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50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Fall Across America

These autumn photos will make you start craving apple cider and planning your pumpkin picking!

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Jenny Waller/Courtesy Country Magazine


I had been up to Oak Mountain State Park in the spring and found this spot. It was so beautiful I came back in the fall to take this shot. —Jenny Waller, Birmingham, Alabama. If you’re looking to get away, these are the best socially distanced weekend trips for fall.

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Stacy Phillips/Courtesy Country Magazine


My husband and I go camping every year near the Denali Highway to enjoy the many shades of fall. —Stacy Phillips, Wasilla, Alaska. If you’re thinking about the American Way this season, find out why Americans say “Fall” instead of “Autumn.

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Harold Ogden/Courtesy Country Magazine


The sun sets over the Sonora Desert in Saguaro National Park west of Tucson. —Harold Ogden, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Check out these 21 ways the world changes in autumn.

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Fall foliage at Falling Water Falls in Ozark National Forest, ArkansasGau Meo/Shutterstock


The fall foliage at Falling Water Falls in Ozark National Forest, Arkansas is breathtaking. This is why leaves change in the first place.

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Beverly Cross/Courtesy Country Magazine


Convict Lake offers a peek at the snow-capped Eastern Sierras through some beautiful autumn color.  —Beverly Cross, Pomona, California. Here’s how classic fall activities will be different this year.

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Harold Ogden/Courtesy Country Magazine


Fall splendor surrounds this secluded cabin in San Juan National Forest area of Colorado. —Harold Ogden, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 

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Autumn at ConnecticutEnfi/Shutterstock


We’ll never tire of the bright red, orange, and gold hues in these leaves. The colors are the best part about fall pictures. These are the best places to see fall foliage in New England.

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Autumn forest with wood bridge over creek in yellow maple forest with trees and colorful foliage.Songquan Deng/Shutterstock


This scenic bridge in a Delaware forest is perfect for family fall photoshoots or just exploring and appreciating nature. Check out these stunning photos of New England in the fall.

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Wekiva Springs in Florida in the Fall.Jesse Kunerth/Shutterstock


Although Florida isn’t the place you think of when it comes to fall, the southern state doesn’t disappoint with scenic autumn foliage. This photo of the Wekiva Springs is rivals other fall pictures on this list. Here are some fun facts you probably never knew about the fall equinox.

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Beverly Joy Miller/Courtesy Country Magazine


A slight touch of autumn plays off these red wheels in Lavonia, Georgia. —Beverly Joy Miller, Martin, Georgia. These are the spots you should never skip when fall cleaning.

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Hawaii golden shower treepilialoha/Shutterstock


Much like Florida, Hawaii doesn’t come to mind when you think about pretty fall pictures. But the Golden Shower Tree that blooms in the late spring and early summer is about as close as it comes to fall foliage in Hawaii. Consider Hawaii an honorary member of these beaches that are better in the fall.

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Harold Ogden/Courtesy Country Magazine


A clump of brilliant aspens dominates the landscape in the Sawtooth range of Idaho. —Harold Ogden, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. These are the best places to spot fall foliage in America.

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Brady Kesner/Courtesy Country Magazine


While spending some time with friends at their country home, this scene presented itself before dinner. Simple country living in a place like this soothes the soul. —Brady Kesner, Highland, Ilinois

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Bill and Lynn Porter/Courtesy Country Magazine


We consider Bowling Green the door to southern Indiana. There the landscape changes from flat farmland to the rolling hills and winding roads, sending us back to simpler times. —Bill and Lynn Porter, Greendale, Wisconsin. Now that the weather’s changing, check out these tips to transition your summer clothes into fall.

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Jessie Stewart/Courtesy Country Magazine


A reflection of trees makes a peaceful illusion in Badger Lake at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park. —Jessie Stewart, Herman, Nebraska

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Karen Soyland/Courtesy Country Magazine


A fall sunset in Kansas is hard to beat. My husband had just finished a fall cleanup in the pasture with his 1955 Ford 850 tractor and Dearborn blade. —Karen Soyland, Robinson, Kansas. Find out how to prepare your garden to survive the winter.

