb is abundant. I make this rhubarb cake with cake mix and take it to church potlucks. People actually line up for a piece.” —Bonnie Krogman, Thompson Falls, Montana

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Lemon Supreme PieTaste of Home

Lemon supreme pie

“A friend and I often visit a local restaurant for pie and coffee. When they stopped carrying our favorite lemon supreme pie, I got busy in the kitchen and created this version, which we think tastes even better! The combination of the cream cheese and tart lemon is wonderful.” —Jana Beckman, Wamego, Kansas

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Butterfinger Cookie BarsTaste of Home

Butterfinger cookie bars

“My boys went through a phase where they loved Butterfingers. We made Butterfinger shakes, muffins, cookies and experimented with different bars; this one was voted the best of the bunch. Make sure you have an extra candy bar on hand because it’s hard to resist a nibble or two while you’re chopping.” —Barbara Leighty, Simi Valley, California

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Chocolate Bavarian TorteTaste of Home

Chocolate bavarian torte

“Whenever I take this eye-catching torte to a potluck, I get so many requests for the recipe.” —Edith Holmstrom, Madison, Wisconsin
This recipe sure has a vintage feel to it—and so do these other delicious options.

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Giant Monster CookiesTaste of Home

Giant monster cookies

“Who can resist gigantic monster cookies chock-full of goodies like chocolate chips, M&M’s and peanut butter? If your appetite isn’t quite monster-size, make them by heaping tablespoonfuls. This is the world’s best monster cookies recipe.” —Judy Fredenberg, Missoula, Montana

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Lemon Poppy Seed CakeTaste of Home

Lemon poppy seed cake

“I found this luscious, lemony poppy seed cake recipe in a reunion cookbook.” —Brenda Wood, Egbert, Ontario

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Butterscotch Toffee CookiesTaste of Home

Butterscotch toffee cookies

“With its big butterscotch and chocolate flavor, my cookie stands out. I like to enjoy it with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee. It’s my fallback recipe when I’m short on time and need something delicious fast.” —Allie Blinder, Norcross, Georgia

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Fruit PizzaTaste of Home

Fruit pizza

“These pretty fruit pizzas have been a hit every time I’ve served them. They start with pre-made cookie dough making them super simple!” —Janet O’Neal, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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Citrus Mini CakesTaste of Home

Citrus mini cakes

“These moist, bite-size muffins are melt-in-your-mouth good. With their appealing look, they really dress up a party table. The recipe makes a big batch, so there’s plenty to please a crowd.” —Linda Terrell, Palatka, Florida

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Fresh Blackberry PieTaste of Home

Fresh blackberry pie

“I grew up on a farm, and we always picked fruits in early summer and used them to make desserts. This blackberry pie is a real stunner.” —Gladys Gibbs, Brush Creek, Tennessee

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Jam-Topped Mini CheesecakesTaste of Home

Jam-topped mini cheesecakes

“We turned cheesecake into irresistible bite-sized snacks. Feel free to swap in any favorite flavor of jam.” —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Grandma's Rice PuddingTaste of Home

Grandma’s rice pudding

“My sisters and I always loved the recipe for rice pudding our grandma made. After she passed away, I took it upon myself to try and find the secret to her rice pudding. It took quite a bit of experimentation, but I finally got it right! And I’m glad to share this easy recipe here.” —Margaret DeChant, Newberry, Michigan

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Caramel Chocolate TrifleTaste of Home

Caramel chocolate trifle

“A highlight of our annual family reunion is the dessert competition. The judges take their jobs very seriously! Last year’s first-place winner was this tempting trifle.”—Barb Hausey, Independence, Missouri
Another great thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t require complicated ingredients.

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Quick Cherry TurnoversTaste of Home

Quick cherry turnovers

“Refrigerated crescent rolls let you make these fruit-filled pastries in a hurry. My family loves these turnovers for breakfast, but they’re so delicious, they’d be welcome any time of the day. Feel free to experiment with other pie fillings as well.” —Elleen Oberrueter, Danbury, Iowa

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Pineapple Orange CakeTaste of Home

Pineapple orange cake

“This is one of my favorite cakes. It’s moist and light yet so satisfying. I’ve been adapting it for years and now it’s almost guilt-free.” —Pam Sjolund, Columbia, South Carolina

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Fudgy Mint CookiesTaste of Home

Fudgy mint cookies

“Chocolate lovers will get a double dose when they bite into this cake-like cookie. The cookies are especially popular served alongside a big scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream!” —Renee Schwebach, Dumont, Minnesota

