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10 Photos That Show Just How Insane Flight Delays Can Get

Talk about stressful vacations! Pictures of what a massive airline-wide cancelation looked like will make you think twice about booking anything.

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Vacations, although relaxing and fun, can also turn into a nightmare when plans go awry. That’s what British Airways passengers recently learned after the global airliner experienced a massive technological meltdown—and delayed all of its flights. (Yikes!)

The British Airways cancelation lasted for days, threatening to derail the plans of many travelers on a busy holiday weekend. Stranded passengers gathered by the hundreds at departure gates and baggage drops. Use this easy trick to predict if your next flight will be delayed.

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Don’t miss these 12 most bizarre reasons for flight delays.

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This is the best time of day to fly if you want to avoid delays.

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Check-in desks also became overwhelmed with weary and frustrated travelers hoping to book the next flight out of the city.

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If an overbooked flight is keeping your plane on the ground, learn your rights as a passenger.

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Save time when you (finally) reach your destination with this trick for getting your luggage first at the airport.

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The flight delays kept British Airways planes grounded around the world, including nearby European countries. (Here are 16 airport mistakes you need to stop making.)

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With nowhere to go, people often sat, laid, or even slept on the ground next to (or on top of!) their luggage. If you’re bored waiting for your flight, check out this map with airport Wi-Fi passwords from all over the world.

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Learn the most and least delayed airlines over the holidays.

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airplanesANDY RAINE/PAREX/Shutterstock

Meanwhile, British Airways aircrafts stood idle at the gates and on airport runways, unable to take off.

Long story short? For three days, chaos ensued. If you want to have stress-free vacation, avoid making these 10 little travel mistakes.

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