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Elizabeth Cundiff/Courtesy Country Magazine


This pond and road is just a short four-wheeler ride from my home. Along the route, I sometimes encounter deer, squirrels, and wild turkeys. —Elizabeth Cundiff, Beattyville, Kentucky

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THE BEAUTY OF THE FALL SWAMPJean Faucett/Shutterstock


Who knew that pretty fall pictures could include swamps? Natives from Louisiana do!

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Marianne Isaacs/Courtesy Country Magazine


Lobster traps are stacked high in a quaint fishing village of the Bass Harbor. —Marianne Isaacs, Minden, Nevada. Fall in love with these fall quotes that will make you love the season even more.

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David Bezayiff/Courtesy Country Magazine


The last fall harvest of corn signals the change of seasons. —David Bezayiff, Sabillasville, Maryland. Check out these fun facts about the fall equinox.

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Carolyn Landry/Courtesy Country Magazine


A mill rushes water onto rocks at the Longfellow Wayside Inn, which is known for its haunted bedrooms and other historic allurements. —Carolyn Landry, Berlin, Massachusetts. 

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Henry Sakari/Courtesy Country Magazine


The reflection of these multi-colored trees is nearly painted in the Portage Canal that eventually leads to Lake Superior. —Henry Sakari, Dollar Bay, Michigan. 

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John Brueske/Courtesy Country Magazine


I was observing the Upper Falls of the Gooseberry River as it crashed through a rocky gorge. —John Brueske, St. Charles, Minnesota. Don’t miss these photos of the most gorgeous waterfalls in every state.

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Mississippi river view at fall


The Mississippi River is a stark blue against the autumnal colors of the trees.

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Roberta Bigelow/Courtesy Country Magazine


I found this vibrant tree along Jack’s Fork River to be very intriguing, along with the rest of the area around Dawt Mill in southeast Missouri. —Roberta Bigelow, Sheldon, Missouri

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Larry Dickerson/Courtesy Country Magazine


The walls of this abandoned country store in Polebridge, Montana, could probably tell stories. —Larry Dickerson, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

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Kammie Reile/Courtesy Country Magazine


One evening I decided to go for a walk with my animals to chase the beautiful sunset and was able to capture this photo in my pasture. —Kammie Reile, Beatrice, Nebraska. Make sure you add these fun activities to your fall bucket list.

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Small Sierra Nevada lake reflection spectacular fall color at dawn.Steffi Sawyer/Shutterstock


The bright lights of Las Vegas (almost) have nothing on this scenic fall picture of this Sierra Nevada lake.

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Gladys Edwards/Courtesy Country Magazine

New Hampshire

Stark Union Church sits on the Upper Ammonoosuc River. In fall, a cliff known as the Devil’s Slide erupts in magnificent fall color. —Gladys Edwards, Redmond, Oregon

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Dawn Knight/Courtesy Country Magazine

New Jersey

Autumn’s splendor surrounds this river in the Garden State. —Dawn Knight, Hammonton, New Jersey

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Don Phillips/Courtesy Country Magazine

New Mexico

The mountains near Chama, New Mexico, are always gorgeous in the fall. My wife and I came upon this scene while out for a stroll. —Don Phillips, Levelland, Texas. Check out these 21 fun photos that prove fall is every kid’s favorite season.

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Cheryl Durant/Courtesy Country Magazine

New York

This shot of the day was taken at the end of my driveway. —Cheryl Durant, Colton, New York

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Bill Meiners/Courtesy Country Magazine

North Carolina

The Broad River rushes through Chimney Rock Village where tourists are able to explore among the rocks. —Bill Meiners, Ellenboro, North Carolina. Here are the reasons fall is the cheapest, easiest, and best time to travel.