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Strawberry Shortcake PuffsTaste of Home

Strawberry shortcake puffs

“When my wonderful friend Kelly brought me a pint of strawberries, I didn’t want to just eat them straight (tempting as it was). I decided to make strawberry shortcake with my own pretty, elegant spin. These light and airy puff pastry stacks let the fruit shine.” —Jenny Dubinsky, Inwood, West Virginia

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Peanut Butter Kiss CookiesTaste of Home

Peanut butter kiss cookies

“Baking peanut butter kiss cookies to share doesn’t get much easier than this. Stir together four ingredients. Bake. Top with a kiss. Done! Your family will love this Hershey’s peanut butter blossom cookie recipe.” —Dee Davis, Sun City, Arizona

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Black Bean BrowniesTaste of Home

Black bean brownies

“You’d never guess these rich, velvety chocolate treats contain a can of black beans. Who would have thought black bean brownies would be so amazing?” —Kathy Hewitt, Cranston, Rhode Island
If you thought black beans were surprising, wait until you read up on this brownie recipe that contains red wine!

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Sweet Potato PieTaste of Home

Sweet potato pie

“This creamy sweet potato pie is subtly spiced and slices beautifully! We suggest baking up a few sweet potato pies around the holidays to give to friends and family.” — North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

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Lemon Angel Cake BarsTaste of Home

Lemon angel cake bars

“A neighbor gave me this recipe years ago and it’s been in flavor rotation ever since. It can be made ahead and serves a bunch, so it’s perfect for parties and potlucks.” —Marina Castle, Canyon Country, California

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Cranberry layer cakeTaste of Home

Cranberry layer cake

“I adapted a Bundt cake recipe to create this layer cake. Cranberries, walnuts and homemade frosting make it taste so delicious that you’d never guess it starts with a convenient cake mix.” —Sandy Burkett, Galena, Ohio
Cranberries are also a superfood—just like these other fall foods.

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Pear Bundt CakeTaste of Home

Pear bundt cake

“Next time you make [a] cake from a mix, try my easy and delicious recipe. The pears and syrup add sweet flavor and prevent the cake from drying out. And since there’s no oil added to the batter, this tender fall-perfect cake is surprisingly low in fat.” —Veronica Ross, Columbia Heights, Minnesota

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Honey Cinnamon RollupsTaste of Home

Honey cinnamon rollups

“This cinnamony treat reminds me of baklava, but with only a few easy ingredients, it’s a fraction of the work. My Aunt Adele shared the recipe with me, and I think of her whenever I make it.” —Sue Falk, Warren, Michigan

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Meringue Shells with Lemon CurdTaste of Home

Meringue shells with lemon curd

“We love a dazzling dessert of meringue shells filled with sunny lemon curd. It’s sweet and tart, crunchy and fluffy. Top it with whipped cream and berries.” —Kris Brill, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Apple Pie Cupcakes with Cinnamon ButtercreamTaste of Home

Apple pie cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream

“These apple pie cupcakes are always a hit! They are so easy to make and the flavor just screams fall—of course, apple cupcakes are just as delicious at other times of the year, too.” —Jennifer Stowell, Deep River, Iowa

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Shortcut Tres Leches CakeTaste of Home

Shortcut tres leches cake

“My mom’s favorite cake is tres leches, a butter cake soaked in three kinds of milk. I developed a no-fuss version that’s rich and tender.” —Marina Castle Kelley, Canyon Country, California

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Can't Leave Alone BarsTaste of Home

Can’t leave alone bars

“Convenient cake mix hurries along [with] the preparation of these tasty bars. I bring these quick-and-easy treats to church meetings, potlucks and housewarming parties. I often make a double batch so we can enjoy some at home.” —Kimberly Biel, Java, South Dakota

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Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Meringue RosesTaste of Home

Chocolate-dipped strawberry meringue roses

“Eat these pretty treats as is, or crush them into a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. Readers of my blog,, went nuts when I posted that idea.” —Amy Tong, Anaheim, California

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Peach PieTaste of Home

Peach pie

“I acquired this delicious peach pie filling recipe some 40 years ago when my husband and I first moved to southern Iowa and had peach trees growing in our backyard. It’s been a family favorite since then and always brings back memories of both summer and those happy early years.” — June Mueller, Sioux City, Iowa

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Pumpkin Pie CustardTaste of Home

Pumpkin pie custard

“Instead of pumpkin pie, try this flavorful light holiday dessert. My husband’s aunt shared the recipe after she brought this treat to a family party.” —Nancy Zimmerman, Cape May Court House, New Jersey

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Nutella Hand PiesTaste of Home

Nutella hand pies

“These pint-size Nutella hand pies made with puff pastry are too good to keep to yourself!” —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Giant Buckeye CookieTaste of Home

Giant buckeye cookie

“I’m from Ohio, and we love our buckeye candy! Buckeyes are a delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate, which is exactly what this cookie is. All you need is a box of cake mix, a few common pantry ingredients, and voila—you have a tasty dessert ready for family and friends in under an hour. You can customize it, too, by substituting other mix-ins for the chocolate chips. We serve it warm with ice cream or whipped cream.” —Arianna Harding, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cranberry Pecan CookiesTaste of Home

Cranberry pecan cookies

“These are so tasty and simple to prepare! Each delightful little cookie is loaded with cranberries, nuts and vanilla, giving them the taste of a treat that’s been slaved over.” —Louise Hawkins, Lubbock, Texas

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Peanut Butter Brownie TrifleTaste of Home

Peanut butter brownie trifle

“This rich, tempting, peanut butter brownie trifle feeds a crowd and features the ever-popular combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Try this dessert for your next get-together.” —Nancy Foust, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania

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Cinnamon Apple TartTaste of Home

Cinnamon apple tart

“I got the idea for this delicious fall dessert from a lovely Italian woman who’s also a fabulous cook. It’s so simple to make—and cleanup is just as easy! I often make two and freeze one.” —Stacie Blemings, Heath, Texas

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Berry Dream CakeTaste of Home

Berry dream cake

“I use cherry gelatin to give a boxed cake mix an eye-appealing marbled effect. It’s so festive-looking. Top it with whatever fruit you like!” —Margaret McNeil, Germantown, Tennessee
If you enjoy this recipe, make sure you try this vanilla cake recipe as well.

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Surprise MeringuesTaste of Home

Surprise meringues

“These crisp, delicate cookies are light as a feather. Mini chocolate chips and chopped nuts are a delightful and yummy surprise in every bite. Mom knows this fun dessert is a fitting finale to a big meal.” —Gloria Grant, Sterling, Illinois

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Pumpkin TorteTaste of Home

Pumpkin torte

“This beautiful layered cake has a creamy filling with a mild pumpkin flavor and a little spice. It’s quick and always turns out so well. The nuts and caramel topping add a nice finishing touch.” —Trixie Fisher, Piqua, Ohio

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Jelly Sandwich CookiesTaste of Home

Jelly sandwich cookies

“Sandwiching jelly between two layers of the basic dough creates these stained glass-like creations. Your favorite raisin filling is excellent in these cookies, too.” —Gloria McBride, Payson, Utah

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Fudgy Brownies with Peanut Butter Pudding FrostingTaste of Home

Fudgy brownies with peanut butter pudding frosting

“These rich peanut butter fudge brownies are topped with a peanut butter pudding frosting, making this a recipe the whole family will love. These are perfect for a potluck, bake sale or yummy after-dinner treat.” —Amy Crook, Syracuse, Utah

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Winnie's Mini Rhubarb & Strawberry PiesTaste of Home

Winnie’s mini rhubarb & strawberry pies

“Every spring, we had strawberries and rhubarb on our farm outside Seattle. These fruity hand pies remind me of those times and of Grandma Winnie’s baking.” —Shawn Carleton, San Diego, California

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Coconut Cranberry YummiesTaste of Home

Coconut cranberry tummies

“When my husband came home from the grocery store with six bags of fresh cranberries, I launched a full-scale effort to creatively use them all. Bursting with tart and sweet flavors, these cranberry coconut cookies are my favorite results from that experiment.” —Amy Alberts, Appleton, Wisconsin

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Peanut Butter Cup CheesecakeTaste of Home

Peanut butter cup cheesecake

“I said I’d bring a dessert to a holiday party and tried this recipe. I’m sure you’ll agree it tastes as luscious as it looks!” —Dawn Lowenstein, Hatboro, Pennsylvania

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Mini Brownie TreatsTaste of Home

Mini brownie treats

“I like to take these quick-and-easy treats to potlucks and family gatherings. They disappear quickly!” —Pam Kokes, North Loup, Nebraska

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Butterscotch-Toffee Cheesecake BarsTaste of Home

Butterscotch-toffee cheesecake bars

“I took a cheesecake bar recipe and added a new flavor combo to transform it! The butterscotch and toffee really taste divine here.” —Pamela Shank, Parkersburg, West Virginia
Butterscotch is just one of the many secret ingredients you can use to make your treats tastier.