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David Paukert/Courtesy Country Magazine

North Dakota

“Our old vintage bike rests against the picket fence while we took a break during our afternoon travels. It was a perfect day to enjoy the beauty of autumn’s colors.” —David Paukert, Michigan, North Dakota

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Courtesy Odris & Phyllis Hahn/Country Magazine


A hint of fall emerges from behind this covered bridge in Defiance, Ohio. —Ordis & Phyllis Hahn, Defiance, Ohio. If you need a good laugh this season, check out these fall memes that are both hilarious and relatable.

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Leona Gann/Courtesy Country Magazine


I took this photo right in my own backyard. I loved how the evening sun played with the shapes of the leaves. —Leona Gann, Muldrow, Oklahoma

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Kiersten Doggett/Courtesy Country Magazine


This pumpkin arrangement captures the brilliant colors of fall on a rare, sunny autumn day at a local pumpkin farm. —Kiersten Doggett, Albany, Oregon. Check out these pretty ways to decorate pumpkins without carving them.

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Susan Mellott/Courtesy Country Magazine


The fog on the mountains combined with the colors and the sun starting to rise created a magical scene in Bedford County. —Susan Mellott, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

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Fall Foliage in Providence, Rhode Islandnsiliya/Shutterstock

Rhode Island

Providence looks gorgeous in the fall with the brightest orange and red hues.

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landscapes near lake jocassee and table rock mountain south carolinadigidreamgrafix/Shutterstock

South Carolina

Fall pictures from South Carolina don’t get much better than this snapshot of Lake Jocassee and Table Rock state park.

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Fall colors in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Aspen Birch Mountain Ash and Ponderosa Pine on a hillside with a gravel road in the foregroundJim Parkin/Shutterstock

South Dakota

The Black Hills of South Dakota are brighter than you think in the fall. This image captures the beautiful hillside of aspen and birch trees.

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Heidi Strauss/Courtesy Country Magazine


The old cabins on the Roaring Fork Nature Trail near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, are a timeless subject in the fall. —Heidi Strauss, Wautoma, Wisconsin. Check out these reasons fall is our favorite season.

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Beautiful Fall Color on Giant Cypress Trees Reflected in the Clear Waters of the Frio River at Garner State Park, TexasRichard A McMillin/Shutterstock


The Frio River at Garner State Park perfectly captures the beauty of fall.

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Lauren McLarry/Courtesy Country Magazine


A mid-day hike led me to this beautiful view of Park Avenue in Arches National Park in Utah. —Lauren McLarry, Ozark, Missouri

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Matt Lantz/Courtesy Country Magazine


My brother and I were driving through Jericho, Vermont when we drove past the Old Red Mill. This mill is located in such an amazing location. —Matt Lantz, Sturgis, Michigan

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JoMar Alwes/Courtesy Country Magazine


Last October my girlfriend and I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway to photograph the fall colors. I grew up on a dairy farm so I loved looking at all of the beautiful farmsteads along the way, especially those with horses.—JoMar Alwes, Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out these 15 national parks that look even more beautiful in the fall.

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Wende Barker/Courtesy Country Magazine


A lone full moon sits in the sky at sunrise on a foggy, fall morning in Twin Lakes. —Wende Barker, Spokane, Washington

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Marty Miller/Courtesy Country Magazine

West Virginia

Turning leaves surround the Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park. It’s beautiful here in the fall. —Marty Miller, Heath, Ohio. These are the best road trips for seeing gorgeous fall foliage.

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Cathy Erickson/Courtesy Country Magazine


The fog was lifting, the sun was shining, and the sky was blue in the hills and valleys of Prairie Farm. —Cathy Erickson, Prairie Farm, Wisconsin

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Linda Rood/Courtesy Country Magazine


The Middle Fork of the Popo Agie is a rushing mountain river flowing out of the Wind River Mountains. The Popo Agie was so named by the Indians inhabiting the area. —Linda Rood, Riverton, Wyoming. Next, don’t miss these photos that will make you fall in love with country life.

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