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PalmiersTaste of Home


“It takes just two ingredients to make these impressive but easy-to-do French pastries, which are often called palm leaves.” —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Caramel Apple StrudelTaste of Home

Caramel apple strudel

“My father, who was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, would tell us stories about how his mother covered all the kitchen counters with dough whenever she made apple strudel. This recipe is a modern, delicious way to carry on part of my family’s heritage.” —Sarah Haengel, Bowie, Maryland

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Dream CupcakesTaste of Home

Dream cupcakes

“My grandchildren love these cream-filled cupcakes. They’re a special treat yet easy to make. And they keep nicely in the refrigerator.” —Dorothy Bahlmann, Clarksville, Iowa

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Easy Oatmeal Cream PiesTaste of Home

Easy oatmeal cream pies

“These easy cookies use only five ingredients and taste very similar to a store-bought cookie. Of course, everything’s better from your own kitchen!” —Crystal Schlueter, Northglenn, Colorado

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Caramel-Pecan Cheesecake PieTaste of Home

Caramel-pecan cheesecake pie

“In fall or any time of year, this nutty, rich and delicious pecan pie recipe is one I am proud to serve. While it seems very special, this caramel pecan cheesecake is a snap to make.” —Becky Ruff, Monona, Iowa

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Easy Peanut Butter Oatmeal CookiesTaste of Home

Easy peanut butter oatmeal cookies

“This easy oatmeal cookie recipe is great with a glass of cold milk! With their peanutty flavor, these scrumptious cookies hit the spot. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to make!” —Marilyn Blankschien, Clintonville, Wisconsin

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Cherry KissesTaste of Home

Cherry kisses

“Cookies that melt in your mouth and are practically fat-free—is it any wonder these crispy meringue morsels disappear as fast as I can whip them up? Friends and family love them.” —Jo Ann Blomquest, Freeport, Illinois

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Great Pumpkin DessertTaste of Home

Great pumpkin dessert

“Canned pumpkin and cake mix make these bars an effortless alternative to pumpkin pie. It’s a tried-and-true dessert that always brings big smiles.” —Linda Guyot, Fountain Valley, California

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Berry-Patch Brownie PizzaTaste of Home

Berry-patch brownie pizza

“I just love the combination of fruit, almonds and chocolate that makes this brownie so unique. The fruit lightens the chocolate a bit and makes it feel as though you are eating something sinfully healthy.” —Sue Kauffman, Columbia City, Indiana

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Cinnamon Cherry CobblerTaste of Home

Cinnamon cherry cobbler

“It’s not a misprint—there really are just two ingredients in this spiced cherry dessert. It’s a good brunch for sweet-lovers, too.” —Terri Robinson, Muncie, Indiana

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Family-Favorite CheesecakeTaste of Home

Family-favorite cheesecake

“This easy cheesecake recipe has been a family favorite for almost 20 years. It’s fluffy, delicate and absolutely delicious. I’ve shared it at many gatherings over the years and have even started baking it for our friends instead of Christmas cookies.” —Esther Wappner, Mansfield, Ohio

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Chocolate Caramel WafersTaste of Home

Chocolate caramel wafers

“To keep my holiday cooking quick, I’ve come to rely on fast recipes like this one. The crunchy-chewy tidbits are our youngster’s favorite.” —Susan Laubach, Vida, Montana

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Cinnamon Pecan BarsTaste of Home

Cinnamon pecan bars

“I’m a special ed teacher and we bake these bars in my life skills class. It ‘s an easy recipe that my special-needs students have fun preparing.” —Jennifer Peters, Adams Center, New York

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Gluten-Free Almond CookiesTaste of Home

Gluten-free almond cookies

“My friend loved these gluten-free almond cookies so much, she had to ask for the recipe! Quick and easy, they taste as good as the decadent treats I make using puff pastry and almond paste. Everyone loves these!” —Sherri Cox, Lucasville, Ohio

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Angel MacaroonsTaste of Home

Angel macaroons

“These chewy coconut cookies start with a boxed angel food cake mix.” —Renee Schwebach, Dumont, Minnesota

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Italian Pignoli CookiesTaste of Home

Italian pignoli cookies

“Cookies are the crown jewels of Italian confections. I can’t let a holiday go by without baking these traditional almond cookies rolled in mild pine nuts.” —Maria Regakis, Somerville, Massachusetts

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